Gilmore Girls: When Did Rory And Logan Break Up?

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Gilmore Girls

When did Rory and Logan break up in Gilmore Girls? This thing must have disappointed you, especially if you missed out on that particular season. What went wrong?

Well, just like every other character, Rory and Logan brought a huge impact on the plot of the series. How? That’s with their relationship, of course. But they didn’t have a happy ending together. To be more precise, it’s about Rory Gilmore and Logan Huntzberger. They were played by Alexis Bledel and Matt Czuchry. 

Rory and Logan’s romance in Gilmore Girls started in Season 5. It was right from the former’s sophomore year and lasted till her graduation year. Now, you might have made some assumptions about when did they part ways. We will get into that shortly. But what was the reason? 

It was Logan who took the initiative and proposed to her. Despite dating, Rory ended up rejecting it. What happened between Rory and Logan? Here is what we know.

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Rory And Logan Break Up: When And Why?

Things between Rory and Logan became dramatic in each season of Gilmore Girls, especially after they started sharing a romance. You must already know that Rory Gilmore previously dated Dean and Jess.

Her journey with Logan began after she started caring for immature was pretty immature, and she was surprised to feel for him all of a sudden. Both met at Yale. The best part was both of them just expected their relationship to be casual at first. Because of this, fans initially thought it to be very much toxic. Very quickly, they became a couple. 

But, in Season 6, things between Rory and Logan started to fall apart. There was intense suspense among the fans regarding the stability of their relationship. Why? 

That was because Rory found out that Logan cheated on her over a couple of other women with whom he slept. It didn’t end there. Also, there was another woman with whom he reportedly made out. How bad! 

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Rory started wondering if she could adjust with Logan in the future, having high hopes. On the other hand, Logan was sorry enough for his misconduct and struggled to be mature. At that time, fans hoped that Rory would have given him another chance, as he was guilty of doing so. 

But, it was in Gilmore Girls Season 7, when Rory and Logan called it quits after having serious problems in their relationship. What?

When Did Rory And Logan Break Up?
A shot from Gilmore Girls featuring Rory and Logan

Meanwhile, Rory and Logan were also in a long-distance relationship. Both dropped hints at each other and were bad enough to confess things easily. Briefly, there was a lack of communication between them, which was again a sign of toxicity for the fans. 

Since she was in her fourth and final year of graduation at Yale, Logan proposed to her. But, without thinking for a second, she rejected it. Why? That was because she was ambitious and wanted to accomplish more in her life. In other words, she was not just ready to settle down or for marriage. So, they broke up eventually. 

On the other hand, some fans were very much upset with Rory and Logan’s split. They still had the best part. What? They respected and cared for each other. What was your say on this? 

Do you know what the surprising part was? When the series made its comeback with “A Year in the Life”, Rory and Logan were seen having an affair. Wait, what? Yes, but we wonder how it worked. Because both of them were cheating on their partners at that time. We wonder if Logan is the father of Rory’s baby. 

Considering you have missed out on the Gilmore Girls finale, you may watch it on Netflix! 

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