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Are Olajuwon and Katina Still Together? All About The Married At First Sight Couple

Are Olajuwon and Katina still together?
The Couple Rekindles Their Relationship (Credits: Olajuwon & Katina's Instagram)

Marriage and love is a rollercoaster ride, and this MAFS couple is all buckled up and enjoying the ups and downs of it. With the announcement of Married At First Sight coming to Boston, 5 different couples were selected by a panel of relationship experts, who knew what they were doing. One such couple was (is?) Olajuwon and Katina.

The duo met on the show as two of the boldest people who decided to marry a stranger. As daring as it sounds, the marriages often end up breaking by the last episode, called the Decision day. The couple appeared on season 14 of the show, which started airing on Jan 5th, 2022. Alongside them, there were 4 other couples, but the chemistry between Olajuwon and Katina was the highest.

They did have some differences, especially on Olajuwon’s side, as he wanted a perfect wife that met his standards. When he saw Katina for the first time on the wedding day, he was emotional and was glad that he got someone so beautiful. Katina felt the same, and the duo got along well for some time. 

After a few episodes, their relationship did go through some turbulence, but Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Pastor Calvin Roberson, and Dr. Viviana Coles, the relationship experts, guided them through their problems. The couple seemed to have sorted things out and were the only couple standing strong after the show had ended. 

Are Olajuwon and Katina still together?

Olajuwon Dickerson (Credits: MAFS, Lifetime)

During their 2022 interviews, Olajuwon talked about his relationship with Katina and said he was grateful that the show had brought them together. The couple soon after went on a vacation in Miami and were uploading pictures together on their Instagram.

Olajuwon and Katina: About The Couple

Both of these lovers had a good career going on for them before they met. Olajuwon was 29 years old and was working as a Municipal Wastewater operator, while Katina, who was the same age, worked as a Benefit calculation analyst. After getting to know each of the contestants, it was apparent that Olajuwon had very specific tastes. 

He wanted someone who would cook, clean, and look after the house, while Katina on the other hand is a strong woman with goals she had set for herself in her life. This got Olajuwon in some trouble with the show’s fans as well, but he later changed his views. Meeting Katina was a changing point in his life, and the duo was one of the most loving couples of the season. Both these people were looking for actual love and were tired of playing games.

The Couple Says Yes!: Married At First Sight Season 14

As each episode went on, Decision day drew closer. All the couples seemed to be unsure of their choices, but most of them, including Olajuwon and Katina, said yes. Many couples that end up forming on the show eventually break up and go their separate ways.

Are Olajuwon and Katina still together?

The Couple’s Wedding Day (Credits: MAFS, Lifetime)

When the life update of the season was seen, Olajuwon and Katina were still believed to be married and enjoying their lives. The duo remained active on Instagram, where they would post intimate and loving pictures together.

A Year Later: Olajuwon and Katina Announce The Split

In the later months of 2022, around November 11th, the couple announced their split. They did this by uploading a post on Instagram together, which had the news typed in it. It said that both Olajuwon and Katina had decided this, and chose to split amicably without any anger or regrets. 

They also demanded a much-needed rest from the public eye to focus on themselves during this time. Many people came up with reasons that this could have happened. Some believed it could have been the way Olajuwon could get sometimes, where he would just be angry on Katina’s way of doing things. While on the show, this couple did fight due to these reasons.

Olajuwon and Katina: Are They Still Together?

After a few months of announcing their split, the couple seems to still be in contact and visit each other often. They went on a trip to Mexico in December of 2022. As of January, the couple seems to be much closer in a healthy way. They’ve pinned the posts consisting of both of their pictures, which could mean they’re most probably back together as a couple.

Olajuwon has posted about the impact of Married At First Sight, and the tattoo that he got in honor of the show. He continues to be grateful to the show and its relationship experts for giving him Katina, someone he holds to his heart dearly. Although they haven’t announced they’re a couple again, the duo is still in love, and hopefully, they become a couple officially again.

New episodes of Married At First Sight are available to stream at 8:00 pm ET & 7:00 pm CT on Lifetime.

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