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31 Best Detective Korean Dramas That Are A Must Watch!

31 best detective korean dramas

What are the 31 Best Detective Korean Dramas That Are A Must Watch? We are busy with our daily lives. Our working patterns hinder all the free time. Korean Dramas have become very popular worldwide, and their culture has spread across other countries. Furthermore, these dramas have become more accessible through the widespread of many streaming services. Korean Dramas have mainly influenced many ongoing trends.

They never drag and divert the original intent of these episodes. Moreover, these dramas have introduced us to a whole new side of contrasting storylines and characters. Apart from this, people love to look at their favorite actors, and they are primarily the main reason behind these shows becoming super hits with high subscription and viewership ratings. In addition to this, Forbes Magazine reported that there were more female writers in the Korean Entertainment Industry.

This is a basic strategy used for attracting female audiences to the Korean entertainment industry. However, Men and Women create a huge difference in the writing style. Many of them have been K-drama fans for a very long time, while some have recently explored their culture. Apart from romance and comedy. K-dramas are quite well known for their diverse range of genres. Moreover, they create enticing concepts to lure our minds into thinking about many possible outcomes. What will happen? Who’s the killer, and what’s happening? These are the basic questions you’d ask yourself while you’re watching K-dramas. In this article, we’ll talk about the top 31 best detective Korean dramas that are a must-watch!

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1. Memorist

With the ability to read minds, Dong Baek resolves criminal activities as a detective in the police force. This sudden supernatural power gave him a huge advantage in solving cases. Moreover, The moment he touches anyone, he can see their memories. However, one day, he comes across a series of murders by a serial killer. Han Sun My is the youngest one to pass the bar exam and become a superintendent in the police force. These two extraordinary people work together to unravel many secrets. This drama is surely a part of the 31 best detective Korean dramas!

31 best detective korean dramas


2. Flower of Evil

This story is about the secretive life of Baek Hee Sung, who hides his past from his wife Cha Ji Won – a detective, while she’s busy investigating unexplained murders, she gradually understands that her perfect husband is hiding a huge secret from her. Will this seemingly perfect family overcome this? What is the secret? Do watch this drama to know more.

31 best detective korean dramas

Flower Of Evil

3. Tunnel

This story is about a detective who’s known for solving his cases diligently. One day while he was solving a case, he passes through a mysterious tunnel and time travels 30 years into the future. There he meets up with a smart and young detective to solve the unresolved cases. As a team, Kim Seon-Jae and Park Gwang-Ho unravel series of murders.

31 best detective korean dramas


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4. Stranger

This K-drama was a domestic and international hit. This story is about a lawyer suffering from hypersensitivity to sound frequencies. So he undergoes major surgery. Through this, he loses his sense of sympathy and becomes completely anti-social. While he was investigating a series of murder cases, he unravels the truth about political corruption that hinders their investigation.

31 best detective korean dramas


5. Voice

This story is about Moo Jin-Hyuk and Kang Kwon-Joo’s search for a serial killer who killed their family members. This is about the dispatch team and emergency call members who solve murders and cases by using the sounds they hear over these calls. There are four seasons to this drama. It garnered a lot of praise from the public.

31 best detective korean dramas


6. Beyond Evil

This JTBC drama received seven nominations and won 3 out of them. This story is about two young men who uncover certain murder cases by breaking the law. Throughout their investigation, they have many doubts in their minds. Because even innocent people are not the ones to be trusted. This became one of the highest-rated dramas.

31 best detective korean dramas

Beyond Evil

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7. Mouse

This drama ranked as the 3rd hottest drama through KT’s online video service. This series focuses on a completely different genre. What if serial killers feel guilt and remorse for all the murders they’ve committed? It’s about a police officer’s life that changes after he encounters a psychopathic serial killer.

31 best detective korean dramas


8. Tell Me What You Saw

This drama is about a profiler who’s cracked multiple cases in his lifetime. However, one day his fiance gets killed mysteriously by an explosion set by a serial killer. Filled with guilt, he tries to solve this case. But, years later, the same case takes place with another person. Together with his team, he investigates the murder case.

31 best detective korean dramas

Tell Me What You Saw

9. Rugal

Rugal tells the story of a man who sets on the path to unravel Korea’s largest criminal organizations. But his wife is killed by them, and he’s turned blind. He enters in a journey with an organization named Rugal – a special task force, through which he inherits superhuman abilities through his artificial eyeballs.

31 best detective korean dramas


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10. Partners For Justice

Partners for Justice tells the story of a doctor and prosecutor who solve many mysterious cases together. This drama is the perfect example that crime never leaves its traces. These cases range from many unresolved cases like smuggling, drugs, and serial killing.

31 best detective korean dramas

Partners For Justice

11. Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows tells a story about a girl who’s stuck with the trauma of her friend’s death. She was killed by a very famous serial killer. Since then, she has decided to solve these serial killer cases and save many youngsters from trauma so that they can have a good life by surrounding them with good adults. Will she be able to provide them with the life they deserve?

31 best detective korean dramas

Nobody Knows

12. Life On Mars

Life On Mars tells the story of a crime investigator who rose to prominence through his career by setting high advancements in his work. But one day while investigating a murder case, he gets into an accident. And mysteriously travels back to 1988. For some reason, he is a detective there as well. And now he has to uncover several murder cases there too.

31 best detective korean dramas

Life On Mars

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13. Signal

Signal tells the story about the police procedural system. Through a walkie-talkie, a detective from 1989 can contact a detective from 2015. Together they solve a lot of cases and even prevent them from taking place in the present time. Moreover, This drama received critical acclamation in the Korean film industry and international film industry.

31 best detective korean dramas


14. The Game: Towards Zero

This South Korean television series tells the story of a man who can see the future. The moment he looks into someone’s eyes, he will know the way they’ll die. Moreover, He gets involved in a girl’s missing case. It is believed that the murderer Midnight Killer is involved. But for some reason, he can’t read her future.

31 best detective korean dramas

The Game: Towards Zero

15. Bad Guys

This television drama recites the story of a group of men who come together and form a team to remove many criminal activities through ruthless ways. Since they cannot get their work done in a moral line, they choose this path to uncover many secrets.

31 best detective korean dramas

Bad Guys

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16. Possessed

This story is about a detective who searches for a serial killer’s ghost who committed many murders 20 years back. With the help of a psychic, they unravel many cases. Through her clairvoyance, they discover many secrets. This drama is a perfect example of a detective and supernatural crime thriller story.

31 best detective korean dramas


17. Watcher

Watcher tells us the story about three individuals, as their life turned mysteriously upside down because of a brutal murder case that happened 15 years back. Together they form a team and unravel many secrets along the way. Call this fate or coincidence. They will uncover many things for you to see!

31 best detective korean dramas


18. Less Than Evil

This MBC drama focuses on the psychological angle of the story. Less than Evil talks about the fight between a detective who solves his cases between good and evil and a woman who’s insensitive about her death. This drama garnered a lot of public attention and critical praise.

31 best detective korean dramas

Less Than Evil

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19. Psychopath Diary

Psychopath Diary focuses on the story of a timid man who can’t be rude to others. One day while he failed in the attempt of committing suicide, he witnessed a murder and discovered the diary of that murderer, which had all the logs of his murder cases. Soon, he meets with an accident, and he is diagnosed with Amnesia. As he doesn’t have any memories, the detectives think that he’s the serial killer. Will they ever find out the real killer?

31 best detective korean dramas

Psychopath Diary

20. 365: Repeat The Year

This drama talks about ten individuals who are given a chance to go back in time. And that’s exactly a year back. But mysterious events start to happen, which can even lead them to death. This drama is also known as 365: One Year Against Destiny. The year 2020 presented a lot of amazing dramas. This one is surely worth watching. The thing about this drama is out of all the 31 detective Korean dramas. This one brings up its inquisitive storyline with amazing characters analysis.

31 best detective korean dramas

365: Repeat The Year

21. Doctor Prisoner

This drama is one of the amazing dramas till now. Doctor Prisoner tells the story of a skilled doctor who’s stuck in a fake case. This destroys his life completely. Filled with rage and revenge, he decides to make connections with the outside world while he’s in prison. This drama is incredible because his transition from a kind and helpful doctor changes into a completely ruthless one.

31 best detective korean dramas

Doctor Prisoner

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22. Zombie Detective

This story is about a man who mysteriously wakes up to find himself as a zombie one day. Together with his ally, he tracks down the reasons behind his transition. He covers up his face and marks through makeup and learns to talk and walk like a human. Will he and his assistant figure out what’s happening with him? This is one of the best detective Korean dramas.

31 best detective korean dramas

Zombie Detective

23. The Lies Within

The Lies Within talks about the woman who joins an assembly to work as a detective after her husband mysteriously disappears after her father’s death. She married her husband to benefit both of their families. But their relationship hasn’t been so good. This drama features different angles like conspiracy and mystery. This is a must-watch.

31 best detective korean dramas

The Lies Within

24. Awaken

This story is about the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, the leader of a special task force investigate many mysterious murders. With his team, he unravels many pieces of evidence because every crime is connected to the tragic incident that occurred 28 years back. Will they ever find out the reasons behind these unexplained murders. This is one of the best detective Korean dramas.

31 best detective korean dramas


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25. Train

This drama tells the story of a detective who solves every case by tracking down his enemies. His department even named him as the man who gets his job done. He won’t show any mercy to his prisoner. But his life turns upside down after his lover is killed by a serial killer. One day he inhibits a supernatural ability to travel to a parallel world. In both lives, he has to atone for his father’s sins while saving his lover in the other.

31 best detective korean dramas


26. The Ghost Detective

The Ghost Detective talks about the story of a private investigator who tries to find out about his younger brother’s death. Throughout his investigation, he stumbles upon a woman who’s present at every crime scene. Will he ever find out about the woman in red? What is the reason behind her occurrence? Out of all the 31 detective Korean dramas that I’ve mentioned, this one has a unique storyline.

31 best detective korean dramas

The Ghost Detective

27. Children of Nobody

Children of Nobody talks about the story of Cha Woo Kyung, who works as a child counselor. Everything seems perfect for her, as she is married to a very loving husband. She is very happy because she is going to be a mother finally. But things change when she gets into an accident.

31 best detective korean dramas

Children Of Nobody

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28. Two Cops

This drama is really fun to watch because it talks about the story of a violent crimes detective who gets possessed by the spirit of a con artist. Since his body is taken away by him, he finds himself falling in love with a reporter. His main aim was to bring justice, so the defective and the swindler worked together as a team. This is one of the best detective Korean dramas.

31 best detective korean dramas

Two Cops

29. Local Hero

This story is about a man who’s a well-trained agent. But he leaves his past behind to begin his life as a normal human being. He purchases a bar named ‘Neighbourhood,’ and as time moves on, he sympathizes with all the regular customers that share their pain with him. But soon, he comes across another man who aspires to become a police officer. He trains him to become a secret agent, and together they fight with the bad guys.

31 best detective korean dramas

Local Hero

30. Queen of Mystery

Queen of Mystery talks about a prosecutor’s wife’s wishes to become a police officer. But her interfering mother-in-law doesn’t let her do this. Bound by her fate, she crosses her path with a passionate detective who helps her to succeed in her dream. Together they unravel many secrets and solve many cases together.

31 best detective korean dramas

Queen Of Mystery

31. You’re All Surrounded

You’re All Surrounded talks about the upside-down life of a young man. He witnessed his mother’s death 11 years ago. So he became a detective to look for his mother’s killer. Soon he comes across many people that might be potential killers. He even tries to spy on his team leader, thinking he might have some connections with his mother’s murder case. This is one of the best detective Korean dramas.

31 best detective korean dramas

You’re All Surrounded

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