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The Bully In-Charge Chapter 19 Release Date: What Happened After Kwon Won The Long Battle?

The Bully In-Charge
The Bully In-Charge

The Bully In-Charge latest chapter has hit, and we will be looking at the update of The Bully In-Charge chapter 19 and the recent highlights of chapter 18. Before moving forward, let’s know what The Bully In-Charge is about. The Bully In-Charge is an action drama manga that reveals Kwon Daegun’s life. Kwon Daegun has dropped out of school but continues preparing for the qualification exams. He begins working a part-time job in a small store, but things don’t go well since he is involved in brawl with a gang of thugs. However, Kwon Daegun defeated the gang and received a project called “The Bully In Charge” by the Educational Foundation.

The higher-ups from that project have been keeping an eye on Kwon Daegun, and he thinks before accepting the offer. After accepting the offer, Kwon enrolls in a new high school and realizes that his new school belongs to that foundation. He begins to dominate the bullies and punishes them for their bad deeds. Kwon has been following the rules of his project, and he remained loyal in doing his job. This has become a simple job to Kwon, who is now defeating the bullies and keeping peace in the school.

The students feel safe since no one will mess up, knowing that the bullies will be on Kwon’s list. But he is now working with another girl and boy to help him deal with the bullies. This has helped Kwon focus on his education since he was quiet, and this offer has helped him get back to school and continue his studies. However, there is more to dealing with the bullies since they are hotheaded and don’t know to give up even though they know they might lose. Let’s dive deep into Kwon’s story and other latest updates of The Bully In-Charge below.

Previously on The Bully In-Charge Chapter 18

The chapter begins with Kwon getting a surprise attack from his back, and he wonders if he has met his match. Kwon looks back and realizes that someone string has caught him. The guy shouts at Kwon and tells him that a wrestler has caught him. Kwon wonders who the wrestler caught him, and the guys insist that Kwon will die now. He tried to unlock the wrestler’s hands, but they were tight. Kwon decides to run, and the wrestler thinks that Kwon can’t escape. The two continued to brawl, and the wrestler had the upperhand.

The Bully In-Charge


The wrestler tries to lift Kwon and wants to use a DDT, but Kwon believes they have to end this brawl. However, the wrestler guy used a back suplex, and Kwon was surprised since he couldn’t fight back. Kwon realizes that back suplex is a technique in which one is caught and thrown behind the guy demonstrating it, which can lead to death if done well. The wrestler guy wonders why he stopped moving and notices that Kwon is holding on to the wall to avoid a back suplex.

But they both fell to the ground, and the wrestler continued to squeeze Kwon. He refuses to break out since a back suplex is his signature move to defeat Kwon. Kwon rolls with the wrestler, trying to break out from the arm lock, and the wrestler realizes that he will end up at the bottom. He manages to get on top of the wrestler and shower him with barrages. But the third guy arrives and helps the wrestler. He asks if Jungman is okay, and Kwon realizes that the duo is troublesome. Cha Jinwoo and Jungman vs. Kwon begin, but Kwon beats them after a long battle.

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The Bully In-Charge Chapter 19 Release Date

The Bully In-Charge Chapter 19 will be released on 27 July 2022. Note that The Bully In-Charge releases a new chapter every three days of the week, and the last chapter is available on weekends. After The Bully In-Charge, Chapter 19, we will update the upcoming chapter soon. You can look at the updates of The Bully In-Charge Chapter 19 below.



Read The Bully In-Charge Chapter 19 Online – Raw Details

You can read The Bully In-Charge Chapter 19 Online online on various websites. For now, The Bully In-Charge is yet to announce its official website, but the latest chapters of The Bully In-Charge are available online, and the next chapter will be released soon. The Bully In-Charge will release a single chapter after three or two days, and the latest chapter was released a few days ago.

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