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Top 10 Strongest Attacks in ‘One Punch Man’

one punch man
'One Punch Man', C(Madhouse)

The ‘One Punch Man’ series is one of the most adventurous supernatural Shonen-related series which exists in the Anime world. Being a proper classic, it features absolute original content. Be it the storyline, animation, or the form of attack, the ‘One Punch Man’ series has not let the audience or the fans down in any sphere. This action-based Anime television and web series include powers and abilities which range from low levels to extremely high levels!

We have handpicked the top ten most complex and the strongest powers and techniques that have been featured in the ‘One Punch Man’ series. It is full of angst, energy, and heat! Which technique do you think is the best out of this compilation that we have prepared for you? Hopefully, this collection of sheer power will help you figure out which character uses the toughest technique in this Anime television and web series.

Meitei Hosho Ken

Also known as the ‘Void Phoenix Ascension Fist’, the ‘Meitei Hosho Ken’ directly translates to ‘dark body phoenix rising fist’. This powerful technique has been evolved from the ‘Meitei Ken’, or the ‘Void Fist’ which is a martial art created by Master Suicho. Suiryu and Suiko, Master Suicho’s grandchildren, also know how to use this powerful technique. The ‘Meitei Ken’ utilizes the help of the user’s twisting motion of his or her body to gradually increase the level and severity of the attack. This martial art can also shift the center of gravity for the attack or for the defense. One of the known techniques under this is the ‘Meitei Hosho Ken’, as mentioned earlier. This technique can destroy a whole truck with ease.

Rekku Sansenzan

Also known as the ‘Sky Ripping Scattered Flash Slash’, the ‘Rekku Sansenzan’ is a powerful technique used by the great Flashy Flash. The ‘Rekku Sansenzan’ comes under the category of ‘Senkozan’ or ‘Flashy Slash’. It is Flashy Flash’s signature move. In this technique, Flashy Flash moves around in impeccable speed and slashes his opponent without them even understanding. The slash is so powerful that it can separate the upper body from the lower body of the enemy. On the other hand, the ‘Rekku Sansenzan’ is a forbidden technique because it is so dangerous. Once activated, Flashy Flash is able to build powerful hurricanes which can be controlled by his sword. These hurricanes move around at high speed and are very destructive. The ‘Rekku Sansenzan’ is strong enough to eliminate huge monstrous beings.

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Savage Tornado

one punch man

Yaban Torunedo From ‘One Punch Man’, C(Madhouse)

Also known as the ‘Savage Tornado’ or the ‘Brutal Tornado’, the ‘Yaban Torunedo’ is a deadly technique used by Metal Bat. Metal Bat is a professional hero and has ranked in the top fifteen S-Class heroes of the ‘Hero Association’. Nonetheless, it still remains unclear as to why Metal Bad decided to quit the Hero Association and join the Neo Heroes, right after his dangerous battle against the ‘Monster Association’. By using his staple weapon, Metal Bad creates small tornados that were strong enough to almost kill one of his strongest opponents, Garau. If the ‘Yaban Torunedo’ would have managed to strike Garau each time, he definitely would not have been alive.

Cho Rasen Shokyaku Ho

one punch man

Cho Rasen Shokyaku Ho From ‘One Punch Man’, C(Madhouse)

Also known as the ‘Super Spiral Incineration Cannon’, the ‘Cho Rasen Shokyaku Ho’ is used by the nineteen-year-old cyborg called Genos. He is Saitama’s follower, more like his student, and is known as the ‘Demon Cyborg’ under the ‘Hero Association’. Genos is famous for his popular technique called the ‘Shokyaku Ho’ or simply, the ‘Incineration Cannon’, through which the ‘Cho Rasen Shokyaku Ho’ has been evolved. ‘Shokyaku Ho’ is a powerful technique that fires a large beam of fire that keeps getting hotter and hotter. Mosquito Girl was the first one to use this. On the other hand, the ‘Cho Rasen Shokyaku Ho’ is used by inculcating much more energy and thus, shooting out the incinerating blast from the core. The blast is capable of melting people and various objects.

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‘Atomikku Zan’

one punch man

Atomikku Zan From ‘One Punch Man’, C(Madhouse)

Also known as the ‘Atomic Slash’, the ‘Atomikku Zan’ is Atomic Samurai’s signature attack. Atomic Samurai also goes by the popular name of ‘Kamikaze’. He is known as one of the most powerful heroes from the ‘Hero Association’ and is an excellent swordmaster while being a member of the Council of Sword Masters. The ‘Atomikku Zan’ includes Atomic Samurai slashing his opponent with his sword about a hundred times, which leaves the enemy in pieces. Atomic Samurai is the only person alive who is experienced and powerful enough to be using this deadly technique.

Meteorikku Basuto

one punch man

Meteorikku Basuto From ‘One Punch Man’, C(Madhouse)

Also known as the ‘Meteoric Burst’, the ‘Meteorikku Basuto’  is a technique used by Lord Boros. Lord Boros used to be the leader of the ‘Dark Matter Thieves’. He was one of the strongest opponents that Saitama had to deal with. Lord Boros became so strong that nobody was being able to defeat him, mostly because of his famous attack – ‘Meteorikku Basuto’. Known as Lord Boros’ trump card, the ‘Meteorikku Basuto’ is activated once he uses up a load of energy. After it reaches a high limit, Lord Boros fires which creates a huge explosion. Every explosion takes a huge toll on Lord Boros’ health and diminishes his lifespan, little by little.

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Renzoku Futsuu no Panchi

one punch man

Renzoku Futsuu no Panchi From ‘One Punch Man’, C(Madhouse)

Also known as the ‘Consecutive Normal Punches’, the ‘Renzoku Futsuu no Panchi’ is a very dangerous technique used by the main protagonist of ‘One Punch Man’, Saitama. Being the strongest character of the entire series, he gets easily bored when he needs to battle various criminals that are, evidently, much weaker than Saitama. He eagerly wishes to fight off opponents who are strong. ‘Renzoku Futsuu no Panchi’ is a series of punches, hit from the right hand. These punches are so powerful that they break anything into pieces. The ‘Ryote Renzoku Futsu No Panch’, or the ‘Two-Handed Consecutive Normal Punches’ is a similar attack where Saitama uses both of his hands instead of one.

Hosei Hokoho

one punch man

Hosei Hokoho From ‘One Punch Man’, C(Madhouse)

Also known as the ‘Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon’, the ‘Hosei Hokoho’ is another powerful technique used by the evil Lord Boros. After activating the ‘Meteoric Burst’, Lord Boros is able to shoot out a huge beam of energy from his mouth. Along with being blue in color, the beam has a hint of gold in it as well. This technique is so powerful and dangerous that it has the strength to destroy an entire planet. The ‘Hosei Hokoho’ has been declared to be the second most powerful technique in the ‘One Punch Man’ series.

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Maji Naguri

one punch man

Maji Naguri From ‘One Punch Man’, C(Madhouse)

Also known as the ‘Serious Punch’, the ‘Maji Naguri’ is the most powerful technique used in the ‘One Punch Man’ series, used by Saitama himself. The ‘Maji Naguri’ is just a simple punch, but the impact is huge. It is still unclear as to how powerful this punch actually is. The ‘Maji Naguri’ was able to counter Lord Boro’s strongest attack – the ‘Hosei Hokoho’ or the Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon’. The special part about the ‘Maji Naguri’ is that it produces a number of shock waves in the body of the person who has been hit by it. The punch is deadly and is also able to part the clouds, up in the sky with its force. It seems as though the power of the ‘Maji Naguri’ has not been used to the full extent by Saitama, which means Saitama is even more powerful than what he portrays himself to be!

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‘One Punch Man’ is available for you to watch on online platforms such as Hulu, Netflix, Adult Swim, and Crunchyroll.

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