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Gecenin Ucunda Episode 9: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

watch Gecenin Ucunda online with eng subtitles
Gecenin Ucunda Episode 9: Release Date

The release date for Gecenin Ucunda Episode 9 is here, and fans of this Turkish drama show are excited to learn everything about the same. Before diving into Gecenin Ucunda Episode 9, readers should know the show’s premise and how to watch Gecenin Ucunda episodes online.

Macide, unable to find happiness in her professional life and to strive to heal others, is put to the test by love on her journey to self-discovery and is introduced to a realm she has never experienced in “Gecenin Ucunda.” In this tale, Macide, a psychology graduate who works in human resources, feels trapped amidst the drab concrete of Ankara.

After some time, Macide shifts, and the narrative starts at this point. She starts to think of Istanbul, and the fortune teller she encounters along the route confounds her. In this story, she feels confined among the drab concrete of Ankara. The fortune teller envisions Ahmet Işk, who joins her on the train, as the “light in her life,” maybe Macide. She decides to keep her scars to herself because of this.

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What Happened In Gecenin Ucunda So Far?

Although Macide was enrolled in psychology and came from a low-income background, she struggled to find fulfillment in her career. After meeting the Parents of Light, Macide’s life—devoted to healing and helping others—will undergo a radical transformation.

watch Gecenin Ucunda online with eng subtitles

A still from Gecenin Ucunda.

She immediately falls in love with Ahmmett (Sarp Levendolu), someone he has just met. Still, Macide is swayed by Kazm (Kadir Doulu), Ahmet’s older brother, who is regarded as the nation’s brightest and most successful businessman.

The fact that Kazm is engaged presents the biggest barrier in the way of these shared affections. Nothing in the Family of Light will be the same after Macide arrives. The information fries in from Ankara and hits Macide with another shocking twist before she can move on from the trauma resulting from the loss of her job.

The Işk clan is shocked by Kazm’s choice regarding Macide. Ahmet begins carrying out his covert plan while everyone waits to see what he will do. He is setting up the trap that will kill Kazm on the one hand while simultaneously trying to get Macide to forgive himself on the other.

Macide returns to the Light Mansion, where she was ejected a week earlier, this time as a hero after using her healing hands to save Nini from serious harm. Sara delivers the first warning to Macide, whose emotions for Kazm—who saved her life—have grown confused. Kazem, who discusses Macide with a therapist, makes a new choice as he tries to understand what is happening inside him and starts to pay attention to his heart.

watch Gecenin Ucunda online with eng subtitles

A still from Gecenin Ucunda.

Kazem and Ahmet’s mother, Berrin, promise Ahmet something regarding Macide amidst all this. Kazem extends an invitation to Ahmet and Macide to start fresh, but he has another strategy in mind.
After the exciting voyage, Macide is surprised to discover Kazm’s genuine thoughts about himself.

When Macide receives Kazm’s open letter of love, she attempts to control her emotions. He tries to avoid Kazm during this time, but Berrin’s illness draws the two back together to discuss a secret. Kazim is committed to preventing the fatal illness from striking Berrin.

For Berrin’s situation with Kazm to improve, Ahmet’s marriage should be fixed with Macide as quickly as possible. Kazem confronts Macide and puts space between them after asking Ahmet for Macide in front of his extended family. Macide explains to Ahmet that she is no more interested in seeing him.

Ahmet turns to Kazm for assistance as a final resort. Kazem, who finds it difficult to avoid Macide, begins a risky game while pretending to be Ahmet’s friend. Kazem kisses Macide, which surprises her. Kazem is bound to give love a shot, despite everything. When Berrin’s condition worsens, Macide—who does her best to remain away from Kazm—hurries to assist again.

watch Gecenin Ucunda online with eng subtitles

A still from Gecenin Ucunda.

Macide, who reluctantly accepts Ahmet’s pleading dinner offer to banish him from her life, is in for a horrible night. Nini’s sinister scheme mars the meal’s benign beginnings.

When Is The Gecenin Ucunda Episode 9 Release Date?

The recent Ucunda Episode 9 release date is Tuesday, November 29, 2022. Gecenin Ucunda Episode 9 will air on Star TV at 12 am EST in turkey.

Where And How To Watch Gecenin Ucunda?

“Gecenin Ucunda” is officially broadcast on Star TV in turkey only. The show is uploaded on YouTube a few hours after its TV broadcast without subtitles. Thus, there is currently no way to stream Gecenin Ucunda for non-Turkish fans. You can keep a tab on our website as we will provide you with all the details about the international streaming of the show as soon as they are available. 

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