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Review: Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Episode 9

Poster for the show, Grey's Anatomy (Credits: ABC)
Poster for the show, Grey's Anatomy (Credits: ABC)

Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama following the lives of doctors and interns at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and their medical journey. The ABC show initially aired in 2005 and has been since following the personal and professional lives of interns, residents, and doctors. 

Created by Shonda Rhimes, the show initially revolved around a character named Meredith Grey, an intern during the early seasons and a respected doctor in the latter ones, until recently when the actress playing her role, Ellen Pompeo, announced her departure from the show.

The show is currently airing its nineteenth season and recently released its ninth episode. Among its many cast members, the one who remained as a part of the series till its nineteenth season includes actor Chandra Wilson as Dr. Miranda Bailey, James Pickens Jr. as Dr. Richard Webber, Kevin McKidd as Dr. Owen Hunt, and many more. The show also has guest appearances from a lot of iconic actors.

Each season of the show acts something similar to a year at the hospital, and we follow the academic journey of the characters through that year. We see young, clueless interns transform from rookie interns to experienced doctors and surgeons, with a sprinkle of insight into their personal lives.

Each episode of the show starts off with a cold open that sets the theme of the entire episode. A new episode also brings a new patient and shows how the doctors address their problems. 

Main cast of the show, Grey's Anatomy (Credits: ABC)

The main cast of the show Grey’s Anatomy (Credits: ABC)

Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Episode 9 Storyline

In the previous episode, we witnessed Link and Winston suffer because of the death of a star athlete after they performed their surgery. The two take on major heat from the media and suffer emotionally because of the loss. Maggie and Winston get caught up in a fight that hints at a possible breakup between them.

Simone and Lucas, interns at Grey Sloan, got together in the heat of the moment and found themselves attracted to each other. The previous episode ended with Winston and Maggie’s big fight, where Winston ended up suggesting a possible divorce. Episode ninth of this season was released on March 9th, 2023, and it revolved around relationships within the hospital staff along with a new patient story.

We start the episode with Meredith’s old place being turned into a place for house parties for the hospital interns. Griffith, one of the interns and the host of the party, shares a conversation with Trey, her collegemate, a buddy from her residency days, and most importantly, her ex-fiance. He is back in town to persuade her to get back with him, which leads to a fight which leads to a very obvious and predictable make-out sesh.

Owen, Teddy, Miranda, and Ben are all sitting for an ‘adult people’ dinner together, but clearly, the two couples have their problems in the back of their minds. The tension is high and suffocating. Back at the hospital, a couple, Elliot and Natalia, suffer because of hospital bills. Blue suggests getting a divorce from them, but Maggie disagrees. The couple gets convinced that it would benefit them after all and help them with the bills.

Millin takes Natalia away for her surgery, confirming that the lovely couple had divorced each other. Back at the party, Simone is in her room struggling with Trey’s return and the kiss she shared with Lucas before. Lucas finds her and tells her how perfect she is, and the two share a moment, but it gets interrupted by Trey again.

Lucas lets her go, literally and emotionally, and Trey proposes to Griffith again, and she says yes, which leaves the viewers bewildered because she was just getting involved with Lucas. At the awkward dinner, Teddy and Owen end up fighting with each other in front of Miranda and Ben. Bailey tries to get the two to patch up and gives them the ‘adult talk’ they so desperately need, making them realize that they are the cause of their daughter Pru’s maladaptive behaviors.

On the walk back, Ben and Bailey clash too, which makes one wonder if marriages are even worth it. Link gets to redeem himself as a doctor, at least in front of the viewers, if not the media, when he helps Jo in dealing with an anxious pregnant woman. The episode ends with Jo feeling some attraction towards Link, and we are left to assume that very soon, the two might also get their own make-out scene.

A still from the recent episode of the series, Grey's Anatomy (Credits: ABC)

A still from the recent episode of the series Grey’s Anatomy (Credits: ABC)

Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Episode 9 Review

The show Grey’s Anatomy has been running for the past nineteen years, and throughout its four hundred-and-something episodes, it has parted ways with many of its main cast members. What is amazing about this is that despite this fact and that new characters constantly get added to the show, it does not lose its grip on the script and the direction. 

The show is probably one of the few that revolve around the female lead, who is intelligent and witty but still knows how to handle her emotions. Grey’s Anatomy does well in portraying female characters with more than just one quality. And maybe it is because of such human and relatable characters or because people just have a fetish for seeing the insides of a human body, but the show has always been well-received by the viewers.

This is not to say that the show has been good through and through, it had its lows with poor script writing and directionless story arcs, but for the most part, it remains engaging and authentic. The current season nineteenth of the show seems to be focused more on the characters and their relationship struggles. 

This episode was full of conflicting relations and potential hookups between characters. It seems to have taken a darker approach to its characters with all the drama and lack of happy moments. Young interns, Lucas and Simone, who had a passionate moment in the previous episode, seemed to struggle to keep their ship afloat in this one. 

With Trey’s entry, a man with no redeeming qualities except for his empty promises to do better, Lucas has lost his chance to make any move on Griffith, which is sad. Their ship did not even get to leave the dock, but one could say that Lucas deserves better and not someone still hung up on their ex.

It is ridiculous to see her choose Trey over Lucas, considering he is a human embodiment of a green flag, but the heart wants what it wants. The fact that the show is focused more on interns and them figuring out ways to balance their work and love life, all the while being utterly broke, takes the fans back to the show’s early days in a good way. 

This episode seemed to have especially a lot of fights, Teddy and Owen fight each other at the dinner, and then Miranda and Ben get into a fight too. The former has been fighting for quite some time now, and it is getting mildly exhausting to watch. Ben and Bailey’s war on the way home is shocking. It felt out of character for a man like Ben to hate his wife for choosing to go to work instead of staying with the kids. Offensive.

The patient story in this episode also emphasized an important topic, medical bills. It is a sensitive topic for many and is a significant burden for many people in reality, too. The way Blue handled the situation and the confrontation scene between Blue and Maggie seemed very well done and cathartic.

Trey and Griffith from the show, Grey's Anatomy (Credits: ABC)

Trey and Griffith from the show Grey’s Anatomy (Credits: ABC)

Our Verdict

With all the tension in literally all of the scenes of this episode, the divorce scene between Natalie and Elliot came as a relief and was ridiculously adorable to watch. Where on the one hand, Lucas is suffering from heartbreak and feeling sad over what could have been; link, among all the chaos and hate surrounding him, has managed to find himself an admirer. 

A potential something between Jo and Lincoln can be expected, and the fans seem excited about it. The drama around relationships in the show may seem repetitive and boring to many, but the show manages to make the fans want to root for certain characters and thus keeps its viewers wanting more.

This episode could be described as the perfect representation of what Grey’s Anatomy is about. A medical drama mixed with the bitterness of life and the struggles that come knocking at your door once you enter through the doors of Grey Sloan is what the show is about, and we cannot wait for the next episode. 

Our Rating: ⭐ (3.8/5).

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