Lighter And Princess Episodes 30 & 31: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

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Lighter And Princess Episodes 30 preview
Lighter And Princess Episodes 30 & 31: Release Date,

Li Xun appears to be a skilled programmer with a keen intellect who received preferential treatment for admission to the university. He occasionally strikes others as aloof and arrogant; however, this is mostly because of his worldview: He sees the entire world as one enormous data program and can only think when he is in control of the circumstance.

Because he has never felt attachment, he thinks it is a feeling that might be beyond his ability to understand. But Zhu Yun is a wonderful pure-hearted girl who has just begun college. She has done all her families and communities have asked of her to the best of her ability. But after getting introduced to Xun, her mind questions her feelings for him.

She worries he’ll be trouble and a nuisance, yet she can’t help but be drawn to him. Despite first seeming to butt heads, they soon learn to enjoy the time they spend by themselves. A pivotal occurrence tries to separate them just as their passion is starting to develop, pushing their relationship to the ultimate test.

Lighter And Princess Episodes 30 preview
Xun and Yun from Lighter And Princess.

With Li Xun being released from prison, being forced by Gao  Hong into a complete takeover, and straining to get in touch with Zhu Yun—who appears to be seeing somebody else series begins with the media’s response. The issues mount, and things don’t look good, but then the scene shifts to a protracted flashback.

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The Stars Of Lighter & Princess Episodes 30 & 31

If you like coming-of-age thrillers, this has also been a fun ride. It is not humorous, and the characters are complicated and struggle with real issues. Even if you are not a fan of school dramas, Zhang Jing Yi & Arthur Chen have both given amazing performances that will win you over. It can be just as gripping as more well-known Chinese school dramas.

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Arthur Chen: Li Xun

Arthur Chen was born in the United States. In July 2021, Chen gave up his American citizenship and became a Chinese citizen. He is the younger brother of actor Chen Hong and director Chen Kaige. In real life, Li Xun, the bad boy programmer from his fictionalized Li Xun, is just as vibrant as Arthur. He appears distant, yet every time he teases Zhu Yun, a chuckle is just about to escape, keeping him on the verge of likeability. He is a master at raising the tension among them.

Lighter And Princess Episodes 30 preview
Li Xun from Lighter And Princess.

Zhang Jing Yi: Zhu Yun

Zhang Jing Yi, a Chinese supermodel who made her film debut in 2020, was raised in the Hunan Province city of Shaoyang. Since then, she has had numerous appearances on television and in films, including “Fall in Love.” Her on-screen persona is wise, resilient, and stubborn enough to handle anything Li Xun tosses at her. Although computing is not her first love, she is excellent at it since it is who she is.

Ma Ke: Xiuzhu

Ma Ke, a Chinese actor, better known by his stage name Kyle Ma, grew up in the Henan Province city of Shangqiu. He played the role of Xiuzhu, a painter and art collector, in one of his early roles.

The Lighter & Princess Recap

Starting off the episode is an artwork by Xiuzhu. Zhu Yun assists him with his task, and when she drifts off to sleep, he covers her with the bedsheets. When she informs her friends the following day that Xiuzhu grew the image, they are shocked because of his enormous personality.

Lighter And Princess Episodes 30 preview
Fang Shu from Lighter And Princess.

Li Xun is alerted when he hears this, but they condemn him for being envious. The group quickly realizes that their business needs more resources for promotion. Their exchanges when Xiuzhu shows up to return Zhu Yun’s charger could have gone better with Li Xun. Suddenly, Xiuzhu tells her he was inspired to create the portrait by LiXun’s display of a banner on his windshield.

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Lighter & Princess Episodes 30 & 31 Release Date

Lighter And Princess Episode 30 & 31 Release Date is November 29, 2022. Lighter And Princess Episodes 30 & 31 will be telecast on Youku at nearly 7.10 PM CST. Fans from other countries than China can access Lighter And Princess Episodes 30 & 31 at 5.10 PM PT, 4.30 PM IST, 10.10 AM KST (November 30), 8.10 PM EST, and 12.10 PM AEDT (November 30).

Lighter & Princess Episodes 30 & 31: How To Watch

Lighter & Princess Episodes 30 & 31 will be uploaded on Viki, Apple TV, Youku app, and YouTube. Fans can use a good VPN to watch the show. More legal options that will stream the episodes are expected to come up in the future. Fans who want to learn more about these streaming options are expected to visit the website regularly.

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