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How to Watch Catfish: The TV Show Season 9 Episodes? Streaming Guide

Catfish The TV Show
Catfish The TV Show

Finally! After a long wait of nearly about six months, Catfish is back with the newest season. Fans are so excited to know when, how and where they can watch season 9 of Catfish. But do not need to worry because we have got you covered. Find every information on the next season of Catfish: The TV Show here.

Since 2012, Catfish has been the most-watched reality series on MTV. With the unusual concept, Catfish has received love worldwide. Every episode comes up with a new intriguing story for fans that they love to watch to keep themselves educated on the pros and cons of using social media.

The usage of social media has been increasing drastically these days, people meet and chat with each other virtually there and the same lead to having a special bond. But not every time both in a relationship are loyal, and sometimes, at least one of them turns out to be a catfish.

Catfish: The TV Show throws light on this issue to make its viewers understand that social media dating can be deceiving so proper research and investigation is necessary before getting into it. Since 2012, the hosts of the show met many such people who dated online and saved them from getting cheated on.

The season will also bring new such faces who are honestly dating but their suspicious partners may have been deceiving them. So let us get to know everything that you need to know about the 9th season of Catfish: The TV Show.

Catfish: The TV Show season 9 – Spoilers

Catfish: The TV show is inspired by the movie which was released in the year 2010. The creators then decided to come up with a series that will let viewers know what catfishing seems like in real life. The Catfish will follow the love stories of real-life couples in which one of the partners seem suspicious and the hosts try to investigate whether they are catfish or not.

The first episode of the show will take you to the world of Malcom who spent time in Jail. While seeking emotional support he met Missy on social media and instantly fell in love with her. But when he got released, Missy started looking suspicious to him, is she a catfish? Well, the first episode will let you know everything.

Catfish The TV Show Hosts

Catfish: The TV Show – Nev Schulman with the previous host Max Joseph (Credit: MTV)

The second episode will be based on a love story of a witch, who loves her online partner, David with all her heart. However, there’s something not right with how David portrays himself on social media. The witch wants to find everything out about David to know if she dates him or not.

Subsequently, the third episode will encircle the story of Tayler who met Colton on Tik Tok. But Colton seems suspicious because she started disappearing from Tyler’s life. Is something wrong with her? Was Colton deceiving Tayler for all this time? Well, the shocking answers will come out.

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Catfish: The TV Show season 9 – Hosts

Catfish: The TV show changed many presenters since season one. Nev Schulman has been serving as a permanent presenter, however, his co-presenter got replaced several times. The first five seasons of the show featured Max Joesph as a host, then he got replaced with Sellita Ebanks and Elle King. Currently, Kamie Crawford has been serving as a permanent host. So in season 9, you will get to see Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford investigating social media dating cases.

Catfish: The TV Show season 9 – Release Date & Episode Guide

The first episode of Catfish: The TV show will premiere on Tuesday, 28th February 2023, at 8 PM ET and 7 PM CT on MTV. Subsequently, the show will be released in the UK at 1 AM GMT, in Australia at 12 PM AEDT and in India at 6:30 AM IST. Catfish will air once a week. The estimated episode guide for the first 10 episodes is given below for you to follow so that you won’t miss watching your favourite reality show by MTV.

Catfish hosts

Catfish hosts Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford interacting with a catfish victim

  • Episode 1: Malcolm & Missy, 28th February 2023, Tuesday, 8 PM ET
  • Episode 2: Motherwolff & David, 7th March 2023, Tuesday, 8 PM ET
  • Episode 3: Tayler & Colton, 14th March 2023, Tuesday, 8 PM ET
  • Episode 4: TBA, 21st March 2023, Tuesday, 8 PM ET
  • Episode 5: TBA, 28th March 2023, Tuesday, 8 PM ET
  • Episode 6: TBA, 4th April 2023, Tuesday, 8 PM ET
  • Episode 7: TBA 11th April 2023, Tuesday, 8 PM ET
  • Episode 8: TBA, 18th April 2023, Tuesday, 8 PM ET
  • Episode 9: TBA, 25th April 2023, Tuesday, 8 PM ET
  • Episode 10: TBA. 2 May 2023, Tuesday, 8 PM ET

Please note that the schedule given above is subject to change. Fans should check in advance if there is any delay in an episode delay due to unforeseen circumstances.

Catfish: The TV Show season 9 – Streaming Guide

As mentioned earlier, Catfish will air every Tuesday at 8 PM ET on MTV. The show will run for 45 minutes approx. But if you are not able to watch the show on a TV channel due to some reasons, you can still watch it on MTV’s website. For those who live outside of the USA, we suggest you use Express VPN if you are planning to watch Catfish online.

Additionally, there are multiple streaming platforms where season 9 will be listed but it may take some time. So, you should keep checking Hulu, YouTube TV and Amazon Prime to know when you will able to watch Catfish on these platforms. Now that you know everything about how to watch your favourite reality show, Catfish online, keep some time aside.

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