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Where To Watch Grand Crew Season 2 Episodes? Streaming Guide

Grand Crew Season 2
Grand Crew Season 2 (Credits: NBC)

Grand Crew is an American sitcom released in 2021. Phil Augusta Jackson created the sitcom, and the show premiered on NBC. The second season premiered on March 3, 2023. The show is an all-black comedy show whose new episodes have just premiered.

The show has been written by the creators of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The show is focused on a group of friends reading in LA who are all very different from each other, but they all find comfort, yet they somehow find comfort with each other. They meet with each other daily and discuss their lives and their problems. 

The cast of Grand Crew includes Echo Kellum, Nicole Byer, Justin Cunningham, Aaron Jennings, Carl Tart, Grasie Mercedes, Maya Lynne Robinson, Garrett Moris, and Alim Kouliev. Dan Goor and Phil Augusta Jackson are the executive producers of the show.

Matthew Nodella, Charla Lauriston, and Lamar Woods are the show’s producers. P-Jack Industries, Dr. Goor Productions, and Universal Television are the production companies of Grand Crew. NBC Universal and Syndication Studios are the distributors of the show.   

Season one had a total of ten episodes. Each title of the episode has one word in common, which is wine. So the story revolves around discussing problems over a glass of wine. Some of the titles include Wine & Serendipity, Wine & Fire, Wine & Therapy, Wine & Hip Hop, Wine & Pie, Wine & Headlines, Wine & Wages, Wine & Art, and Wine & Traffic.

Grand Crew Season 2

Grand Crew Season 2: Glimpse from an Episode (Credits: Peacock)

NBC gave the pilot order for the show on January 23, 2020. The pilot of the show was directed by Mo Marable. Season 2, episode one, was released on March 3, 2023. This episode was written by Charla Lauriston. 

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Plot Details of Grand Crew 

Noah and Simone fall in love with each other and start having a relationship. Nicky is a good friend to Noah, tests Simone, and finds out if she is a good match. But at the end of the season, 1 Noah and Simone were separated because of visa issues from Simone’s side. At the start of the season, 2 Noah and Simone try to work their long-distance relationship thing to keep their spark alive.

Grand Crew Season 2

A still from Grand Crew Season 2 (Credits: Peacock)

Things between Anthony and Fay are yet to get cleared as they have feelings for each other but remain close friends. Anthony is not keeping well with this as all his feelings are written over his face. Nicky receives a mysterious message from her boyfriend, leaving the audience interested.

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Episode Schedule of Grand Crew Season 2 

After season 1 got ended, fans got excited about the release dates of episodes of season 2. So here is the episode schedule of Season 2 Grand Crew:

  • Episode 1 titled Wine & Traffic – 3 March 2023
  • Episode 2 titled Wine & Labels – 10 March 2023
  • Episode 3 titled Wine & Neighbors – 17 March 2023
  • Episode 4 titled Wine & Ojai – Date not released yet

Till now, only the release dates of 3 episodes have been there. As the season progresses, more things will be clear, and more information will be released by the makers of the show.    

How To Watch Grand Crew Season 2 Episodes In The USA?

The audience in the USA can watch the show on Peacock. Peacock has recently become the hub of most of the NBC shows. The show is streaming on Peacock for fans residing in the USA. Apart from containing the NBC shows, the streaming platform has much more than this. Get your a glass of wine or coke to watch the show. The second season of Grand Crew is premiering the episodes on March 3, 2023. 

How To Watch Grand Crew Season 2 Episodes In The UK?

The show was originally an American show. But people living in the UK can also watch the show on NBC by using a VPN. Subscribe to an Express VPN. Then simply connect to a US server and sign up for NBC. Then you can enjoy the show anytime. You can also watch the previous one if you haven’t yet. 

Grand Crew Season 2

Grand Crew Season 2: Streaming Guide (Credits: Peacock)

How To Watch Grand Crew Season 2 Episodes In Australia?

Though the show broadcasted in the US, the fans residing in Australia can have access to the show too. Fan of a group of friends talking out their hearts to each other. Then this show is perfect for you. Use an Express VPN to watch the show on NBC in Australia. Fans in Australia were tensed about watching the show. 

How To Watch Grand Crew Season 2 Episodes In Canada?

The show can be watched by purchasing an Express VPN in Canada. Then sign in to the NBC website. You can enjoy the show in Canada too. 

How To Watch Grand Crew Season 2 Episodes In India?

Like any other country except for the US, of course. In India, the fans of Grand Crew have to purchase an Express VPN and can watch the show on the NBC website easily. 

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