The Science of Kingdom Crew Craft Space Suits In Dr. Stone Chapter 223

Dr. Stone Chapter 223
Dr. Stone Chapter 223

Dr. Stone Chapter 223 reveals the Kingdom of Science Crew crafting clothes for Kohaku, Stanley, and Senku since they are the three candidates going to the moon. Senku and Ryusui made a massive offer to Dr. Xeno, who agreed since that plan included Stanley’s revival. The crew was shocked, but they got relieved when they knew that Tsukasa would handle Stanley if he tried to mess up. After reviving Stanley, Dr. Xeno told Stanley his new mission, and Stanley didn’t hesitate. In Dr. Stone’s latest chapter, Yuzuriha measures Kohaku, Stanley, and Senku.

The crew collects all the ingredients needed to make spacesuits. Ukyo talked about the three treasures from the moon mission. Kohaku is excited since they are prepared to bring the fight to Why-Man. Chrome and Suika are working on something, and Taiju realizes that the Ishigami Villager never heard of what Kohaku has said. But the others think that they must not laugh at those who don’t know since Chrome is more brilliant than the Ishigami Villagers when it comes to science. Senku realizes that they will also need an oil refinery and has abandoned other science projects since they focus on trips to the moon.

Gen agrees, and Senku says they can craft something before he departs to the moon. Yuzuriha, Kohaku, Gen, and Ryusui discussed crafting a washing machine, video camera, PS5, slot machine, microwave, Jacuzzi, wine cellar, and protein powder. Senku told him that they must choose one thing since they can craft everything. Gen thinks that Ryusui has several desires since he is the one who mentions many tools. Gen and Koharu’s father thinks that they can make a robot maid.

Previously on Dr. Stone Chapter 222

The chapter title is “Science Road.” Ryusui told the crew that he wanted everything. Senku realizes that they gained experience making cellphones and radar. He is fixing a television with Kaseki and talks about Electromagnetic waves. They craft a microwave oven, and Senku shows them how it works. Chrome is glad that they warmed the cold rice a moment ago. Kohaku wonders why she can’t see fire inside the microwave. Senku explains how the microwave oven works when it warms food; Ryusui is glad that they can warm the leftover at any time.

Dr. Stone Chapter 223
Dr. Stone Chapter 223

Nikki thinks they live a 21-century life since Francoise uses plastic wrap to preserve food. The Since of Kingdom Crew realizes that they have time and begins to craft all the stuff they want. The acquired washing machine, video camera and other things they have mentioned. They realize that this is their last time with Senku crafting scientific tools since he will be leaving soon. Taiju wonders if Senku knows what he wants, and Senku asks if it is an intelligent cellphone. The crew wonders if they can make it, and Senku reveals that they are making a liquid crystal touchscreen for smartphones.

Senku reveals how they make that, and he also talked about Methohxy-Benzaldehyde. They watched Kaseki making something, and Senku also helped. Senku shows them how to make a touch screen of a smart cellphone. Later after Senku demonstrated everything, they acquired a smartphone, and he showed them how to use it. Taiju gets excited since he has wanted that for a long time, and the crew noticed that the smartphone could fit inside the pocket. Dr. Xeno helped them craft a spaceship cockpit. Senku realizes that they have reached that far starting with a single stone.

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Dr. Stone Chapter 223 Release Date

Dr. Stone Chapter 223 will be released on 19 December 2021. Dr. Xeno realizes that their grand launch is at hand, and they will end the battle at the moon. The Science Kingdom has completed the moon rocket, ready to leave. The trip to the moon will start in the upcoming chapter. Let’s look at Dr. Stone Chapter 223 official details.

Dr. Stone Chapter 223
Dr. Stone Chapter 223

Read Dr. Stone Chapter 223 Online – Raw Details

You can read Dr. Stone Chapter 223 online on Shonen Jump’s official website. Dr. Stone Manga’s updates and recent three chapters are serialized on VIZ Media & Shueisha’s online magazine. The new chapters of this manga will be released every Sunday. The spoilers for Dr. Stone Chapter 223 will arrive this coming week. Let’s meet when Dr. Stone Chapter 223 is released.

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