Bad Sisters Filming Locations: Where Is The Dark Comedy Shot?

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Where Is The Dark Comedy Shot?
Bad Sisters (2022)

“Bad Sisters” has left a massive impact on the audience, and as a result, the audience just wants to know more and more about it. However, in this article, we’ll see the filming locations of Bad Sisters. With its engaging narrative, violent theme, and eerie beach environment, the show has captured viewers’ interest to the fullest.

This bleak comedy-thriller depicts the Garvey sisters, whose lives are dramatically altered by the demise of their in-law John Paul Williams. He, nicknamed “The Prick,” is homophobic, racist, nasty, and everything else one needs to be disliked.

After his passing, the entire insurance probe completely upended everyone’s life. Bad Sisters is a series of ten episodes, all of which may be watched on Apple TV by paying a subscription.

In this series, you will have the chance to feel every feeling you can imagine, from laughter to tears, pity to cruelty. The show has become much more interesting thanks to the cast. It is indeed a whole package to watch.

The cast of this series includes Sharon Horgan as Eva, Anne-Marie Duff as Grace, Sarah Greene as Bibi, Eva Birthistle as Ursula, Eve Hewson as Becka, Claes Bang as JP Williams, and Brian Gleeson as Thomas Claffin as the lead cast member. However, without any further ado, let’s all the filming locations of “Bad Sisters.” Let’s go!

Bad Sisters Filming Locations

The show’s creators and writers approached the show’s filming from a completely different angle. They anticipated something that perfectly complemented the mood and tone of the program and its characters. It was filmed in a number of locations, including plains and counties.

However, every filming site did the scene and the show a tremendous amount of justice. In the section after this one, we’ll see every shooting location. However, the show was filmed on one island in a variety of locations, so let’s delve deeper to learn more.

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Republic of Ireland

The majority of the show was filmed in Ireland, and it showcases the entire island’s splendor. It is one of the most lovely places to travel to and enjoy yourself. The show appeared the prettiest and complemented the entire energy because of Ireland’s scenic mountain tops, gorgeous beaches, and greenery.

Bad Sisters Filming Locations

Dublin, Ireland

In-depth about the series’ filming sites reveals that Dublin, Ireland, serves as the series’ backdrop. The decision to set their version in Ireland was made in an effort to portray the charm of Dublin’s coastal towns. The people, sites, and things that genuinely make Dublin special as a city were intended to be highlighted in this setting, and that was even depicted in the show.

Bad Sisters cast
Dublin, Ireland

Malahide, County Dublin

Try to remember the Gibney’s Pub from the television series “Bad Sisters,” which was filmed in Ireland’s Malahide, County Dublin. Moreover, Eva’s house was shot at a closer spot in Howth. It is lovely and only 30 minutes by car from Dublin’s downtown. Even more nice features include its port, beach, and quaint alleys. You got to visit it anytime you come to this place.

Bad Sisters (2022)
Malahide, County Dublin

Skerries, Dublin

One of the locations used for Bad Sisters’ filming in Dublin was Skerries. Many well-known shows and movies have used Skerries as a location for filming. It is an ideal location to visit and very beautiful. The shows & films shot here include Saving Private Ryan, Michael Collins, The Masterplan, Harry Potter, PS I Love You, Becoming Jane, and many others.

Bad Sisters - Apple TV+ Series
Skerries, Dublin

Swords, County Dublin

Eva’s workplace is one of the most discussed locations in the series. It was filmed at Swords, County Dublin’s Fingal County Council on Main Street, Townparks Townland. Due to its charm and atmosphere, it is a must-visit town and is only a few kilometers from Dublin.

Where is Bad Sisters filmed?
Swords, County Dublin

However, these were all the filming locations of Bad Sisters. Other locations, like London, England, offered the location for filming in very limited amounts, like JP’s house was shot here. Also, if you’ve watched the show, let us know in the comment sections below which location piqued your interest the most. Keep streaming!

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