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Dragon Ball Super

How Strong Is Grand Priest In Dragon Ball Super?

Grand Priest
Grand Priest from DBS

Dragon Ball is known for its supermassive characters and incredible fight scenes. Gone are the days when Goku was the only most powerful character in the series. After the Dragon Ball Super, we have a fair power level system in the series, and now, it is extremely difficult for Goku to become one of the most powerful characters in all of the Universes.

Dragon Ball Super not only brought this new power level system but also introduced some of the most powerful beings of the Universes and certainly those to whom Goku can learn a lot of things. From Beerus to Whis to Grand Priest to Zeno Sama, this powerful hierarchy is something every Dragon Ball fan should understand, and that’s why we are here to explain it in the easiest way possible. 

In this article, we will not only discuss the strength and powers of the Grand Priest but also understand the overall power structure that Akira Toriyama sensei has created, and It is very important for the future of the series. We will also see, Is there anyone stronger than the Grand Priest? In this article itself.

Dragon Ball is a Japanese manga-based anime written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. The series follows Goku, a Saiyan from another planet who came to Earth when he was a toddler and was eventually adopted by an old man, Son Gohan. He then trained under Master Roshi and made many friends along the way. Goku and his friends fight with the baddies to save Earth and the universe from external threats. It is said that Saiyan does not have any power limits, and Goku’s obsession with learning new things helps him achieve new transformations and strength. 

The Power Level Of Dragon Ball Super Explained:

Dragon Ball Super not only introduces the new massive characters in the series but also sets up a well-defined power level that can’t be broken easily by the mortals, including our protagonists, Goku and Vegeta. The power level explains that the least level belongs to the Supreme Kais, aka God of Creation. Their task is to create new life forms in the universe. They are not that powerful but share a link of fate between Hakaishins (God of Destructions). On the above level, there exists a God of Destructions whose role is to destroy planets. They are extremely powerful and can’t be surpassed easily by mortals.

Zeno Sama from Dragon Ball

Omni King

Above God of Destructions, there exist Angels who are even stronger than the Hakaishins and act as the attendants and the master of destroyers. They usually don’t interfere in any of the mortal’s actions and don’t stop the God of Destructions from doing their work. They remain calm most of the time. Above Angels, there exist the father of all angels, i.e. Grand Priest. The grand priest acts as the attendant of the Zeno-sama, the Omni king. Above Grand Priest, there is only Omni King i.e. Zeno Sama. Zeno Sama can wipe out the entire universe with a snap, and he is the most powerful being in all of the Dragon Ball franchise. Currently, there’s no one who can challenge him in the battle.

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Who Is Grand Priest & How Strong IS He?

Grand Priest is one of the most mysterious yet calm characters in Dragon Ball Super. He is also the attendant of Zeno Sama and the father of all the angels. According to Whis, Grand Priest ranks in the top 5 most powerful beings of all the Universes. In fact, he is stronger than the Whis himself. Whis told Goku not to play around with Grand Priest as he himself couldn’t stand a chance against him, and this shows how strong the Grand Priest would be.

According to the current power level, Grand Priest is considered the second most powerful being, just below the Zeno Sama, and no one can withstand him. The real identity of Grand Priest, including his origin, is still unknown. Creators didn’t put so much detailed view on his character as of now, but he might play an important role in the future of the series.

Grand Priest

Grand Priest

Grand Priest Powers:

Currently, the true depths of Grand Priest’s powers are unknown, and we do not know what kind of strength he possesses. We certainly know that he can talk with Shenron just like the other gods and create very large objects. He is the one who created the whole fighting stage for the tournament of power arc, and it was so versatile that even the tough opponents couldn’t break it. In Dragon Ball Heroes, we saw that Grand Priest possesses extremely fast instincts, but that’s the whole other case. The series is non-cannon, so we can’t fully trust the information.

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