Armon Warren and Reginae Carter Break Up: Is The Relationship Really Over?

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Reginae Carter and Armon Warren
Reginae Carter and Armon Warren

Reginae Carter, also popularly known as Baby Carter, daughter of famous rapper Lil’ Wayne, is a known rapper and is also involved in reality television shows and movies. She is very popular for her role in the movie Pride & Prejudice: Atlanta, and during her long career was also a part of a not-very-known girl group, OMG.

The twenty-four old actress-slash-rapper has already established herself as an artist and is currently signed with Young Money Entertainment. However, even a thorough internet surf will not be able to tell you why she is so famous except that she is the daughter of Lil’ Wayne and entertainer Toya Johnson. 

Another personality that we cannot miss talking about after mentioning Carter is Armon Warren, brother of famous singer-songwriter Trey Taylor. Warren is a famous personality if you describe the word ‘famous’ through your social media follower count. 

He is known to have started his career with his brother through the now-rundown application, Vine. The two were known to post short covers of songs by popular artists. After Vine went down, the duo migrated to other social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Warren’s popularity has not faltered among his fans, as he continues to cover songs and run his YouTube Channel, where his covers receive a couple of million views easily. His Instagram account also collaborates with his slightly more popular and talented brother, Trey Taylor. 

Reginae Carter and Lil' Wayne together (Credits: BET)
Reginae Carter and Lil’ Wayne together (Credits: BET)

Carter and Warren: Start of their Relationship

Though it is unclear when the two became official, fans suspect things must have gotten serious for them around July 2022. And it was somewhere in October 2022 when Carter hard-launched her boyfriend to her followers. 

Since the official announcement, the two have kept their fans involved and updated their relationship status by posting about each other on their social media and through Armon’s YouTube channel. In an interview, after she confirmed their relationship, Carter confirmed that the two had been friends for quite some time and that she fell in love with how mature and gentlemanly the then twenty-five-year-old Armon was towards her.

 And at the time, it wasn’t easy to guess who was more in love with the other because where Carter could not keep herself from talking about her new boyfriend in all of her interviews, Warren took his appreciation for her a step ahead and planned a surprise birthday celebration for his new found love, bombarding her with luxurious gifts and an expensive party. 

Carter claimed to have not had the best experiences when it came to finding love and being with men, but her relationship with Warren was, apparently, just the change she required. He seemed enough for her to want to change her perspective on both love and men.

The beautiful couple has kept their relationship open since the start and has kept the fans involved in every stage of their lives.

Armon Warren (Credits: Instagram)
Armon Warren (Credits: Instagram)

Carter and Warren: The Alleged Breakup

It looks like the start of the new month of April has not brought with it the same bright start of spring for the couple that it did for the rest of us. Since the start of April, the two have been struggling with false reports and allegations by the keyboard warriors, and the two are sick of it.

It was first a radio show that suspected the social media star Warren was physically abusing his girlfriend. A picture surfaced on the internet where fans could see Reginae with a bruised wrist, and the Twitter people lost all cool. Warren was immediately called out for indulging in physical abuse and being toxic toward Carter, which in hindsight, sounds ridiculous.

Disturbed by such speculations, the couple took to their Twitter accounts to call out the people for being utterly nosy and completely wrong. Reginae had just hurt herself while on a shoot for a movie she would be starring in. 

It has not been that long since this incident, but it seems like the two had become the talk of the town again when fans noticed that both Carter and Warren had unfollowed each other from their social media.

This was shocking for the fans not only because they have been so deeply engrossed in their business and because the two are the internet’s one of most adored couple but because it was only days ago that Carter was defending her boyfriend against all those false allegations.

Reginae Carter and Armon Warren (Credits: Twitter)
Reginae Carter and Armon Warren (Credits: Twitter)

It is shocking also because it raises suspicions regarding her bruise on the wrist again, forcing fans to doubt Warren again. Though nothing about their relationship has been confirmed till now, the two have left strange messages about trust and God seeing everything on their personal Twitter accounts.

With no official news of their relationship status, followers of the couple have been left in doubt and heartbroken, hoping for the two to get back together and restore their faith in true love. 

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