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Is Reginae-Carter Pregnant? Lil-Wayne’s Reaction on The Rumor

Who Is Reginae Carter?
Who Is Reginae Carter?

Rapper Lil’ Wayne’s 22-year-old daughter Reginae Carter confuses fans with images of a gender release party. Fans went crazy when a rumor flooded the internet that Reginae Carter is pregnant. Reginae has been a TV personality and has just started her career as an author. She wrote her first novel, which was a bestseller named Paparazzi Princess. However, no one expected her to be seen with a baby bump. However, she is dating YYRN Lucci for two years now. And there is no surprise that the couple is madly in love with each other as Lucci made it official On Reginae’s 22 birthday. By throwing a surprise party for her; He shared some images from the event, making their relationship official.

Who Is Reginae Carter Dating?

Reginae Carter With His Father.

However, in one of her interviews, Reginae said that She and Lucci are working on their friendship. And making strong bonds that can last beyond a relationship. Was Reginae trying to give a hint to her fans? Or it’s just a useless rumor flooding the internet.

The 22 Year Old Writer/Actress Ready To Step Into Motherhood?

After the images went viral, which is assumed to be images from Reginae Carter’s gender reveal party. Where a woman is standing in a white dress with a baby bump, the image was shared by her fans all over the internet. Even Lil Wayne and Lucci’s fans started tweeting about it, and some fans were so excited they started congratulating the couple.

However, the news turned out to be a misunderstanding. And the woman in the picture shared an immense resemblance with Reginae. It is official that Reginae Carter is not pregnant. The woman in the picture is Sevyn Nichelle. Who is a former hairstylist and now owns a brand name of hair products. Fans were very upset when the news turned out to be a rumor. On the other hand, it had to be a rumor as Reginae is not the biggest fan of social media, and even if she were pregnant, she would never have revealed it through “Instagram” or any other social media platform.

Who is Reginae Carter Married To?

Sevyn Nichelle Who’s Pregnancy Was Confused With Reginae’s Fake Pregnancy News.

On being asked her fake pregnancy news, Reginae replied that she was surprised that her fans actually believed that she was present and up to the extent that she was having a gender reveal party. She mentioned that she is only 22 years old, and she is absolutely not ready to become a mother. Reginae mentioned that she has to accomplish her dreams before becoming a mother. Becoming a mother is one of the most difficult jobs, and no one appreciates it enough.

Lucci Was Happy With The False Pregnancy News

Even though she has dreamt of having her own little ones, she said that it’s time to focus on her career as an author and actress. In the interview, she shared that there is a book coming up super soon.

The young author also said Lucci became very excited when he heard about the fake pregnancy news. She said he was so happy that he didn’t call her or left like verifying the news with her. He just came over. However, his happiness was short-lived. When he saw Reginae, he knew that it was a rumor, and Lucci seemed to be quite disappointed.

Reginae said she would love her children to have a father like Lucci, as she has seen him with his children. She mentioned that Lucci is very fond of his children and he will make a very good father of her children. But she is not ready to be a mother yet. Letting Lucci know that she is not ready to step into motherhood left him heartbroken. But she had to do what she had to do.

Lil’ Wayne’s Reaction On Reginae’s Fake Pregnancy News

Lil’ Wayne said that initially, he was very sure that the news was false when the news was out. As Reginae tells her everything and they both are very close to each other. He mentioned if, by any chance, she conceives in the mere future. He would be the first one to know about it. Even though he knew the news was false. The thought of being called a grandfather or grandpa made him happy.

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