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One Piece Chapter 1077 Full Summary And Raw Scans: Straw Hats And Vegapunks In Jeopardy!

One Piece Chapter 1077 Full Summary And Raw Scans And Details

Following a break in the last issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine, One Piece Chapter 1077 is scheduled to release in the 16th issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine on Monday, March 13th, 2023. However, the full summary and the raw scans and scanlations by fans for the said chapter are already out and the situation on Egghead Island gets worse.

As we predicted for this chapter, Oda-san did not display anything about Shanks or Kid in the latest chapter and the narrative went back to the straw hats on Egghead island. It is highly possible that we won’t see the fight between the Red-haired pirate crew and Kids’ Crew in the papers.

We still haven’t seen so many side quests that begin since the end of the Wano such as Kid vs Blackbeard, Garp going to free Coby from Blackbeard, and now a new narrative with Shanks has been opened. Not to mention things concerning the Revolutionary Army. Is Sabo alive? Where is Kuma headed?

Oda Sensei is still adding mysteries to the series and we are not complaining. But for now, we are getting closer to finding the traitor on Egghead island. The next chapter of One Piece might even reveal it. However, let’s see what One Piece Chapter 1077 brought to us as we narrate the events from the chapter in this article and provide you with he raw scans for the said chapter. With that being said, here we bring you the latest updates on the One Piece manga series.

One Piece Chapter 1077 Full Summary

The title of the One Piece Chapter 1077 is close to “Should Have Noticed Sooner” and the cover page for the said chapter features Judge and Ceaser realizing that it was Vegapunk who got in their way. The issue begins with Sentomaru in the Egghead’s Fabrio factory speaking with the natives of the island. 

One Piece Chapter 1077 Full Summary And Raw

Sentomaru is advising all the natives to get out of the island and upon asking why should they be getting off of this island and what is going around on the island, Sentomaru tells the natives about the Ohara island incident. He narrates that the people of Ohara island opposed the world government and went to find the poneglyhps and all the mysteries of the world.

Thus, the island was attacked by the world government soon which wiped out the whole island and only resulted in one child getting out of the island. Sentomaru depicts that the World Government going after the smartest man alive is a sign that they must have decided to erase him and soon an incident much like Ohara or even worse could take place.

Luffy, Lucci, Zoro, and Kaku Vs The Seraphim

Meanhwhile, on the 4th floor of a building in the command room, we see the worry of Straw Hats and CP0 agents fighting the Seraphim as no matter how many attacks they land on them, they get back up quickly. Lucci and Luffy again do a combined attack on S-Bear whereas, Zoro and Kaku do a combined attack on the S-Hawk.

However, the results stay the same and the Seraphims get back on their feet instantly. Frustrated Luffy exclaims his frustration by shouting if these Seraphims are Kaido. Then Zoro tells the others that now that he thinks about it seems like they look like King that he fought in Wano.

Hearing this, Shakka asks Zoro if Kaido’s crew had a Lunarian but Zoro says that he doesn’t know his name or his tribe. Shakka notes that King was probably a test subject named Alber who escaped from Punk Hazard with Kaido and since Seraphims are modeled after Lunarain blood they have higher strength and durability.

Zoro then tells the crew if that is the case then they should attack the Seraphims when the flame on their back is out when the flames are on their back they are almost invincible and he apologizes for not noticing it sooner. Lucci pays no heed to that and is cool knowing that they have a way to harm the Seraphims now.

Zoro comically adds that King’s special features were his dark skin, white hair, and the flames on his back identical to the Seraphim which makes the other get mad at him for not realizing it sooner. As the banter of the group ends, Shakka moves on to Luffy and asks where he is headed the former says that he might have an idea where Stella might be and is going there.

Other Straw Hats Vs The Seraphim

Meanwhile a floor below the command room we see that Nami is engaged in a fight with Jinbei’s Seraphim alone as he has already taken down Edison and Brook. Nami is frustrated to fight someone similar looking to Jimbei and with a child’s appearance but forces herself to fight him thinking that he is only a murderer machine.

She uses Zeus’s full blows as the latter tells her to close her eyes and give her all and leave to rest to him. The projectile attack goes through S-Shark’s body and Nami sobs for hurting him and apologizes however, the Seraphim uses his devil fruit power and appears behind her.

As the Seraphim is about to attack Nami, Sanji appears on the scene saying that making Nami scare and scream in his Constitution is punishable by death in different articles of his Constitution and charges in with an attack on the Seraphim. After asking Nami if she is alright, Sanji says that he does not care if the enemy is a kid or similar to Jimbei, he will put them to death.

Meanwhile, the fight between the Seraphim Boa Hancock and the straw hats which includes Ussop and Franky and the Vegapunk Lilith is taking place on the 3rf floor of building C. The fight between them picks up after S-snake has turned York into a stone and Lilith uses her bubble gun in rage at the former.

While at first, the gun seems to do nothing to the Seraphim, however, she falls down soon and Lilith notes that the bubbles gun is filled with the energy of the sea and that having a devil fruit will make you vulnerable to the gun. Franky sees this as a great chance to subdue S-Snake and as he goes to apprehend her, she gets back on her feet soon and kicks Franky in his stomach.

S-Snake starts to use her powers on her adversaries and as they avoid them, Franky comes with a boulder and strikes her with it from behind. As she is under the ball structure, S-Snakes starts to cry saying that she is suffering which makes Franky feels sorry for her but S-snake turns him into a stone.

Lilith tries to hit S-Snake with bubble guns but she evades them and winks at Lilith and Ussop and then turns them into stone.

Shakka Finds Real Vegapunk Only To…

The last narrative of the chapter is then focused on Shakka going to the place he thought Stella would be at. The place underground where used to be Devil Fruit laboratory. As he gets down to the floor he finds the prison where the Vegapunks and the Cipher Pol agents are imprisoned.

The Cipher Pol agents beg him to get them out of there and Shakka is surprised to see them Cipher Pol agents here. The real Vegapunk notices Shakka and calls out his name and the latter starts running towards the former glad to find him here.

As Shakka is approaching Stella hoping to free him, Vegapunk asks him who did he come here with but before Shakka could even reply, someone shoots him in the head. Everyone inside the prison is surprised and wonders what is going on as the person who shot Shakk slowly walks away.

As mentioned earlier, we are getting one step closer to the culprit and at this point, it is difficult to predict who the traitor might be. It surely isn’t any of the Vegapunk as all of them are already being put down except for Pythagoras. Could he be the traitor? Well, we are not sure who is that anymore. 

However, luckily, the upcoming chapter which is One Piece Chapter 1078 will be released in the following issue after the release of One Piece Chapter 1077 without any break so we will know who is the traitor as the narrative almost seems to be an end. Meanwhile, you can officially read One Piece Chapter 1077 on Viz Media and Manga Plus once it is released.

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