Everyone Else Is A Returnee Chapter 22: Release Date, Spoilers & Where to Read

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Everyone Else Is A Returnee Manhwa Series

A comedy and action-fantasy manhwa called Everyone Else Is A Returnee could have easily passed for an isekai, but guess what? It’s not because everyone except our main character went to another world, and when they came back, they dragged monsters with them. The protagonist of the tale therefore develops into a hero from a loner.

Yu Ilhan, the protagonist of the story, is the only person remaining on Earth after everyone else disappeared. He was surprised to find neither his parents nor anyone from his campus. He discovers that time itself appears to have stopped when he arrives home from university.

A being unexpectedly showed up at his house and validated his assumptions. Ilhan is unconcerned and considers Lita, an angel sent by God, as a kind of intruder. She explained to Ilhan that he had been forgotten, but it seems that this was nothing new for him because he had frequently been neglected during his life.

Earth is about to experience a massive cataclysm that will level the earth and enable the release of mana in accordance with a cosmic record. As a result, both monsters and humans will be able to view the status menu. All humans were taken to another world for ten years while time on Earth was stopped so they could prepare their mana.

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Yu Ilhan And Angel Lita

And this is who we will be focusing on for the next ten years. He is alone and unsure of what to do when the angel Lita advises him to train even if he is unable to use mana; she states that he should exercise his body as much as possible. Five years have passed since then, and Ilhan has continued to practice constantly.

He regularly exercises without becoming bored because he has access to a gym and many different types of equipment. Lita was the only person he could talk to during these years, and she only came by once a week. Ilhan decided to start learning martial arts by watching YouTube videos because somehow the internet still functions.

After years of practice, Lita recommended that they should spar so that he could obtain more experience. Lita was certain that she could easily hit Ilhan, so we found out that Lita is a fighting angel when she completely wrecked him. Ten years later, after all of that, they were getting ready to say goodbye to one another.

Everyone Else Is A Returnee Chapter 21 Recap: Spoilers

In this chapter, we witness how the people will obtain the mana stone without Sungain Bolt’s assistance as everyone begins to solicit help. Without his help, they can’t skin it, and they also want to go to the otherworld and get a ton of stuff. Earlier, they had complained that Ilhan was stealing the mana stones, but now they want him to assist with the butchering.

Ertha is tired of these shameless people, which makes her consider quitting her job and even relocating to the countryside. They had no choice but to comply because people can’t do it themselves, and Sungain Bolt demanded 50% of the share in exchange for the butchering and 40% for the empress.

The empress stopped Ilhan as he was leaving, telling him that his stealth technique is great and that she wouldn’t have seen him leave if she hadn’t been focused on him. She then offered an invitation to join forces with him to form a party. She believed she would be the best partner, but Ilhan didn’t comply.

Everyone Else Is A Returnee Chapter 21
Everyone Else Is A Returnee Chapter 21 Clips

She doesn’t intend to leave the planet, and she isn’t so feeble that she needs to return to the otherworld to complete her quests. Her name was Kang Mirae, and she gave him her card in case he ever changes his mind. With the help of the simpler tasks that God has given them, people are currently becoming stronger in the otherworld, but the monsters are evolving at a much faster rate.

Because of the threat they perceived, the monster may have gone mad and awakened. The majority of monster evolution occurs in dungeons since, in other worlds, the monsters were trapped before they could sense any form of vigilance. New and more hazardous creatures emerge in the dungeons as a result of several cross-breedings.

Rarely can dungeon creatures evolve, but if they aren’t confined there, they will change to become more human-like by devouring us rather than other creatures. Dungeons are very useful to humans because monsters don’t actually fight each other very often, which causes their growth to be limited when inside.

Everyone Else Is A Returnee Chapter 22: Release Date

Everyone Else Is A Returnee Chapter 22 is anticipated to be released on February 16, 2023. Although there hasn’t been an official announcement, the next chapter should be available fairly soon because it usually comes out every week.

Everyone Else Is A Returnee Chapter 22: Where to Read

Again, there is no official website where the chapters can be read by fans outside of Korea, but there are many sites where you can read it for free and access all the chapters. The Kakao Page, on the other hand, is the name of the official website. There, you can see if this manhwa has received any updates.

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