Ai Long Nhai Episode 10: Release Date & Streaming Guide

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Ai Long Nhai Episode 10: Release Date & Streaming Guide

We are all looking forward to Ai Long Nhai Episode 10. Ai Long Nhai focuses on Nhai & Ai, who connect via a keychain. Ai, on the other hand, returned from overseas following a schism there. He goes to Thailand and enrols at a university, wherein he encounters Nhai, his probable future partner. 

Their connection as Nhai & Ai is incredible to see. A week feels far too lengthy, to say the least. Ai’s parents are extremely proud of him. They were more delighted than he had been when he informed them, he was seeing someone.

In this drama, Meen Nichakoon Khajornborirak & Ping Krittanun Aunchananun play the principal roles of Ai & Chen Nhai, respectively. In contrast to these two, various additional guest stars have boarded the drama. 

Nob Sathanapong Limwongthong directed this romantic series, which will feature 12 episodes. Fans got to develop an impression on the show after seeing the fascinating preview. They look to be liking the show as well. We’ll find out shortly if AI Long Nhai can win over fans’ hearts in the same way as Thai BL shows such as KinnPorshce & 2gether have.

Recap of What took place in Ai Long Nhai till Now

Ai Long Nhai Episode 10: Release Date & Streaming Guide
Still from Episode 7

The show started, as Chen Nhai & Ai move from Thailand towards Bangkok, the duck serves as a muse for their narrative. Ai’s dad scares him by selling his grandfather’s automobile and cancelling his bank cards, so he must make sensible decisions, which is funny to watch. Fortunately, he has the opportunity to speak with the man as he leaves his view.

In the further episodes Ai makes no attempt to hide his feelings for Nhai, yet Nhai remains hesitant to embrace his adoration. Since his past connection left him sad, Nhai began to devote a lot of hours with Ai, & Ai took every opportunity to invest time with him.

Ai is sexually drawn to Nahi and yet is unsure whether it will pursue those emotions. Nhai, who’s never loved a guy earlier, is perplexed by his new emotions for Ai.

By expressing very stunning things to his partner, Ai won everyone’s heart. Nhai mocks Ai, claiming that it’s best for him to depart since he’s always untidy. Ai uses full power to pin Nhai to the bed & convinces him that Nhai loves him more so than he realizes.

A package was sent to Intha, and he certainly couldn’t figure out where it came from. On the other hand, Sing advises Nhai that since he cares so much for Ai, he must tell him. Nhai, on the contrary, desired to provide it sometime because he wasn’t certain what he was experiencing. Sing simply wanted to ensure he told him all he was feeling. When he returned, the two decided to enjoy a movie, and as predicted, he was terrified.

Ai Long Nhai Episode 10: Release Date & Streaming Guide
A still from Episode 5

Nhai & Ai had been hanging out with their buddies when Jida walks in and hands Ai a food package.   Meanwhile, Jida had romantic sentiments for Ai. As her friends encouraged her to contact him openly about this, Jida was hesitant, perhaps since Nhai had emotions for someone else.

However, in the latest episode, Nhai introduces Ai to his dad. It appears like effort is being made. Intha & Song reconcile during the school’s kitchen counter ceremony, and Nine meets FM, a guitarist. The main emphasis was on people connecting with people, and it was great to see all the love bloom.

Ai Long Nhai Episode 10 Release Date

Ai Long Nhai Episode 10 will premiere in Thailand on Monday, November 28, 2022, at 11:00 p.m. EST. International audiences may watch Ai Long Nhai Episode 10 at 3.00 pm AEDT (November 28, 2022), 12:00 pm PST (November 28, 2022), 4.00 am BST (November 28, 2022), 9.30 am IST (November 28, 2022), 12:00 pm SST (November 28, 2022), 1.00 pm JST/KST (November 28, 2022)

Ai Long Nhai Episode 10 Streaming Guide

As previously stated, Ai Long Nhai airs every Monday on HD Channel 3. This Thai show’ latest instalment is also available on Tencent Video. As a result, you may watch the program there as well. Fans abroad of Thailand may stream the show on iQiyi. Unfortunately, no alternative streaming site offering the show has been discovered. Do keep an eye on this site for any changes.

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