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Rings Of Power Episode 5 Trailer Breakdown: Adar Is Coming For A War

Rings Of Power Episode 5
Rings Of Power Episode 5 Trailer Breakdown - Bronwyn

Rings Of Power Episode 5 Trailer is here and we will be breaking down all the important details. Elrond is bringing Durin back to Lindon, Numenor is preparing to sail for war, the mystery of The Stranger deepens, and Adar is massing his legions of orcs, ready to wipe out the men of the Southlands. The first four episodes had a lot of buildups but now we’re into the second half of season one, it’s make or break time. So far I’ve had very mixed feelings about this show but I’m hoping this is when the series starts to pick up and show its quality.

The trailer does air after each episode on Amazon Prime and I just wish Amazon would upload it to their own YouTube channel so it’s easier to find, Game of Thrones does that, but whatever. That’s where I come in, but let’s look at the Rings of Power Episode 5 Trailer, make some theories and try to figure out what happens next.

Rings Of Power Episode 5 Trailer Breakdown

We start off in Lindon, the seat of the last High King of the Noldor, Gil-galad. We know Elrond is very loyal to his king and his friend so friendship and loyalty will be tested. And they better not do the unthinkable and have Elrond break his off to Durin, betray his friend and give Celebrimbor the piece of Mithril. But it sure looks like Celebrimbor is passing it back to Elrond while stating nothing diminishes its light, and it just feels so out of character for Elrond to betray Durin.

Rings Of Power Episode 5 Trailer

Rings Of Power Episode 5 Trailer Breakdown – Elrond gives Mithril to Celebrimbor

Maybe he cracks under pressure, maybe Gil-galad asserts his authority as king to force him to reveal the dwarven secret. Maybe Celebrimbor gets out of him, maybe mentioning more about his father, maybe that butters him up even more or somehow Elrond is spied on or tricked. But just don’t make Elrond betray Durin, that’ll destroy their friendship for good. And after he’s sworn off an oath on the mountain, on the memory of his father, they just can’t do it.

But it looks like Celebrimbor gets his hands on the piece of Mithril. And he would love this, he would love to create wonders with his new forge, that’s been built at an exceptionally fast pace. Later in the books, Mithril has become known to those outsides of Khazad-dûm, but it’s so extremely rare. Gandalf says that Bilbo’s Mithril shirt gifted to him by a foreign orc and shield was greater than the value of the Shire and everything in it. And Moria is the only place to find Mithril in middle earth and it’s perilous to mine, as we saw in the last episode.

Rings Of Power

Rings Of Power Episode 5 Trailer Breakdown – Celebrimbor evil intentions

King Durin III has put a stop to the mining of Mithril after the accident, but perhaps he could be convinced to start it up again, or maybe when Durin IV takes the throne he overwrites his late father’s rule. But no matter what, Celebrimbor is very excited for Mithril, and in the books, he uses mithril in the creation of the Doors of Durin, with the aid of the dwarven smith narvey. And Galadriel’s Ring of Power Nenya, the Ring of Water, was made from Mithril. But of course, that doesn’t exist right now, perhaps Elrond’s Mithril piece is used in the formation of that ring. But no matter what exciting times are ahead for the greatest Elvin smith of his age, the question is at what cost?

Galadriel And Numenorean Preparing For War

And then we can see Galadriel training numerous Numenorean soldiers (that’s actually really hard to say, numerous Numenorean soldiers, I’ll not be saying that again). Yes, Numenor is bound for the Southlands, Queen Miriel is bringing an army including Galadriel, and Isildur, he has volunteered. And I’m not really a fan of Isildur right now, but I am excited to see how he turns into the king we know.

Rings Of Power Episode 5 Trailer

Rings Of Power Episode 5 Trailer Breakdown – Galadriel Preparing For War

But Galadriel also wants Halbrand to come with her, but he’s not keen. This is the one place he swore he would never return to, but of course, is that just a lie? Because the identity of Halbrand remains a massive massive talking point whether he is the king of the Southlands or Sauron in disguise. But Galadriel’s goal is to crown Halbrand as King of the Southlands and to unite his people against the orcs. But like I said that’s if he really is whom he says he is.

The Southland Men

And then we can see Bronwyn rallying her people of the Southlands in the old elven watchtower. If you think about it Arondir is the only real warrior here. It’s kind of like Rohan versus Isengard all over again here. I imagine they will put up a fight until Numenor comes, but the problem is the devils are already inside the walls. Waldreg is a servant of Sauron, he bares the mark, just like Theo from using the black sward.

Rings Of Power Episode 5 Trailer

Rings Of Power Episode 5 Trailer – Adar

Theo’s friend Rowan seems to not be very faithful, he’s already left field once for the orcs, I bet he bails on him again or even tries to decide with Adar to live. And I imagine he won’t be the only one and instead of living under Elven rule we could live under Adar’s rule and be free. It also seems like Theo has shared the Hilt with Arondir and his mother Bronwyn.

So he’s not completely corrupted right now, or maybe they discover it and take it off him, or maybe he has no choice but to show them. And this is what Adar wants and take over the Southlands and create the land of Mordor. But the question is Adar Sauron, is he working for the dark lord, is he a puppet, or is he his own master?

Ar-Pharazôn Is Plotting Something

Then we can see Ar-Pharazôn scheming, no surprise there, he went along with Queen Miriel’s announcement of war to aid Galadriel, but that’s what he’s saying on the face of it he has a plan. And now he’s saying “when this is over the elves will take orders from us”, from the Numenoreans, with perhaps him as king. And I think he’ll stay behind on the island to rule in her stead, a perfect opportunity to portray the Queen regent. I’m not exactly sure whom Ar-Pharazôn is speaking to maybe his son, maybe someone else he trusts. The trailer kind of makes it looks like it’s Isildur, but I find that rather weird unless he’s trying to make sure his own men are in the Queen’s camp.

Rings Of Power Episode 5 Trailer Breakdown

Rings Of Power Episode 5 Trailer Breakdown – Ar-Pharazôn Is Plotting

But yes Numenor sales for middle earth, in 10 days was it, and how long will it take to get from Numenorean to the Southlands? I am a bit concerned about the amount of time that’s passed, it just seems so inconsistent. In Elven land, they’re building a massive tower and it feels like weeks or months have passed, whereas in other areas like Neumenor it seems like days. It won’t take five minutes to get to the Southlands from Numenor and I’m sure they said they’re going to sail in 10 days. So they’ve got 10 days of prep time and how long can the people of the Southlands hold out?

The Stranger And The Harfoots

Then we’ll finish up with The Stranger. The Harfoots return this week and it looks like The Stranger is observing his arm, does he possess the mark of Sauron on his arm? Very similar to Theon having the hilt mark on his arm from using blood. There are so many theories that the Stranger is Sauron, the show’s even hinted at that many times. Someone suggested the comet was a sign of Sauron’s return. So perhaps the stranger is remembering who he is maybe he is Sauron because he bears the mark, or maybe he is corrupted by Sauron he’s a puppet, or maybe he’s been infected.

Rings Of Power Episode 5 Trailer

Rings Of Power Episode 5 Trailer Breakdown – The Stranger

The Harfoots are attacked by wargs, and it looks like the stranger is the only one that can save them, and this is how he becomes accepted into their society. But him looking at his arm is just such a concerning point, maybe the wolves have bitten him, maybe it’s a simple wound, or maybe something more is afoot.

Maybe once a Stranger starts to use his powers some sort of mark appears on his arm, whether it’s the mark of Sauron or something very similar that causes many people to doubt who he is. But no matter what I think this is the perfect opportunity for the Stranger to show more of his power and we will see more clues on his true identity and I’ve got an article explaining who I think he is but for right now it’s still up in the air.

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