Hungry Bear Tries To Break Into Home To Get Some Brownies

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The bear is lately making headlines with his inappropriate activities, trying to break into someone’s house to get some brownies. Did you find it scary? So, even the bears are fond of desserts. 

We always feel good about serving our guests. Isn’t it? But what if it’s a huge bear knocking at your door for some food? A similar thing happened in Avon, Connecticut, on a regular day. 

Bear Breaks Into The House For Some Brownies

A woman from Avon, Connecticut, was busy baking some brownies in her kitchen. All of a sudden, she heard a thump against the front door. She got surprised to see a giant bear trying to get into her house and peering through the glass door. What a terrific feeling! Did she feed the bear? Well, it’s hard to assume someone feeding a bear is arriving as the guest. 

Bear Tries To Get Into House For Some Brownies
Bear became highly impatient for the brownies.

The woman didn’t wait for long and immediately called her neighbor, Bob Belfiore, for some help. He was well aware of the fact that distracting such a huge animal with any sound or a thing wouldn’t be an easy task. He was clever enough to dial 911 for the cops’ help to do the same. He also shared with the police that the bear wasn’t afraid of noise, screaming, or yelling. Apart from them, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection was also called for help. By the time they got to the place, the bear had walked away without any brownies. 

Bear Tries To Get Into House For Some Brownies
Bear is trying to open the glass door to get into the house

Bob Belfiore also reported the bear’s movement to the cops over the phone. The bear first tried to get into the house from the kitchen door. When he failed to do so, he went to the second and third set of doors. The black bear was trying to rip through the glasses using his claws. But he couldn’t win. 

Bear Tries To Get Into House For Some Brownies
The hungry bear was attempting to get into the house in Avon for some delicious brownies. 

What about the other people living around the house? Well, the neighbors got frightened too. People started making really funny assumptions about the bear who smelled the brownies and then attempted to ask for his portion. But, the bear appeared to be mad for not getting his share of freshly baked brownies. 

Some people claimed the pictures of the bear were very cute, but it was not such in reality. Instead, it was more like a harrowing experience. It went on for more than half an hour. The woman was afraid of getting harmed by the bear. But, the reports have suggested that the bear didn’t harm anyone. 

Bear Tries To Get Into House For Some Brownies
The bear got mad for not getting those brownies.

It would be best if you took a brief note of this incident. You may consider it as a lesson. Bears have high sensitivity, especially to odor. Also, they are great foodies. So, if bears are around your area or have the chance to show off, make sure you don’t keep the food open in front of them. Bears are indeed crazy animals. 

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