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What Episode Does Deku Get His Second Quirk? Blackwhip Quirk Explained

What Episode Does Deku Get His Second Quirk
What Episode Does Deku Get His Second Quirk

Deku is the successor to All Might’s “One For All” Quirk. But along with this Quirk, the successor also gets the quirks of the previous wielders of “One For All.” And Deku learned this when he got his second Quirk, “Blackwhip.” This Quirk belongs to the Rambunctious, loud-mouthed, lariat-loving, Hellboy-inspired whipping boy of the nine heroes of hope Daigoro Banjo.

Maybe you haven’t seen the episode, or maybe you have seen the episode. Either way, we will talk about What Episode Does Deku Get His Second Quirk? And analyze all the aspects of Deku’s second Quirk, Blackwhip. We will talk about the Quirk’s ability, its advantages, weaknesses, potential, and how you can be Spider-Man if you have this Quirk.

This is Deku’s Second Quirk, “Blackwhip,” Explained:

What Episode Does Deku Get His Second Quirk?

Deku Get His Second Quirk, Blackwhip, in the My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 10 of the anime and Chapter 210 of the MHA manga. During the Izuku squad’s match, in the Joint Training Arc, against the Monoma team, which had Hitoshi among its members, Daigoro and Izuku engaged in direct conversation for the first time. Neito Monoma uses foul language to provoke Izuku and lure him into a trap.

Deku meets Banjo

Deku meets Banjo

Izuku becomes furious and charges at Neito, ready to use a focused Delaware Smash, but just as he is about to fire, Izuku’s arm starts to glow once more as One For All goes insane. Tendrils of dark energy suddenly start to emerge from his body and start wreaking havoc.

Izuku struggles with suffering while ordering everyone to take cover since he is unable to manage the new sensation. Ochaco Uraraka holds to Izuku to stop him and calls for help to Hitoshi. Izuku is subjected to Hitoshi’s Brainwashing Quirk, which causes him to lose consciousness and cause his powers to cease to function.

Daigoro comes in front of Izuku while he is still unconscious and informs him that although his Quirk has finally appeared, he is using it incorrectly. Izuku is urged by Daigoro to make more effort to control the Quirk. Izuku is still being lectured by Daigoro, who informs him that his earlier black tendrils were actually the expression of his Quirk, Blackwhip.

Blackwhip Quirk Explained

Blackwhip is an emitter-type quirk that grants its user the ability to produce black energy tendrils from any part of their body and command them at will. The strength of this Quirk seems to be directly connected to the user’s emotions, primarily the emotion of anger. Meaning the angrier the wielder gets, the stronger the Quirk becomes

Funnily enough, the first time we see this Quirk, it isn’t used by Mr. Banjo himself, but it’s actually used by everyone’s favorite protagonist boy Izuku Midoriya, who, like a typical teenage boy having their own sort of awakening, uncontrollably blasts the tendrils everywhere upon the first activation.

Banjo explains Blackwhip to Deku

Banjo explains Blackwhip to Deku.

Now The tendrils the user of this quark produces are made up of some form of black energy, and it hasn’t been stated what type of energy this exactly is. Whether it’s some scientifically groundbreaking new form of energy Lord Horukoshi has discovered in his free time, or just some made-up superhero mumbo-jumbo is unclear. But what we do know is that it seems to share characteristics with Mr. Izawa’s binding cloth in that it is extremely durable, has a huge amount of tensile strength, and is malleable enough to easily be wrapped and tightened around almost any physical object whether that be a person or a thing.

So basically, this Quirk just gives you the ability to use Izawa’s capture scarf in black energy form. Although I will say the physics behind it are probably easier to explain than that scarf. Seriously what is happening here? It’s legit just floating and has a mind of its own, and also, now it’s committing child abuse; for the love of god, someone stops it.

Blackwhip Abilities

Now it’s time to talk about this quick’s abilities, for which there actually are quite a few. Firstly we have this Quirk’s combat usage. Similar to how Izawa uses his scarf or how Sero uses his tape, the user of this Quirk can wrap and trap their opponent in their energy tendrils, greatly reducing their opponent’s mobility and potentially immobilizing them indefinitely.

This gives the user a major upper hand in mid to close-range combat. All they have to do is wrap their tendrils around their opponent fast enough, and then there’s practically no escape. But if your opponent happens to be too big or too fast to be wrapped completely in Blackwhip however, then the user can instead focus on grabbing a single body part.

If your opponent primarily uses punches, you could quickly grab your arm with this Quirk, temporarily preventing them from performing a full swing, or you could grab your leg or foot, causing them to trip up, giving you an opportunity to land a devastating or finishing blow. Just like every lonely man after now, not November, all you need is a tight grip and one good pull, and boom, problem solved.

Blackwhip Support

Blackwhip Support


Support-wise, Deku’s Second Quirk also has some pretty good benefits. Blackwhip can be used to catch large incoming projectiles stopping them in their tracks and preventing them from making an impact. This is great for not only stopping an incoming barrage of projectiles but it is also good for rescue scenarios, where the user of this Quirk can catch the following debris about to land on civilians or even safely catch multiple cars full of people which were used as projectiles by a villain. The latter of which tends to happen a lot more than you would think.

Blackwhip can also prove to be useful in evacuation situations, where it can be used to grab onto and pick up multiple people at once. Lifting them away from danger and making them far easier to carry. Inversely you could also use this Quirk to pick up your enemies, and instead of lifting them to safety, you could just eat them into danger or into another villain, whatever boats your float.


As for mobility wise, Deku’s Second Quirk is ideal for mid-air maneuverability. Similar to how Sero uses his tape quirks to stick onto buildings and swing around like Spider-Man, the user of Blackwhip can also do the very same. All the user of this Quirk has to do is shoot a tendril toward a building or structure, let it grab onto that building or structure, and there you have it. You can swing through the air like a friendly neighborhood bug human genetic hybrid.

Now, this does come with all of the typical advantages you would expect. Enhanced movement speed, increased vertical and air maneuverability, advantages in both combat and rescue scenarios, the new strange impulse to make comedic jokes and remarks, and the Insufferable feeling of guilt and dread over the death of a loved one for which you’re action caused. But it also vastly increases disc quirk’s versatility. Not only is the black whip great for restraining and capturing opponents, but with the addition of this enhanced movement, it also makes the user themselves extremely hard to pin down.

Unique Abilities

Unique Abilities

Two Unique Abilities

As for named super moves, this Quirk doesn’t really have any as of yet. However, it does have two pretty unique abilities. The first of which is recoil absorption; for this move, the user wraps black whipped tendrils around their forearm, resulting in them acting as a recoil buffer to reinforce the user’s arm from the inside out. This helps reduce any recoil damage to the user’s forearm may suffer.

The other unique move actually has a name, and it’s called floppy style, in which the user just shoots a black tendril out of their mouth, similar to how Asui would use her tongue. The only real difference between this move and any other usage of this Quirk is the location the tendril is being produced from. Now, if you ask me, a real power move would be if the user made a tendril shoot out of their ass or from their private frontal area; there ain’t nobody who wants to be wrapped in that Blackwhip.

Blackwhip’s Weakness

Now, unfortunately, just like every other Quirk in the series Deku’s Second Quirk does come with its fair share of weaknesses. The first, the most notable of which is the Quirk’s connection to the user’s emotions. Not only is the strength of Blackwhip directly correlated to the user’s level of anger. Meaning that if the user isn’t an irritable person or just isn’t angry, the Quirk won’t be able to reach its full strength.

Blackwhip's Weakness

Blackwhip’s Weakness

But if the user of this Quirk becomes emotionally unstable, they may also lose control over the Quirk entirely. This weakness is first seen when Midoriya first activates Blackwhip in the joint training arc, where he gets overwhelmed by his emotions, and Blackwhip begins to uncontrollably and sporadically shoot out of his body against his will. So if you’re a very complacent or emotional person, this Quirk might not be for you.

Another weakness this Quirk holds is the fact that the tendrils the user produces must remain attached to the user’s body. Now, this actually results in a couple of problems. Unlike Sero’s tape, if you have a hold on an enemy using this Quirk, you can’t let go if you want to keep them restrained. Basically, you can’t just tie someone up with this Quirk and walk away. You have to remain focused on keeping them trapped in your bind. It’s like tying someone up to a rope, but as soon as you let go of the rope, it disappears. If you want to keep the person restrained, you can’t let go.

This also leads to problems when you’re trying to grapple your opponents with this Quirk. If you wrap Blackwhip around an enemy’s arm and they are stronger than you, then instead of you pulling them or holding them back, they could instead overpower you and fling you around or pull you towards them.

Blackwhip depends on Anger

Blackwhip depends on anger.

In fact, this quirk strength is also heavily dependent on the user’s physical strength as well. If you wanted to pick something up with this Quirk or throw something you grab with it over a distance, you would have to be physically strong enough to do so. So if you’re not the most physically blessed Giga Chad, then this Quirk certainly wouldn’t be as beneficial as you’d like. People often forget that one of the Spider-Man superpowers is enhanced strength; it ain’t easy swinging around cityscapes.

Blackwhip’s Potential

But weaknesses aside, Deku’s Second Quirk still does have some potential. Firstly the user could use a black whip like a whip. So far, we’ve only seen this Quirk used for grappling and for movement. But if the user actually used the black tendrils like whips, it would give them an insane advantage when it comes to combat. I mean, all they would have to do is just have a few tendrils appear from their back, and boom, you have multiple controllable limbs that you can swing at high speeds for some serious damage. Just think of Tamaki Amaziki’s vast hybrid chimera Kraken special move, except with Blackwhip.

If the user wanted to perform long-ranged attacks, then they could do so by using Blackwhip to launch projectiles. By standing a bit away from the object they want to throw and then grabbing onto it with Blackwhip, the user could then use centripetal force to launch the object at high speeds toward their target. Think of it like a super-powered hammer troll, you grab onto the object, you spin around, and then you let go launching it with insane power.

Blackwhip's Potential

Blackwhip’s Potential

Deku’s Second Quirk also has some great potential for physical defense. We know that the tendrils this creates are extremely durable and that the user can wrap the tendrils around themselves. So if the user was capable of producing enough of the tendrils, they could potentially cover their entire body with the black energy, giving them an extra layer of durable armor. Not only would this give the user an incredible defense, but a suit of armor made of black energy tendrils would also look pretty badass.

But the greatest potential Deku’s Second Quirk offers is the ability to turn its user into a human spider, and no, I don’t mean like Spider-Man. If the user of this Quirk gained full control over this ability, they could potentially use the tendrils like spider legs. Lifting up the user’s body off the ground and allowing them to crawl around on almost any surface like a spider. And when their prey gets in range, they can shoot out more tendrils at your target, grabbing them and trapping them like a bug in a web; now that’s a terrifying ultimate move.

And that’s everything you need to know about the Quirk Blackwhip. Overall it’s a pretty amazing ability. While not being super strong on its own, it certainly makes up for it with a hell of a lot of versatility. It’s definitely one of the better quirks out there, and in everyday life, it would also be super useful.

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