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What Does Deku Mean In Japanese?


Deku is a character from both manga and anime of My Hero Academia. But most of us know Deku as Izuku Midoriya. His peers love to call him Deku, especially his best friend and rival Bakugo. Most of us might be wondering what does Deku mean in Japanese? Don’t worry; we have answered below, and we will cover everything we know about Deku’s meaning. Deku is a hero of Class A-1 and the wielder of a quirk called One For All. Most Japanese characters’ names have meaning, and we have learned that Deku’s name also has a meaning.

The name “Deku” might sound funny, but it also resembles Deku’s character and lifestyle. The name Deku began at a young age, but those who don’t like it address him as Midoriya. But Uraraka Ochaco loves to make the name Deku a good one and decided to call him Izuku since Deku sounds weird to her, and she knows that it has a negative meaning. Deku is a fun and shy boy who care about his friend and safety. He can also do anything for his friends and loves to bring everyone together and build a world of peace.

We have to see Deku on many occasions doing things that are imaginable and opposite to the meaning of his name, “Deku,” but some think that Izuku suits him well since it has to do with his appearance and the way he dresses. Deku never minds when someone calls Deku because he knows they appreciate what he does, and they never mean to tease him using his name. This name has many meanings, but they are related since they reveal the same thing. We will learn more about the meaning of Deku in Japanese soon.

What Does Deku Mean In Japanese?

According to the Japanese Deku means (デ, 木偶) in English, it translates as a wooden doll or a puppet, and some of the meanings reveal this as something useless. But according to the author, the meaning of Deku is related to his character or appearance. When the name Deku comes to mind, one can think of many things that are insults. This name might also mean a boring person, and it is commonly used as an insult.

Deku Mean In Japanese?

Ochako & Deku

But it is interesting since Deku has made a huge success holding the burden of that name. From a boring person referred to as a puppet to a successful hero who can face foes like All For One and Tomura. This name has a different meaning, and the first one reveals the useless puppet. In contrast, other meanings are that of insults. Most anime fans were curious about Deku’s name in Japanese, but they are now aware of what Deku means.

It is not like they are trying to insult him, but this reveals something about Deku as the hero of both manga and anime. But in the anime, most people use “Deku” to mock him. That doesn’t sit well with Uraraka, who changes the meaning of the name and gives it the feeling of “I can do it.” The name “Deku is also a reference to Japanese dolls.

Who Name Izuku Midoriya “Deku?”

Deku has many friends, but one of his best friends is Katatsuki Bakugo, Kacchan. Bakugo is the one who nicknames Izuku “Deku” since the two love to mock each other and call each other weird names. This name came after Bakugo thought that Deku was useless or a “good for nothing” since Deku was Quirkless when he was born.

Deku Mean In Japanese?

Bakugo & Deku

But Ochako Uraraka changed everything after she saw Deku’s true abilities when they discovered about One For All quirk. She changed Deku’s meaning after he saved her. Bakugo has come up with that name from Deku’s real name after explaining it in Japanese. He explains that Izuku reads as Deku in Japanese since Izuku’s name starts with kanji. Bakugo loved to bully Deku in the past without knowing that Deku might possess a quirk that was more powerful than his. Deku and Bakugo love to call each other using the above nicknames.

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