Who Is Alison Sudol’s Partner? The Secrets of Dumbledore Actress’ Love Interest

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A Fine Frenzy

Want to know about Alison Sudol’s partner? Yes, we are talking about The Secrets of Dumbledore actress. These days, she is making headlines for her role as Queenie Goldstein in the Fantastic Beasts franchise. In addition to this, her albums and other music releases also contribute to the top news. Keeping that aside, her fans are lately showing their curiosity about what’s going on in Alison’s personal life.

Before that, let’s briefly discuss Alison Sudol’s prominence in the industry. Starting from the basics, Alison Sudol is making famous since 1997. Hailing from Seattle, Alison was born in 1984, which makes her 38 years at present. Being her fan, do you know her other very popular name? It’s “A Fine Frenzy.”

Some of Alison Sudol’s famous works include- The Last Full Measure, Between Us, Dig, Other People’s Children, etc. Little did you know, she also provided her voice for Queenie Goldstein in the video game Lego Dimensions.

Well, Alison Sudol also has great music skills. Last year, she released one of her albums, titled- Still Come The Night. A few of her songs are- The Things We Did Last Summer, Electric Twist, and Almost Lover. Which one do you like listening to the most? 

Coming back to Alison Sudol’s personal life, the songstress was in a relationship with David Harbour. That caused a lot of drama online, even during their split. What happened? We shall get into that later. Now, what is Alison up to? If you are looking for who Alison Sudol’s partner is, here are the details. 

Who Is Alison Sudol's Partner
Alison Sudol

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Alison Sudol’s Partner: Who Is He? 

Talking about her love interest, Alison Sudol’s partner is possibly no one. In another way, we may say that the Fantastic Beasts’ Queenie Goldstein doesn’t have a beau in reality. After parting ways with David Harbour, she didn’t spark dating rumors with anyone much. 

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For the last few years, Alison Sudol has seemed to be very much focused on her professional works- be it films, shows, or music. If you follow her on social media, you won’t find any of her posts that can help you to ascertain Alison Sudol’s partner.

Even in reality, Alison doesn’t get spotted with anyone suspicious. Briefly, no evidence supports Alison Sudol to be sharing a romance with anyone at the moment. Looking at her, we can’t even have such expectations. 

What about Alison Sudol’s relationship with David Harbour? In case you didn’t know earlier, David is another great actor. Some of his works are- Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, State of Affairs, Pan Am, Extraction, Suicide Squad, Between Us, etc. He is majorly known for playing Jim Hopper in Stranger Things. Have you watched it? If not, you must. 

Who Is Alison Sudol's Partner
Alison Sudol and David Harbour

It was at the BAFTA tea party where Alison Sudol and David Harbour sparked dating rumors for the very first time. They appeared very cozy. Looking at how they made appearances together, both seemed to be more like husband and wife.

Alison and David seemed so inseparable that some fans were very much convinced about their marriage. However, that was not true in reality. It’s not known why Alison and David parted their ways. But it didn’t turn out much of a surprise to their fans. Why? That was more because David used to get distracted by women very easily. 

Since then, Alison has become pretty much secretive about her love life. Concerning her marriage, the actress is not yet tied. We are hopeful that Alison Sudol will surely find someone good, more precisely, a person of her type, real soon. 

Best Wishes to Alison Sudol for the upcoming days of her life. Make sure you follow Alison on her Instagram account for more updates. It’s going all good now. Alison seems to be enjoying her singlehood, and that’s what matters the most.

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