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Who Is Luther Vandross’ Partner? Your Secret Love Singer’s Love Interest At The Time Of His Death

Luther Vandross

Do you know, who was Luther Vandross’ partner? It’s been several years since the singer passed away. Still, fans don’t seem to have moved on from this disheartening news. Keeping that aside, for now, people are lately showing their curiosity regarding who was Luther Vandross romantically related to. Before that, let’s briefly discuss the former singer’s prominence. 

Starting from the basics, Luther Vandross was majorly known for his soulful and sweet voice. As an R&B and pop singer, Luther was quite famous. Some of his hit songs, which we still cherish are- The Closer I Get to You, Shine, Think About You, Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now, Endless Love, She Won’t Talk To Me, Wait for Love, etc. Being his fan, you must listen to Luther Vandross’ album, Dance with My Father. 

Coming back to Luther Vandross’ personal life, the singer never tied the knot with anyone, in his life. Not to forget to mention, he had no children too. As far as his sexual orientation was concerned, he was not that confident. Well, if you are looking for Luther Vandross’ partner, here are the details. 

Who Is Luther Vandross' Partner?

Luther Vandross

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Luther Vandross’ Partner: Secretive Sexual Orientation Until The Last Days Of His Life

Talking about his love interest, Luther Vandross’ partner was possibly no one. In other words, the late singer had a very lonely life. Even though he seemed to have it all, he was alone. He wanted to live the best days of his life but still had to keep something secret from the public, until his death. 

Concerning this, Lenny Kravitz once shared that Luther Vandross had no one special in his life. The thing, that he kept secretive until the last days, was his sexual orientation. These days, some people have become broad-minded, and being gay is very much okay. One should be proud of himself, whatever his interests are. But, Luther Vandross thought that his sexual orientation would anyway hamper his professional career. What’s your say on this? 

Little did you know, Lenny Kravitz used to live with David Lasley, the famous music artist. The former heard Luther Vandross and David Lasley, several times, talking over the phone, at late night. Sometimes, their phones used be on speaker. So, he could even hear the conversations. Concerning his sexual orientation, Luther once said that despite receiving love from his female fans, he was more attracted to his male brothers. Lenny was also a good friend of his. Knowing how lonely he was, he used to feel very sad as he couldn’t be himself, in front of others. 

Who Is Luther Vandross' Partner?

Luther Vandross

Another reason why Luther Vandrosa didn’t open up about his interest in men, was the singer didn’t want to disappoint others. And so, to his female fans. It was not easy for him, but very hard. 

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Luther Vandross’ Death: What Happened?

Well, Luther Vandross’ death had very much to do with his illness. In 2003, the singer suffered from a stroke. In case you don’t know, he had diabetes and hypertension. Right after that incident, even though he was taken to the hospital without any delay, Luther stayed ill for quite a long time. He was in a coma for a couple of months. It was so terrific that he even lost his ability to talk and had to use a wheelchair. That affected his singing career, as well. 

After struggling for some time, Luther Vandross passed away in 2005. Based on his birth year (1951), he was 54 years old, at that time. He was admitted to JFK Medical Center. While the cause of his premature death was cited as a heart attack. Even though people were aware of his illness, nobody expected Luther to die, so early. The news was more like a nightmare to the entire music industry, at that time. 

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