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Is Myf Warhurst Pregnant? A Difficult Question For Spicks And Specks Host

Myf Warhurst pregnant

Not everyone goes through the same path in life. Even if two people are born under the same circumstances they will end up being different. This is a sentiment that Myf Warhurst shares, though it was something she comes to terms with. As you may know, Myf Warhurst is a famous Australian Radio Announcer that has gained her fair share of fame. But even after attaining the most covet, she is not able to enjoy some simple Joys in life. That simple thing is the Joy of motherhood. Though the notion of Parenthood being the joy of life is becoming archaic, the instinct will persist. This is why it is something we all have to deal with at one point in our life, and those with fame are no different than us. In this context asking “Is Myf Warhurst pregnant?” seems tasteless but curiosity can never be satiated

Is Myf Warhust Pregnant?

No, the Australian radio announcer is not pregnant. But why has this question been flying all over the internet? The query made it into the news when she announced ‘I have to make my Peace with it.’ One thing leads to another and now the people are asking whether or Myf Warhust is pregnant. Given the difficult nature of the question, the woman answered it with complete sincerity and showed her strength of character. Although, despite such fortitude, Warhust has to go through a big journey to come to the realization. The Spicks and Specks host has made it clear she is not disturbed by the truth. Further adding she didn’t grow up imagining the once-in-a-lifetime wedding. Though anyone who has kids might feel bad for her, her life is far from pitiable. But alas, this question and sympathies will continue for some time.

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Who is she dating?

As of writing this article, she is in a long-distance relationship with Joel Creasey. The two met at a Melbourne pub and have been together for about two years. Warhust isn’t someone with poor social skills and is afraid to let out what’s in her mind. But things just haven’t gone her way. Some might say the long-distance relationship doesn’t foster enough intimacy to go down the road. But that isn’t the case here. Myf has looked into things and tried her hand even at IVF but didn’t fully commit to it. Her options are also limited as the Australian laws follow some archaic practices we will discuss below.

Her Thoughts on Motherhood

Myf has wanted it for some time now. She looked into adoption when she was single but the law insisted that only a couple can adopt a child. But it doesn’t end there, the Australian on such practices is completely whacked. For instance, the law makes it so difficult to have a surrogate child that it is done through the US, India, or other countries. And as we stated above adoption is too strict to follow and discourages single parenting.

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