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Why Did Kirk Cousins Get Sacked? Coach’s Remarks


Last Updated on November 24, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Recently, a lot of headlines have been made about football players, and fans are curious to know about what happened to Kirk Cousins. He is a football quarterback and plays for Minnesota Vikings in the National Football League. He was born in Holland and attended High School there. He starred in a variety of games, such as Football and baseball.

He has been in the games for a long time and opted for Football as the one for his future. He was soon drafted straight out of college. He was selected at Michigan State University and played as a part of their Spartans team. Throughout his initial career, he played against Georgia Bulldogs during the Outback Bowl. He is actually a practicing Evangelical Christian.

He has two kids with his wife, Julie Hampton. His fans have given him a nickname called Captain Kirk, inspired by the Star Trek character. Well, let us understand why Kirk Cousins is in most of the headlines this NFL season, and no, it is not about him getting vaccinated again, phew!

What Happened to Kirk Cousins?

Kirk Cousins is in trouble right now with the whole Minnesota game scenario. He had some beef with the Dallas pass rush, and it is so obvious that the whole thing won’t just blow over in a matter of a couple of weeks. The Vikings were up against New England on Thursday night. Before doing so, the team had to put Kirk Cousins in his proper rhythm and groove.

Why Did Kirk Cousins Get Sacked? Coach's Remarks

Kirk Cousins

They have decided to put their protection scheme upon the player and put him through the wringer again. Previously, we have seen that the Cowboys have taken Cousins down a few times. It was definitely tough for him a lot. But the Patriots present a similar kind of challenge to him which is similar. Dallas has led the NFL during the sacks with 42.

New England is right after them on the second mark at 36. Justin Jefferson talked about the whole thing about how tough it must be for Kirk. It is because he is getting sacked even before he could get his to break off this season.

He talked about how the team is just trying to get through the games and work out with players who are the best for them. He says that they have planned a lot of strategies with the players, and if it is not working out, they will be quick to respond and draft other players for their own benefit.

Justin Jefferson and Coach’s Remarks

Jefferson was asked to tell more about the whole thing and situation and the entire 40-3 loss to the Cowboys. His feelings were obvious as he was looking forward to an ultimate win. Jeff talks about how he wishes the team would have switched gears faster during the game.

But, well, he is still hoping to move forward with the season and learn more about everything. Jeff talked about how this is a new team for them, and they have a whole bunch of coaching staff as well as new players on the team. Thus, it is, of course, a new venture for them all to explore and learn from their mistakes.

Well, Coach Kevin O’Connell was interviewed regarding Jeff’s comments and how he is going to take constructive criticism. Obviously, he was neutral on the topic and did not invalidate the opinions shared by his star player on the team. Instead, he talked about how the team and even Jeff are trying to navigate everything and twist the whole game around for the betterment of their offense.

What Does This Mean For Kirk Cousins?

Kirk was sacked off by the team during the second half of third and 19 and third and 20. Kirk made a comment on the whole situation and said that the rush could not get there if a player got out quickly. Given the situation that his sacking has come off early, he thinks that in the later games, he would have provided a better performance.

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