How Many Seasons Are There In Anne With An E? Is It Worth Watching?

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Anne with an E
An honest review (Credit: Netflix)

Anne with an E is a Netflix series that’s basically adapting a classic book series called Anne of Green Gables. With three seasons, the show managed to catch the public’s attention with beautiful scenarios, a nice wardrobe, and a compelling story. But as we all know, there’s more to that than meets the eye because Anne with an E is the kind of work that needs intense interpretation from its source material. 

So today, I’m going to review Anne with an E, tell you how many seasons it has, and give you my honest opinion on a series that I had to watch not only to get this piece done but to appease my family during a vacation where we had to vote which series on Netflix we wanted to watch, and I was the minority. I’ll do my best to deliver an honest and balanced review. 

Anne with an E
You would expect more (Credit: Netflix)

How Many Seasons Are There Of Anne With an E?

Anne, with an E, has three seasons on Netflix. All three seasons have mixed reviews; some think it’s a great production, others —like me— not so much. Why does Anne with an E get the short end of the stick? Well, because of the interpretation of these books, the animated childhood series was adapted in a rather bland way, as many put it. 

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Is It Worth Watching?

Firstly, Anne, with an E, departs from the original books and miniseries. However, I believe that Anne with an E successfully captures the essence of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s work. The problem is that they do it with the adult woke lens that characterizes modern Netflix adaptations. 

I Woke Netflix Does It Again

One of the main criticisms that I find in Anne with an E is its dark, edge, wonkish tone. These elements, while lifted from the book themselves, make the show delve into traumatizing experiences that Anne has to go through. 

e societal treatment of orphans, and other challenging themes that were only hinted at in the original material. By shining a spotlight on these aspects, the adaptation offers a more realistic portrayal of the time period and the struggles Anne faces.

Good Writers Have Bad Works Too

Moira Walley-Beckett, the series’ screenwriter —known for her work on “Breaking Bad”— does bring some perspectives in Anne with an E that were initially played, in my opinion, as blandly comedic or harmless.

Moira Walley Beckett explores them through a modern adult perspective, providing a fresh and thought-provoking interpretation. And that kind of approach adds depth to the story, allowing the audience to connect with Anne’s journey on a more profound level.

While the show’s darkness is prominent, I find it with some balance: The show has a fair amount of joy and peppiness, all the while, the relationships between the characters and their environment provide heartfelt moments that evoke a sense of warmth.

Anne with an E
You would expect more (Credit: Netflix)

The series effectively captures the complexities of Anne’s life without romanticizing the past, debunking the idealized version often portrayed in period dramas.

Now, after all this, and believe me, I tried to be fair in my review. Should you watch this? Well, it depends; if you’re a hardcore fan of the book, then don’t; if you’re new to it, are going to watch it and then read the book, I urge you to re-read this review and contrast what I have to say because you’ll find that my critique isn’t that all biased, despise having to watch this during a family holiday where I got the short end of the stick when it comes to choosing streaming options. 

“Anne with an E” is a dark and captivating adaptation that breathes new life into the beloved story of “Anne of Green Gables.” While it may differ from some fans’ expectations, it successfully explores the darker aspects of the source material and offers a more mature perspective. By doing so, it brings depth and relevance to the story for older audiences. “Anne with an E” is a must-watch for those seeking a fresh take on a cherished literary classic.

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