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My Only 12% Episode 14: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

My Only 12% Episode 14 preview
My Only 12% Episode 14: Release Date

Last Updated on November 10, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

The My Only 12% Episode 14 release date is quickly approaching. And followers, be ready as it’s time to unpack all we should know about the highly anticipated forthcoming episode. But before we all reveal the release date for My Only 12% Episode 14 and how to watch My Only 12% Episode 14 online, here is a small refresher on this boy’s love story’s plot.

A young gay man is the subject of my Only 12% narrative. The drama is in Thai. Dramatic language is not in the show’s screenplay. Thailand is where “my only 12 percent” is from. Two gay males named Cake and Sew are the main characters in the novel. Cake and Seeiw remain in love even though they have extremely different personalities.

Your interest will be piqued by the drama’s abundance of emotions and passion. Thai and other regional TV audiences are captivated by the passionate love tale of two gay couples. The fact that they enthusiastically look forward to new episodes is their best quality. If you’re among those people who enjoy watching sad comedies but still want to see more.

My Only 12% Episode 14 preview

A still from My Only 12%.

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What Is The Synopsis Of My Only 12%?

Despite having very different personalities, the main characters of the romantic comedies Cake and View—played by Santa Pongsapak Oudompoch and Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote, respectively—find love. Cake has to deal with his mother’s cancer diagnosis and his tense relationship with his father. In essence, he hates his father and wants nothing to do with him.

The Cake will always have Seeiw’s support while he struggles with his personal life, family problems, and efforts at love. When Cake finally realized that Seeiw meant much more to him than just that, he developed an intense romantic interest in him. The on-screen chemistry between these two men in this charming homosexual love story is so genuine and endearing that you can’t help but stare at it.

My Only 12% Episode 14 preview

The leads exchange kisses.

What has Happened In My Only 12% so Far?

We noticed that the show has focused on the romantic story of a lesbian couple doing everything they can to maintain their relationship. Since it was difficult for someone like him to let his love go, Seeiw became heartbroken when Cake had to leave the school. He was concerned that Cake would ignore him.

Before cutting ties and carrying on with their daily routines, they shared one last embrace. He is reminded of Cake’s advice to conserve their schoolday napkin because he wouldn’t be there to use it to wash his tea. Unexpectedly, Seeiw had to wipe his tears away with the napkin given to him along with the Cake as he struggled to let go of it.

The narrative has been altered. Its central characters are Cake and our favorite character Seeiw, who have been friends since they were young. Since returning from completing his schooling in his own country, Cake has undergone a significant metamorphosis. He’s not the same man he used to be. He acts differently than before, yet something has changed him.

At this moment in his life, Seeiw cannot handle his new behavior and personality. There is a huge gap here because they both had quite different upbringings. Eventually, it starts to hurt both of their feelings because they can’t communicate adequately, and their comprehension keeps expanding. They have been dating for fifteen years, but they have grown apart throughout that time.

My Only 12% Episode 14 preview

The leads of My Only 12%.

My Only 12% Episode 14: Release Date

My Only 12% Episode 14 release date is November 11, 2022. My Only 12% Episode 14 will air on a popular Thailand channel named Channel 3 at approximately 12:00 pm EDT. International viewers and fans can watch My Only 12% Episode 14 on the following dates and times:

British Summer Time: 4.00 am (November 11, 2022)
Indian Standard Time: 9.30 am (November 11, 2022)
Singapore Standard Time: noon (November 11, 2022)
Philippines Standard Time: noon (November 11, 2022)
Japanese Standard Time: 1.00 pm (November 11, 2022)
Korean Standard Time: 1.00 pm (November 11, 2022)
Australia Eastern Daylight Time: 3.00 pm (November 11, 2022)

My Only 12% Episode 14: Streaming Details

Only 12% of Episode 14 will be available for streaming with Studio Wabi Sabi. Fans and followers worldwide can watch My Only 12% Episode 14 easily online at the times listed above by installing Bilibili. Bilibili is said to be the official streaming partner for the famous show My Only 12%. So it’s time to update your calendar, and dont forget to stream My Only 12% Episode 14 when it releases.

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