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Love In Contract Episode 13: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Love In Contract Episode 13: Release Date & Streaming Guide

The Love in Contract Episode 13 release date is here, and we will unpack everything the viewers must know before watching the next episode. But before we skip to the Love in Contract Episode 13 release date and how to stream Love in Contract Episode 13 online, here is a quick summary of the show’s premise. Is a marriage a commercial venture?

Sang-Eun has 13 years of experience as a single-life helper who lives alone. Her clients are people who, due to social pressure, require a wife for their public life. Sang-MWF’s husband has been a client of Sang-Ji-ho’s for five years. While Sang-Eun is going crazy over short-term, abusive clients on TTS, Hye-jin, a new long-term client, shows up and fills the TTS husband’s schedule.

Sang-Heun flows romantically with two separate husbands, an MWF husband and a TTS spouse, blurring the boundaries between personal and public feelings. The Dram is said to explore genres like comedy, drama, and romance. The main cast includes Park Min Young as Choi Sang Eun, Go Kyung Pyo as Jung Ji Ho, and Kim Jae Young as Kang Hae Jin.

Love In Contract Episode 12 recap

Jiho from Love In Contract

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What Happened In Love in Contract Episode 12?

After taking out that biker, Hae-Jin is questioned regarding the stalker and his connections to Sang-Eun. Sang-Eun acknowledges how difficult the situation is and that she is well aware of it. Ji-Ho has given her the freedom to accomplish as much as possible while she tries to restore everything and repair the harm caused. Sang-Eun finds it difficult to control her tears when she reads the posts and realizes Sun’s sister made them. 

Ji-Ho receives congratulations from the department at work for his promotion. Now, it appears that the chief is unaware of what is happening because he only subscribes to a physical newspaper and is unaware of the scandals. However, Ji-Ho decides he merely wants to continue doing the job he is already doing and rejects the promotion.

In the meantime, Jung devises a brilliant scheme to frame Hae-Jin for the crime and cast Sang-Eun as the bad guy. Despite Hae-opposition, sang-Eun chooses to withstand the storm and take the fall for herself. Jin Although it would mean she would be demonized across the country, it would save Hae’s reputation. Jin’s, But Hae-Jin intervenes and makes an effort to convince her otherwise.

In the meantime, Gwang-Nam converses with Ji-Ho, letting him know how much Sang-Eun likes him. The problem is that Madam Yoo constantly irritates her, and because of how she meddles in Sang’s life, Eun feels as though she will never be truly happy. When Ji-Ho learns this, he immediately investigates Eena Group to learn more about Yoo’s function.

Love In Contract Episode 12 recap

Hai-jinn from Love In Contract

This is partly due to working with Jung to assist Sang-Eun and seeing her. On the other hand, Jung won’t cooperate, stating that she’d rather it if he hated her than if they tried to make their relationship stronger. Sang-Eun decides they should keep their distance from one another for the time being when he calls her. Ji-Ho refuses and appears to see her sobbing in the coffee shop. Ji-ho consoles her.

In the meantime, Hae-Jin prepares to hold a press conference to make amends, but Jung intervenes, pledging to do everything in her power to mend their relationship. Naturally, Jung instantly discloses Sang-twelve Eun’s previous divorces and claims that she and Hae-Jin are the couple who are most in love. After hearing this on the news, sang-Eun realizes she wants to see Hae-Jin properly explain things.

They talk about a better course of action together. Sang-Eun makes a complete blunder, just as Hae-Jin suggests they get married. She clarifies that she isn’t Eena’s daughter. She grew up overseas to conceal her being an Eena Group “project.” She continues by saying that marriage is totally out of the question because of how profoundly different they are from one another.

Love In Contract Episode 12 recap

Sang-Eun and Jiho

Even at night, Sang-Eun and Ji-Ho remain close, and later that evening, she even attends Miss Kim’s birthday celebration. Before Sang-Eun opens up and reveals what has transpired and how she likes Ji-Ho, things are a little awkward. This group appears to be genuinely good people who don’t judge Miss Kim when she finds out that Sang-Eun and Hae-Jin aren’t married.

Madame Yoo keeps up her plotting and discovers, via Gwang-Nam, that Sang-Eun is really with Ji-Ho. As soon as Sang-Eun becomes aware of this, she confronts Yoo and asks her what she has in mind. She says nothing, but Ji-Ho has located Yoo’s phone number.

He calls her and decides they should discuss the past, particularly her connections to Sang-Eun and what transpired 13 years ago. A car rushes toward Yoo on the highway as they are about to collide, causing Ji-Ho to sprint forward and save her.

The Release Date For Love In Contract Episode 13

Love In Contract Episode 13 Release Date is November 2, 2022. The episode will air at 10:30 KST in Korea. Fans from nations other than Korea can watch it at the following times:

• British Summer Time: 2:30 pm (November 2, 2022).
• Indian Standard Time: 7:00 pm (November 2, 2022)
• Singapore Standard Time: 9:30 pm (November 2, 2022)
• Philippines Standard time: 9:30 pm (November 2, 2022)
• Japanese Standard Time: 10:30 pm. (November 2, 2022)
• Pacific Standard Time: 6:30 am. (November 2, 2022)
• Eastern Standard Time: 9:30 am. (November 2, 2022)

Love In Contract Episode 13 Streaming Details

Love In Contract Episode 13 will stream on Rakuten Viki for all the fans worldwide.

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