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Time Changer 2002 Ending Explained: What Happens To Humanity?

Time Changer Ending has all the fans in twists, and thus, we are here to explain it all to you guys. The film gives us a load of science and fiction genres. It is actually a Christian Seriocomic project. Rich Christiano directed the film for the fans, and it was released back in 2002. In the film, we see the focus on Dr. Norris Anderson. He has used the time machine that his father once owned and sent his friend Bible professor Russell Carlisle into the future. They live in the year 1890, but his friend has now set foot in the 21st century. The film was a success at the box office even though it was released for a very limited time.

Coming right into the plot of the film, we see a Bible professor named Russel Carlisle. At the start of the film, we see him trying to lecture a child who has stolen some marbles from his neighbors. Russel says that the actions that this boy has committed are unjust in nature. Russel is going to publish a book about good morals without mentioning the name of Jesus Christ in it. The book is on its way to the publishing house until an objection is raised by Dr. Norris Anderson.

Time Changer 2002 Ending Explained: What Happens To Humanity?

A still from Time Changer 2002


They have to have an agreement from all the professors working at the firm, and thus, the Dean asks Russel to refer to Anderson and clear out the issue with him himself. The main problem that Dr. Norris has is the fact that without mentioning the name of Christ, they should not publish the book as it may harm the upcoming generations. In order to give Russel a taste of his own medicine, Anderson sends him 100 years into the future to see where his beliefs might lead the country.

When Russel arrives in the 21st century, he is shocked to see the statistics of the country. He sees that half of all marriages have ended in divorce. As teenagers, they use some very horrible language and talk about fooling their parents openly. When Carlisle tries to convince a laundromat owner to go to the Church and read a bible, he is suspected by two other church-going individuals.

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Given the fact that Russel acts as if he has seen everything for the first time, their suspicion grows even further. By the time Russel is about to disappear and go back into the past, he meets with the two men and talks about the second coming of Christ and how it is very near. Soon, we see the two men looking at the place where he disappeared and saying that they had just missed the Rapture.

As for Russel, he finally went back to his original time in 1890. Here, he happily decides to edit the book. As for the boy who stole some marvels, Russel gives him his own stones. He also explains how it is Jesus Christ who wants to see them being honest about everything. As for Anderson, we see him in the climax scene as he is trying to send a bible into the future in order to know when humanity will come to an end. As he sets a date to 2100, the machine does not operate. The previous years such as 2080 and 2070, did not work as well.

As Norris tries to aim earlier and earlier, he fails yet again, and the film ends. This might be a suggestion of how humanity is bound to end pretty soon, and we do not know when it could do that. The other explanation for this ending could be that humanity is going to end during the middle of the 21st century. Also, it might mean that humans can not access the end of humanity or the Earth after it has ended.

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