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Little Women Episode 9 Release Date: A Twist In The Tale

Last Updated on September 29, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Little Women Episode 9 will seek answers to several questions that lay buried deep down. The sisters find out how all this is part of some bigger plan. Be it the suspicion that is Hwa Young dead or what is Do Il exact motive and whether can he be trusted or not, Little Women has taken care of all the elements, a story needs to become this crisp and intriguing.  

The cast deserves all the applause as they all have performed with finesse. A lot is left to unveil, and still, the motives of some of the characters are still under wraps, so don’t forget to watch Little Women, and quite easily, it is truly an amazing watch. 

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Little Women Episode 8 Recap

Little Women is one such drama in which the moment you think that you have figured it out, that’s when another mind-boggling theory emerges. 

Little Women Ep 9

A Still From The Series

For the longest time now, In Joo believed that maybe Hwa Young is alive and she is the one playing all these games. Meanwhile, she still cannot place her trust in Do Il, and that too for all valid reasons, as he has been assigned the task of taking her out of the country and then ending her game. 

On the other hand, Hyo Rin successfully hacks all the cameras so that she can leave the house without leave, however, when she talked to her mother about this, she had a rather unusual response. Sang A told her how she forgave Hyo Rin’s father and how they could stay. 

Little Women Ep 9

A Still From The Series

Meanwhile, in Singapore, something seems to be off. Everyone is looking at In Joo as if she has been around there all this time. Naturally, she is taken aback by this reaction. Meanwhile, both of them are all set to participate in the Orchid Festival. They dressed up accordingly, and at the event, everyone behaved as if In Joo was the most important guest. With eyes on her, she won the orchid by placing the highest bidding. 

She and Do Il, one by one, collect money from all the banks, though before entering the last bank In Joo hesitates to place her trust in him. Later, In Joo lands on a note given by an anonymous, and in the flow of following the dots, she gets into an accident. 

Little Women Ep 9

A Still From The Series

Meanwhile, Hyo Rin and In Hye realize that on the day of Hwa Young’s death, the person present there was none other than Sang A. In Joo, on the other hand, realized that the mastermind behind all these crimes Sang A. Hwa Young was truly dead, and she was just another pawn in her game of crimes. Even in Singapore, everything, even the way people behaved around In Joo was set by her. 

In Joo while encountering all these stories, starts to feel dizzy, to which Sang A replies that the drink she had was the orchid tea and a horrible death was awaiting her as this was her time to leave the stage. That’s when the tables turn, and a shocked Sang A witnesses a smirking In Joo pointing a gun towards her. 

With such circumstances, the true stance of Do Il is still in question. Who is he truly working for? If we have to blame the series for anything, then it would only be making us wait for an entire week to get the answers. 

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Where To Watch Little Women Episode 9? Online Streaming Details

Little Women Episode 9 will be available on its original network, tvN. For international fans, the drama is streaming on Netflix. For that, you need to first buy the subscription plan. You just have to choose which plan suits you the best, and then you are all set to watch Little Women. 

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When Will Little Women Episode 9 Release?

Little Women Episode 9 will release on 1st October 2022. The drama has kept the audience intrigued since the first episode and has been consistent in it. 

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