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Kengan Omega Chapter 181: Release Date & How To Read

Kengan Omega Chapter 195
Kengan Omega - Cover (Credits: ComiKey)

The release date of Kengan Omega Chapter 181 has just been announced, and fans around the world are excited to know what is going to happen next in this amazing martial arts manga series. Kengan Omega is the sequel of Kengan Ashura, written by Japanese manga artist Yabako Sandrovich and illustrated by famous artist Daromeon. Before jumping into the release date of Kengan Omega Chapter 181, let us quickly find out about the plot and its characters.

The story of Kengan Omega takes place after two years of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament at Gabryu Island. If you have already read Ken Ashura, then you are gonna get a lot of goosebumps. In addition to that, if you are one of the kinds who love time skips and love to see how characters change over the years and the differences they go through, then you are gonna love this series.

What Is Kengan Omega All About?

In Kengan Omega, our youngest fighter in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, specializing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and known by the nickname The King of Stranglers, Cosmo Imai, now has long hair, and he is got a bit more muscular.

Similarly, some characters have grown out of facial hair, some of them got scars and damage, and some of them just have completely changed their personality, this thing is always super great to see characters like this comeback. Fans of the Kenganverse loved how Kazuo Yamashita went from the squirrely businessman to like one of the main contenders of the Kengen Tournaments, but now he is the man who gets fighters to fight in the Kengen Tournaments.

Kengan Omega Chapter 181: Release Date & How To Read

Kengan Omega

After the death of the main character Ohma Tokita, from the prequel of the Kengen Omega, we now have strictly followed safety regulations in the Kengen Tournaments. The rules of the match now have completely changed, unlike before the fighter will not be able to keep going again and again after each other without any significant rest.

The story of Kengen Omega revolves around a new protagonist called Narushima Koga, and he sort of looks like Ban from Seven Deadly Sins a little bit. Koga has been training a lot used to be a street punk and has been training hardcore nonstop going through all the schools and fighting a bunch of people trying to be like a badass, he can also go fight like Ohmo one day, but he never gets to do that because as we know in the Kengan Tournament Ohma passed on. 

Other than that, we also have another new character, Gaoh Ryuki, who is pretty much like the Ohma clone, but he is not like Ohma in the sense that his personality is very much like the deadly kid Goku because he is an assassin, he was trained by his grandfather, and he has no qualms about killing people, and he and Koga forms a certain kind of rivalry.

Seeing them bond and train together and then like seeing how great a fighter he is because this guy is a great fighter, he is just a super insane assassin, and he just goes at it ripping people up, and just really fascinating to see this character who looks pretty much like Ohma.

Kengan Omega Chapter 181: Release Date & How To Read

Kengan Omega

That was all about the plot and characters of the manga series Kengan Omega, now let us jump onto the release date of Chapter 181.

When Is Kengan Omega Chapter 181 Release Date?

Kengan Omega Chapter 181 is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, October 26th, 2022, at 05:30 pm Japanese Standard Time. The various times that the Kengan Omega Chapter 181 will be available to us are as follows:

  • For India, it will release at 02:30 pm (October 26th, 2022)
  • For Singapore, it will release at 05:00 pm (October 26th, 2022)
  • For Australia, it will release at 08:00 pm (October 26th, 2022)
  • For the Philippines, it will release at 05:00 pm (October 26th, 2022)
  • For Korea, it will release at 06:00 pm (October 26th, 2022)
  • For Pakistan, it will release at 03:00 pm (October 26th, 2022)

Where Can You Read Kengan Omega Chapter 181 Online?

You can read Kengan Omega Chapter 181 online for free on the official site of Comikey Manga, Comikey provides the first five and the last chapter of the manga for free, but you have to pay for the rest.

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