Where Is Street Outlaws: Fastest In America Filmed? Locations To Know

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Where Is Street Outlaws Fastest in America Filmed?
(Credits: Discovery)

The Fastest in America has premiered for the fourth time on Discovery, and the show’s got new teams as well as new faster cars all set to perform in intense challenges this season. The show revolves around teams from various states of America, and they’re all here for one thing and one thing only, to win the much sought-after title of Fastest in the country.

Street Outlaws has been airing since June 2013, and its immense popularity with viewers has led to multiple seasons as well as a videogame over the years. Produced by Pilgrim Studios, Street Outlaws follows a simple format, where two teams are put against each other, and they usually select a racer to compete in a single round. After all the teams are ready with their selected player, the competition begins.

There were rumors that the show’s races are illegal, but that’s not true as almost always the producers take legal permission for street racing and perform it away from other people to avoid accidents. Even if it’s not shown, Street Outlaws does have medics at the set at all times in case of any mishaps or injuries taking place on the show.

With the fastest street cars in the world, chaotic moments are bound to happen. Some captains or team members may not take the loss well and resort to physical violence, so the show always has suitable protection for all its participants. The newest season of Street Outlaws: Fastest In America will feature many small tire cars, which decreases the room for mistakes for all the racers. 

Street Outlaws: Fastest In America: About The Show

The format of the show follows each team as they compete through a chart or bracket that is formed at the beginning of each race. Showdowns between the teams keep happening until only two teams remain.

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At times, the rounds may also happen between two members of the same group. The cars are set into place by an experienced person, who then either lifts their hands or uses a flashlight to indicate the start of the race.

Where Is Street Outlaws Fastest in America Filmed?
The Captains (Credits: Discovery)

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Season 4 exclusively uses flashlights only, which is harder since the driver might miss the start point if their attention is not fixed on it. If a car moves before the race starts, they immediately disqualify, and the other team ends up winning the round.

Each episode features multiple rounds, which usually have cash prizes ranging from $3,000 to $6,000. The total winnings that can be secured from Street Outlaws are around $250,000 if the teams manage to win each round successfully.

Where Is Street Outlaws: Fastest In America Filmed?

This spin-off of Street Outlaws has had 4 seasons, each of which was filmed in a secret location to avoid any disturbances while racing. Although the exact locations are hard to get ahold of, Street Outlaws have taken place in places like Arizona, Memphis, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

The newest season 4 of the racing show has been filmed in Vegas. This gives an advantage to Team Insane, as they know the place like the back of their hands. Eventually, the results come down to who drives the fastest without any mistakes. Almost all episodes of Street Outlaws will show the teams competing on an empty and secluded road with little to no other cars passing beside them.

This is to avoid any accidents or distractions for the racers, and they get to focus solely on their car and winning the race. The nighttime environment adds to the thrill of the sport, as it can be harder to navigate in a lesser light.

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Where Is Street Outlaws Fastest in America Filmed?
Season 4 Is Filmed in Las Vegas (Credits: Discovery)

A Glimpse at the 4th season of Street Outlaws: Fastest In America:

All of the eight teams head over to Las Vegas to compete for a total of $250,000 this season. The fourth installment is like no other, with fresh rules and new faces participating in the game. The teams that’ll be seen in this season of Street Outlaws are Captain David’s 252 Outlaws, Captain Nate’s Dream Team, Captain Brett’s Insane Team, Captain Johnny from Detroit, Captain Boddie from Cali, Captain Sherry Beth of Trailer Park Mafia, Captain Kye of Nola and Captain JJ Da Boss from Memphis.

This season features the new Dream Team, which seems to be off to a good start. This comes as a surprise to all others who weren’t expecting the team to be so skilled. Kye and Nate already have strategies of their own and manage to secure good cash in the beginning rounds. Stream season 4 of Street Outlaws: Fastest in America on Discovery.

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