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Why Did Big Chief Leave Street Outlaws? Where is Justin Shearer Now?

People are lately wondering why did Big Chief leave Street Outlaws. It’s a reality series that made its debut in 2013, where street racers from Oklahoma City participate in the contest. They compete, showing their racing skills for the sale of winning the title. If you are a car lover, especially very much into racing sport, you would love this show for sure. Right now, Season 14 is going on with Episode 17, getting released on 7 November 2022. Are you excited? 

Well, it was not the first time that Big Chief left the show. He exited previously after Season 4. There was an obvious reason, though. What was that? We will get into that later.

In case you aren’t aware, he is originally known as Justin Shearer. He didn’t appear in the latest one, making people wonder if he had any feud with the Street Outlaws cast. Talking more about him, he was born in 1980, making him 42 years old as of now. When he was just nine years old, he got himself into cars. He hails from Louisville, Kentucky, United States. 

Surprisingly, when the motors don’t take place, several things happen between the Street Outlaws cast. That includes friendship, fighting, and many more. People wondered if there was any altercation between Big Chief and someone else. Did he end up having any feud? If you are looking for the reason behind Big Chief’s exit from Street Outlaws, here are your answers. 

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Reason Behind Justin Shearer, Aka Big Chief Leaving Street Outlaws Revealed

As mentioned above, during Season 4, Big Chief left Street Outlaws. What was the reason? He left it because he wanted to have some time with his family. That was very much understandable. 

Fans got highly surprised by Big Chief’s absence in the first episode of the new season. It was reported that Big Chief fought with another racer, Precious. So, what that the reason behind his leave? Well, it’s not yet confirmed if the feud was so strong and serious. Little did you know, Big Chief’s wife, Jackie, was also rumored to be involved in the fight. We wonder what that was. 

In addition to this, Precious was not satisfied but disappointed with the rules of the new season. It appeared that he got mad at Big Chief and his wife due to this, which ultimately led to quarrels among the trio. People started speculating about the real reason, and some even started spreading rumors on the internet. 

Why Did Big Chief Leave Street Outlaws?

Big Chief

It was when the star took it to his Youtube channel and shared what was happening in the show. He cleared the air, leaving no doubts and suspicions regarding his departure from Street Outlaws. Big Chief mentioned the reason for being disappointed with the production company’s rules of the show. More precisely, he was not okay with the ‘race your way in’ policy. He felt like some of the competent racers were left aside, and many from Street Outlaws: Memphis took active participation. The number of the latter was not appropriate at all. 

Guess what? Precious was one of them from Street Outlaws: Memphis, who argued with him. But neither Big Chief nor Precious confirmed the alleged feud in public. They didn’t even comment anything on that. 

Any other reason? Well, it’s not known if Big Chief got into some work. We have not seen him getting busy with something outside the world of cars. So, we are not sure what Justin Shearer is up to now. Wishing Big Chief nothing but the best for the upcoming days! You may give the car and racing enthusiast Big Chief a following on his Instagram account. 

You can watch Street Outlaws on Discovery Channel. If you don’t have access or are out of your home, you can still watch it on Hulu with the minimum subscription fee. Happy Streaming! 

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