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How Old Is Rayleigh In One Piece?

Dark King Rayleigh
Dark King Rayleigh

The recent manga chapters have touched a bit on Rayleigh and his past, and we just found out that his partner is the former empress of the Amazon Lily. Also renowned as the Dark King and the first crew mate of the Pirate King then, one would wonder how long Rayleigh has been around. So we will soon look at how old Rayleigh is in One Piece. This one is for the hardcore fans that would want to know everything about the iconic characters in One Piece.

Because if one traces Rayleigh’s past and all the feats he has demonstrated so far. Then you will see that the bigger picture would turn out interesting as well. We had come to know Rayleigh’s true strength when he was training Luffy. This was after a brief of his clash with Admiral Kizaru during the Sabaody Archipelago arc. From that point, we got to know that Rayleigh is also known as the Dark King. But for some unknown reasons, which still remain a mystery at this point. For now, let’s leave that as business for another day as this time, we will look at Rayleigh’s age in detail.

As the former right hand of the Pirate King, he has witnessed a lot of events, as we have also seen during the Wano Arc. Oden’s stories also revealed that Rayleigh was present during the times when he was recruited by Roger. We also saw him trying to join in the fight between Roger and White Beard Pirates, something that happened about 20 years ago. And at the time, Rayleigh was already at his prime. Despite all that, Rayleigh proved to be powerful enough to ward off Black Beard despite him having two devil fruit powers. 



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How Old Is Rayleigh?

There are two major time events in One Piece, and this has been the format that most Anime follows. It is now common sense that in most Anime that run for a long time, we will always experience a time skip at some point. In One Piece, the time skip happened when the Strawhats seemingly disbanded and went into training for two years. 



So at his debut before the time skip, Rayleigh was 76 years old despite his fit and healthy-looking physique. So this means that after the two-year time skips then, Rayleigh is currently 78 years old during the time he confronted Black Beard at Amazon Lilly Island. Despite his old age, Rayleigh still appears of relatively tall height and has a muscular build. The two of his distinguishing features are his round glasses and beard that is arranged embattled across his lower jaw. 

He also has a scar over his right eye that he has had for a long time. He chooses to dress casually, and during his first appearance in the Anime in Buggy’s flashback, he was wearing the same attire he had during the battle of the Edd War. It was also revealed that by the time White Beard fought Roger, Rayleigh was 56 years old, so he has always appeared younger than he is. He is a lighthearted character similar to Roger and appeared to be more relaxed when he was training Luffy.

We all know that when it comes to Anime, age does not really hold characters back. Even though most characters conquer their anime worlds at a young age. Even old characters can still hold their own in battles and fight toe to toe with the younger generation. For instance, Luffy achieved all his feats at around 17 years old. But looking at the Pirate King, Roger, he was way older.

Rayleigh in One Piece

Rayleigh has played the role of a teacher to Luffy and has developed a father-son bond with him, as we saw during their training. And now he is playing only pivotal roles in the Anime. First, it was Luffy’s training, and that came after being the right-hand man of the Pirate King. And now he is involved in saving Amazon Lilly. So he has been involved in the lives of the past and possibly the future Pirate King. So he has been at the center of chaos for both the previous and the present generations.

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