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WWE SmackDown Results (16 September 2022): Winners, Matches & Summary

WWE SmackDown 16 September Results
WWE SmackDown 16 September Results

Logan Paul made an appearance on the WWE SmackDown episode on September 16, to begin his feud with Roman Reigns. On his podcast, Logan Paul declared that he is now prepared to take on Roman Reigns. Triple H invited Logan to attend Smackdown to settle things after he got into a fight with Paul Heyman. What did the social media sensation have to say this week when he participated in the show’s squared circle segment?

Hit-Row, The New Day, The Brawling Brutes, and Imperium competed in the episode’s #1 contender match for the WWE Tag Team Championship in an effort to win a shot at the title. Additionally, we witnessed Raquel Rodriguez face off against Bayley in order to exact revenge. The build-up to the Extreme Rules event continued with storylines involving, among others, Liv Morgan, the SmackDown Women’s Champion, Drew McIntyre, and Karrion Kross.

Here are the WWE SmackDown 16 September Results:

Logan Paul For The Title

Logan Paul appears to start the show. He begins by saying that he made a mistake by speaking stupidly once again. He explains to the audience how he claimed he could wrestle Roman. He mentions how he lost to Floyd Mayweather and wasn’t paid for it. Logan then challenges Roman to an upcoming press conference he has set for tomorrow in Las Vegas. The Bloodline and Sami Zayn join Paul Heyman as he interrupts and enters the ring. Heyman enters the ring while the others circle the announcer’s table.

WWE SmackDown

WWE SmackDown 16 September Results – Logan Paul

He extends his hand to Logan. Logan Paul, according to Heyman, is the only candidate outside of WWE who may be the Paul Heyman guy. He commends Logan for competing against Mayweather, but he also takes a shot by pointing out that Logan is 6 feet 2 inches tall while Mayweather is only 5 or so. Logan accuses Heyman of never having fought anyone as he fires at him. Heyman continues by pointing out that Jake Paul will undoubtedly lose to Anderson Silva. He advises Logan against confronting Roman.

Logan then challenges Roman for the world title. Heyman says that he must now handle him. He makes a call to Solo Sikoa. Before Solo even enters the ring,  Logan asks Heyman to place a bet that Solo will not be able to knock him out. Sami Zayn steps in and informs Heyman that Roman ought to have left him to handle Logan. Heyman throws the microphone on the ground and leaves the ring. Sami approaches Logan to talk, but Logan punches him down hard. Logan dodges the Bloodline’s strike and escapes. Ricochet appears to come out and stands next to Logan before his planned match against Sami.

Sami Zayn vs Ricochet

Ricochet knocks Zayn to the ground when they lock up. Sami yanks his arm. Ricochet flips the game. To release himself, Sami delivers a kick to the stomach. Sami applies a chin lock after a successful shoulder tackle. Ricochet repeatedly avoids Sami while running the ropes. He makes more fast movements and hits head scissors. Sami gets down on the ground. As they fight on the ground, Ricochet delivers a basement slide dropkick on his opponent.

Sami trips Ricochet while he was attempting a springboard on the ropes. Sami strikes the turnbuckle with his face. Sami executes a lariat to score two counts. With head scissors, Ricochet strikes back. He is pushed into the barricade and off the turnbuckle by Sami.

WWE SmackDown 16 September Results

WWE SmackDown 16 September Results – Sami Zayn vs Ricochet

As we get back, Ricochet faces Sami at the top turnbuckle. Sami pushes him back, but Ricochet dropkicks him as he flies into the air. Sidekicks and another pair of head scissors are struck by Ricochet. He receives a two-count for a springboard crossbody. Sami counters the recoil before performing a standing moonsault while on his knees. After stopping Blue Thunderbomb, Ricochet successfully executes a superkick. Ricochet reaches the top, but Jimmy Uso diverts his attention. Sami throws a Blue Thunderbomb, but Logan diverts the official. When the referee arrives late, Ricochet breaks out of the pin.

After a headscissors takedown, Ricochet pins the opponent with a rana for a two-count. Sami applies a half-and-half suplex to Ricochet while Jimmy is preoccupied. Jey, however, enters the ring to divert the referee and prevent Ricochet from being pinned once more. Sami shoves Jey to the ground. Solo and Jimmy attempt to split them apart. To eliminate them, Ricochet executes a dive on Bloodline. Sami is brought back into the ring, and he applies the Shooting Star Press to secure the pin. Following the match, the Bloodline gets ready to attack Logan and Ricochet. To prevent this from happening, Madcap Moss enters the ring carrying a steel chair.

Strowman And Alpha Academy

With a spotlight on them, Maxxine Dupri and Max Dupri are in the center of the ring. According to Max, they are here to showcase the Maximum Male Models back-to-school line. Mansoor and Mace appear on stage wearing their school uniforms. Their expression turns fearful as soon as Braun Strowman’s music starts. Strowman makes a running tackle and knocks them over. He launches Mansoor into the ring after launching Mace into the barrier. Strowman hits Mansoor with a powerbomb.

WWE SmackDown 16 September Results

WWE SmackDown 16 September Results – Strowman

Chad Gable of Alpha Academy enters the stage as their music begins to play. Otis sneaks up behind Strowman and attacks, but Strowman clotheslines him to the ground. When Gable enters the ring, Strowman attempts a power slam. Otis uses the World’s Strongest Slam to knock Strowman out after saving Gable. Otis and Gable exit the ring, but Strowman quickly gets to his feet again. Otis is yelled at by Strowman to enter the ring, but Gable prevents him and carries him back up the ramp.

Raquel Rodriguez vs Bayley

Dakota Kai, Iyo Sky, and Bayley enter the ring. According to Bayley, Kai and Sky are the reigning women’s tag team champions. Kai says that they have direct access to anywhere. Sky goes on to say SmackDown is their show now. Bayley discusses Damage Control’s new control over championship fate as well as what happens on RAW and SmackDown. They are interrupted by Raquel Rodriguez, who claims she does not see any influence. As Raquel gets ready to face her opponent, Damage Control leaves the RING. 

As their match starts, Bayley searches for a way out. Raquel receives a slap from Bayley, who then collapses to the ground. Raquel follows Kai and pushes her to the ground. Bayley attempts to grab her on the ropes, but Raquel dumps her and follows it up with a corner splash and a slam to score a two-count. Bayley sends Raquel to the ground after dodging a kick on the apron. Raquel is repeatedly stomped by Bayley. Raquel attempts a power slam, but Bayley escapes. Raquel is able to remove Bayley and climb. Bayley is able to trip Raquel out of the second rope because of the distraction from Kai. She slams Raquel’s leg into the turnbuckle with a kick.

WWE SmackDown 16 September Results

WWE SmackDown 16 September Results – Raquel Rodriguez vs Bayley

Now, Bayley begins to focus Raquel’s hurt knee. Raquel kicks the woman away. Bayley responds by kicking her knee once more. She DDTs the leg. Raquel lifts her up and puts her into a corner so she can hit several clotheslines. Raquel delivers several fallaway slams, a headbutt, a punch, and a shoulder tackle.

When Raquel reaches the ropes, Damage Control once more diverts her attention. After dragging Kai and Sky into the ring, Raquel drops the Vader bomb on them. Bayley reenters the ring. Sky rakes Raquel’s eyes while Dakota detracts the referee’s attention. To secure the pin, Bayley hits Roseplant. After the match, Damage Control assaults Raquel. To make the save, Shotzi dashes out.

Madcap Moss vs Solo Sikao(c)

Backstage, Solo Sikoa is present with the Usos. Jey is not at his best today, so Solo urges The Usos to wait back. As Solo makes his entry, he only brings Sami with him. Then we see Madcapp Moss enter the scene.

As the match starts, they lock up and get to a deadlock. Solo and Moss are locked once more. Moss shoos Solo outside. He tightens his waist. Solo lands back elbows. Moss knocks him out with a knee to the midsection and a fist. Solo punches his back and knocks him down. Solo headbutts Moss while he is on the ground. Moss climbs to his feet, and Solo follows up with another headbutt. Moss makes a strong tackle after taking off quickly. Moss throws him to the ground using a clothesline. Sami distracts Moss, then Solo runs over Moss with a clothesline as a response. Solo throws Moss against the barricade.

WWE SmackDown Results

WWE SmackDown 16 September Results – Madcapp Moss vs Solo Sikao

Solo kicks his ankle while returning to the ring. He maintains control for some time. Solo fastens a lock onto Moss’ shoulders. Moss rises to his feet, but Solo quickly whips him into the corner and suplexes him from the belly up. Solo executes a corner hip strike to score a two-count. Solo knocks Moss back with a powerful shot of his own after taking a few punches from Moss. Solo stamps on him from the side. Sami keeps making fun of Moss. To stop Solo from attempting another hip attack, Moss grabs Solo’s knee. Moss starts throwing punches before dropping him to the ground face-first with a forearm and clothesline.

Moss delivers additional corner tackles and a suplex to earn a two-count. Solo delivers a headbutt and a back elbow. Moss suffers from a Samoan Drop. Solo counters once again and execute a Samoan Drop for a close fall. He is rolled up by Moss for a two-count. He grabs Solo and slams him with a fallaway. Sami rescues Solo from a spear by yanking him out of the ring. Solo catches Moss with a superkick as he pursues Sami while running. To secure the pin, Solo hits Rockbottom.

4-Way Tag Team Match For No. 1 Contender Match

A fight between Butch and Kaiser is the first to break out. They move to the floor, where Holland and Vinci also join. Top Dolla flings Adonis at others lying on the ground. Vinci stops top Dolla with a knee-shot. Woods delivers a Brogue kick to Vinci. Kofi performs his own suicide dive after Woods’ to get us to the break.

WWE SmackDown

WWE SmackDown 16 September Results – 4-Way Tag Team Match

As we come back, Kaiser is in charge against Butch. Kaiser hits his chest with a powerful running kick. Butch avoids Kaiser’s charge by hitting a clothesline after doing some leapfrogs and dropdowns. Butch tries to control the joint before stepping on the arm. Holland tags in, and they double-team him with a dropkick and a suplex. After Kaiser pushes Holland into the corner, Vinci attempts a bad shot. Vinci enters to place a lock. Vinci delivers chops and uppercuts. Holland suplexes him and throw him into the corner.

When Top Dolla tags in, Holland attacks him with blows and uppercuts. Now Top Dolla performs a suplex. When Adonis enters, Dolla throws him into Holland. Holland is thrown into the corner by Adonis’ dropkick. Before doing the Boom drop on Adonis, Kofi tags in and delivers a dropkick. When Kaiser enters, he drags Kofi to the corner so he can join in the fight. Kaiser flings Woods off the floor as Vinci is tagged in. Kofi received a double dropkick from Imperium in the corner to send the match into a break.

Kofi fights back and uses a back body drop to knock Kaiser to the ground. Kofi strikes Kaiser with a second back body drop before tagging in Woods. Vinci rushes in from the other side and attacks him and Kaiser hard. Woods keeps up his pace and knocks everyone. Now only Woods and Vinci remain in the ring. Vinci uses a lariat to knock him out. From Vinci, Butch joins in. Hit-Roww is kicked from the apron. Before destroying Kofi, he moonsaults onto Imperium. A quick German suplex on Adonis is followed by a kick to the back and a stomp.


WWE SmackDown 16 September Results – Brawling Bruts for the win

Top Dolla enters the ring and kicks the opponent. He simultaneously takes up Kofi, Butch, and Woods and slams them. Holland delivers an Alabama Slam to him to earn a two-count. From Holland, Woods tags along. Top Dolla is joined by Adonis. Superkick by Woods. Kofi smashes Top Dolla with a suicide dive and Adonis with a splash. Andre breaks the pin. Kofi takes a fresh dive. Adonis tags in from Vinci. Kofi gets hit by an Imperium bomb, but Holland has joined Kaiser. Kaiser and Vinci are thrown out, and Kofi is pinned, by Holland.

Where To Watch WWE Smackdown

WWE Friday Night Smackdown will air at 8 pm PT on FOX. New episodes of WWE Smackdown are released every Friday. If you have FOX on your TV, then you could just tune in at the above-mentioned time. But, if for some reason you missed, the show while it was airing live or you prefer Streaming WWE Smackdown, then there are several Streaming options available.

Peacock, NBC’s streaming service, has rights to all of the WWE SmackDown weekly shows. Basically, you can watch all of the WWE shows on Peacock. You’ll need to pay 4.99$ for its monthly subscription, and if you give an additional 5$, then you can have an ad-free experience. Other platforms that will allow you to Streaming WWE Smackdown are fuboTV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV. If you are from Canada, then you can go for SN Now, and for UK peeps, BT Sports will be the place.

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