Unforgotten Season 4 Ending Explained: A Tragic Death And Killer Reveal

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Unforgotten Season 4 Ending Explained 
Unforgotten ending saw the exit of a prominent character

Unforgotten Season 4  had quite an emotional finale as we saw a heartbreaking goodbye to one of the most beloved characters of the series. Tears, tributes, and a moment of sadness surrounded all the characters as a terrible accident caused the death of an integral character who had been part of the series since Season 1.

The finale also uncovered the truth behind the murder of Matthew Walsh. The person had been missing for three decades and was found buried under the foundations of a building. All the lead characters of Unforgotten had a deep connection with him. Season 4 revealed the killer and the real story behind the murder of Matthew Walsh.

Unforgotten has constantly won the hearts of viewers thanks to its detailed storytelling, complex characters, and intriguing plot lines. This British drama which started its run in October 2015 and is still on the air, has been a huge hit for the PBS network. Unforgotten Season 5 began airing on February 27, 2023. But how did Unforgotten  Season 4 end?

Cassie death in unforgotten
Cassie bids goodbye to the Unforgotten series. (Credits: ITV)

Unforgotten Season 4 Ending Explained 

The finale of Season 4 saw DCI Cassie Stuart (played by Nicole Walker) getting gravely injured in a car accident. She suffered severe injuries and was rushed to the hospital. Initially, things don’t look too bad. Cassie is taken for surgery. Sunny arrives at the hospital. He is in shock to see Cassie in this state. He consoles Cassie’s father.

But things took a drastic turn soon as it was revealed that Cassie’s injuries were too severe, and she had gone into a coma. The doctors told Sunny and the grieving father of Cassie that she would perhaps never wake up again. This is a devastating moment for the characters and the viewers as Cassie bids goodbye to the Unforgotten series.

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Who Killed Matthew Wealsh In unforgotten
The main mystery that engulfed the entire series was Matthew Wealsh’s death. (Credits: ITV)

Nicole Walker, who played the role of Cassie, stated that she was planning to quit the series after Season 4. The decision was not abrupt, and she and Chris Lang (creator of Unforgotten) had discussed this already. Now coming back to the series, Sunny enters the room where Cassie is lying and proposes to her. Cassie’s father listens to her voicemail and repeatedly cries as he listens to her dear daughter’s final message. 

The fact that Cassie was going to retire soon and then spend time with her father made her death even more emotional. Was Cassie killed by the suspects in Matthew Wealsh’s case? Perhaps Cassie had uncovered something that could crack the case? Well, Cassie’s death was caused by a random car thief who was escaping away at high speed. So no foul play in her death!

Who Killed Matthew Wealsh?

The main mystery that engulfed the entire series was Matthew Wealsh’s death. Out of the four suspects, who were all police cops, anyone could have killed him. Ram was furious at him. But at the same time, it was Ram who displayed the eagerness to save Matthew’s life and even tried to call an ambulance.

Fiona had been assaulted by Matthew. Perhaps she killed him for revenging the assault. Liz also wanted to take revenge. So who was the one that smashed the fountain pen into his head and delivered the final blow? Well, the killer was Dean, who was actually the least suspected. 

Unforgotten Season 4 Episode 6 Recap
Dean Barton (played by Andy Nyman) was the killer. (Credits: ITV)

Basically, Dean’s brother Stephen Quinn was killed by a drug gang. Matthew was involved in this murder. Dean loved his brother dearly and was shattered by his death. So he murdered the killer of his brother. He used the same fountain pen that was gifted to him by his brother. Dean altered his identity and entered the police force to find the killer. 

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Justice wasn’t delivered to Dean’s family, so he took things into his hand and avenged his brother’s death. The seller of the pen was found and using some more clues related to that fountain pen, Dean’s crime was uncovered. 

Why Ram Goes To Jail?

Ram didn’t kill Matthew. But he had been part of the coke-smuggling operation. He failed to pick up the clues and entered into drug smuggling for some quick gains. Ram is sent to jail for this crime. Ram’s wife Anna meets him and says that she will wait for the moment when he’s out of jail, and they raise their kid together.

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