Where Is Unforgotten Season 4 Filmed? Locations & Plot

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Unforgotten Season 4 Filming Locations
Unforgotten Season 4

This ITV crime drama began streaming in 2015. It became extremely popular for its exceptional set of characters and storyline. The creators of this drama chose their characters wisely, and each one of them executed their roles properly. Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar became extremely famous for their roles as partners. People connected to them personally on a higher level. The first season initially became incredibly popular. Thus, the creators came up with more seasons. Recently, a fifth season was announced in 2021 and they’re all set to release it in 2022. Apart from the concept, the filming locations of Unforgotten are in the limelight as well.

Unforgotten is an Andy Wilson directorial. Her main aim was to attract viewers in every possible way. And to make it possible, she enhanced the use of locations very well. They’ve taken their shoots to different places. And that becomes equally essential when it comes to the shooting of a crime drama series. Since there are six episodes in every season, the creators have come up with different ideas and plans. Just to keep the viewers entertained with new cases. Moreover, many filming locations of the Unforgotten series were close to several actors’ houses.

Unforgotten Season 4 Filming Locations

Every season was shot in different locations. Moreover, the cast members loved to travel around the world for the shoot. The crew members and the creators moved from London to various other places like Cambridge and Liverpool. And guess what? Many scenes were shot in the outskirts of North London. To track down different cases, they travelled across England and several other popular states. The filming locations of Unforgotten season 4 generated massive interest. Moreover, they chose the South West region of England for shooting many other crime-related scenes. Many crew members shared their opinions through their social media handles.

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Nicola Walker acted as DCI Cassie Stuart
Unforgotten Season 4

The actors loved carrying out their acting schedules to Buxton, and many new actors were excited to begin their careers with this series. Every season had a new character. In the first two seasons of the show, the filming locations of Unforgotten included Brighton as well. The creators began the shooting of the first two seasons in 2015 and most of them began their filming in the London Suburbs. As time moved on, the show received massive popularity. So, the filming of Season 4 began in early 2020. Moreover, the creators of Unforgotten have taken their shooting schedules to Castleton as well. The pandemic didn’t stop the filming, they maintained all restrictions while making the series.

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Unforgotten Plot Summary

Unforgotten Season 4 amazed their fans with new twists and turns. The creators of this crime drama series provided their viewers with cold cases. And each case has its unique emphasis. Well, speaking of the fourth season, the lead characters are Nicola Walker as DCI Cassie Stuart and DI Sanjeev Bhaskar as Sunny Khan. And now, they have to solve the murder case of Mathew Walsh, who was killed and frozen for more than 30 years. To be more precise, the detective has to find the killer from the year 1990.

Sanjeeb Bhaskar acted as DI Sunny Khan
Unforgotten Season 4

The fourth season was a challenging season for DCI Cassie. Season 3 took a huge toll on her stability. Moreover, the last season took everyone by surprise. Identifying the corpse was a tough job, but still, Matthew’s tattoo helped the officers to dig out his identity. The viewers were very interested to know more about the clues and the victims. Moreover, the victim’s body was headless and handless. This creates a huge void in all the further investigations of the case. The burial and murder of the victim provided an entirely different revelation to the case.

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It seems like the last season ended with a cliffhanger. This is by far the only thing that annoyed the viewers because they expected much more from this season. The creators have directed their whole focus on the murder case of Matthew Walsh. Moreover, they’ve included all the personal whereabouts of Cassie’s private life. And most of these things are very heartbreaking to watch. Cassie is stuck in the depths of her crisis, but still, this won’t stop her from working. Now, the viewers are desperately waiting to know more about the cast and characters of Unforgotten’s Season 5. Since Nicola Walker won’t be returning for the renewal.

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