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Tokyo Revengers The Final Chapter: Takemichy and Hina’s Wedding

Tokyo Revengers
Tokyo Revengers

Last Updated on November 16, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Tokyo Revengers has concluded, but the final volume will be out next year. Let’s dive into the Tokyo Revengers’ latest updates and spoilers of the latest chapter. As we all know that Takemichy went to the past to save Mickey, but he learned that he and Mickey time leaped. This makes things easy for Takemichy, and he enjoys reuniting with Mickey.

However, Mickey’s life was saved, and Takemichy had no troubles that might occur in the future since Mickey knows the truth. Mickey and Takemichy went to their favorite spot after reuniting and decided to solve all the mysteries together. After a few years, Mickey and Takemichy decided to form a gang. Mickey brought the guys he likes, and Takemichy also brought the guys he likes. 

The due reveals that Tokyo Manji Gang wil leave, and after conquering Japan, Mikey reveals that Toman has been disbanded. This was the rise and disbandment of the Tokyo Manji Gang, even though few things were revealed about it. A few years later, on 3 July 2017, it was revealed that a new era had begun.

It has been 13 years since Tokyo Manji Gang was disbanded, and the boys enjoy living a peaceful life after conquering Japan and bringing peace between different gangs in Japan. Mikey and Takemichy have played an important role and reunite everyone together. But things have changed, and Takemichy has grown up since he confessed his feeling to Hinata and decided to begin a new life. 



The new era begins when the boys prepare for Takemichy and Hina’s wedding. They admit that they will feel lonely since Takemichy wil be focusing on Hinata after the wedding, and soon, Takemichy, the crybaby, will become a father. This is fun for the boys since Takemichy is the first crybaby guy to get married and have a family. 

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 278 Spoilers

Takemichy talks with his friends before the wedding begins, wearing a white suit that matches Hina’s wedding dress. This is the best moment of Takemichy’s life, and he does his best to be the best man that Nina wil always want. Takemichy becomes a married man from being a crybaby and is open to Takemichy’s goals after saving Mickey.

Before Takemichy and Hinata’s wedding begins, we see Chifuya realizing that he is late for the wedding and decide to take a shortcut to make it in time before the wedding begins. Mikey and Draken have changed their hairstyles and confront Chiyufa after saying he is late.

Chfuya realizes that he is not late but excited about Takemichy’s wedding since Mickey and Draken will never be late for Takemichy and Hina’s wedding. Draken decided to talk about what Mickey did before they arrived at the wedding. They talked about Takemichy and Mikey and thought they fumbled in the race.

Chifuya realizes it has been a few years since Tokyo Manji Gang disbanded. He realizes that Mickey is a motor racer and Raken has become the best mechanic for Mikey’s team, “Top of Manji.” Draken notices that more friends are coming, and Chifuya realize that it is Coco and Kisaki, the president of the Tkeko Group.

Coco admits that he has been following the unreasonable tycoon for 13 years. Kisaki wonders what Coco thinks they are. A strange figure arrives and says Coco and Kisaki should be making more money. Chifuya notices that the celebrities have arrived, and the Haitani Brothers run a club.

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

He gets excited after seeing the Akashi Siblings. Chifuya comments that the Akashi Siblings are the hottest thing he has ever seen. Haruchiyo and Senju have become two beautiful siblings Youtube stars. Senju has accepted that Takemichy love Hinata and they should get married. Senju is glad to see everyone and Takeomi also arrive. Chifuya admits that Takeomi will never change.

The “True Future” Takemichy’s Happiness

It was also revealed that Shinichiro runs S.S motors, and Chifuya believes he is like Takeomi. Inupi’s life has also changed since he is working at S.S Motors. Waka and Benkei appear on the other side and comments that Shin-Chan acts like a spoiled brat.

Terano area and shouts at Mickey and requests a duel. Mickey realizes that Terano loves to fight. It was revealed that Terano had become the heavyweight champion for martial arts. Terano loves to be around Gojo Gym when he comes to Japan. Yuzuha has become Hakkai’s manager, while Taiju owns many restaurants.

The Kwata Brother has become a ramen shop owner. Hanma has become a freelance photographer and enjoys traveling around the world. The wedding begins inside the church, and Takemichy and Hinata stand in front of the priest after walking to the altar. The priest plays his role and reveals the wedding vows we know, and Takemichy and Hinata accept those wedding vows.

Takemichy and Hinata

Takemichy and Hinata

Takemnichy was asked to kiss the bride, and he took off the white veil on Hinata’s head and kissed her. Hinata tells Takemichy to make her happy. The boys congratulate Takemichy after the kiss. Takemichy’s wedding ended after Hinata tossed the flower mid-air for the girls to grab, and the one who grabbed it will be the next to get married. However, this was revealed as the “True Future'” where everyone celebrates Takemichy’s wedding.

Will Tokyo Revengers return For Another Season? 

Tokyo Revengers’ official website is yet to announce anything about the next season. But the final volume of Tokyo Revengers is around the corner, and it will be out next year early in January. Everything about Tokyo Revenger wil be revealed in the upcoming final volume, and the fans will know if this manga will return. Let’s meet when new updates of Tokyo Revengers arrive. 

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