Naruto’s Latest Spin-Off Manga Is Coming To The End in Its 2nd Volume

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Naruto: Konoha’s Story- The Steam Ninja Scrolls
Kakashi, Guy and MIrai (CC: Shueisha)

Naruto’s latest spin-off manga “Naruto: Konoha’s Story- The Steam Ninja Scrolls” Story is based on Mirai Sarutobi, the daughter of Azuma Sarutobi and the Granddaughter of Hiruzen Sarutobi along with Kakashi Hatake and Might Guy.

Naruto thinks that Kakashi and Guy need a vacation, So he makes an S- rank mission on paper that they are going to inspect the border between the Land of Fire and Land of Steam, but in reality, it was all so they could enjoy the hot spring in Land of Steam. He assigns Mirai to guard them on their journey.

The story’s main antagonist is Ryuki, who is a worshipper of Jashin. He is also the second coming to Hidan. Ryuki made up his mind and decided to become immortal as Hidan. He also used the same weapon as Hidan. But his technique is different from Hidan’s; Ryuki uses a puppet doll during the activation of the ritual to attack the opponent instead of himself, while Hidan attacks himself to damage the opponent.

To gain immortality from lord Jashin, he needs to make sacrifices. So he told lies to the women who travel through the land of Steam that by taking a bath in a hot spring, they would get to see their loved one who had died already, But all this was so that he could be immortal. Mirai sees through Ryuki’s cheap trick and captures him.

The Steam Ninja Scrolls Manga Recap

The story starts when Kakashi is still the Hokage; Mirai Sarutobi is on a mission to find the missing cats on his search for the missing cats. In her search for the missing cats, she winds up getting attacked by the members of the Gaze gang.

Soon after that, Shikamaru came to Mirai’s rescue. By fighting with Shikamaru, the Gaze members thought they were no match for him, and if they fought with him, they would wind up losing to him, so they escaped from there. On their way to retreat, they get confronted by Kakashi, who is on a walk to take a break from all the work.

Naruto: Konoha’s Story- The Steam Ninja Scrolls
Naruto: Konoha’s Story- The Steam Ninja Scrolls Manga’s Poster (cc: Shueisha)

A long time passed after this incident. Now Mirai is a full fledge Shinobi, and Naruto has become the 7th Hokage. Kakashi and Guy are going on a vacation (which is a mission meant to be a mission) to the hot spring in the Land of Steam.

Naruto assigned Mirai to guard them on their journey toward the hot spring. After doing some research, Mirai founds out that the Land of Steam is the homeland of Hidan, who killed her father, Azuma Sarutobi.

The Broder of Land of Fire and Land of Steam

On their journey towards the land of Steam, they found out that a festival was being celebrated, “The Dogs and Cat Festival/ The Cats and Dog Festival”. People always quarrel about The legends of dogs and cats. In the village, they found Kiba and Tamaki, who were there to celebrate the festival. Kiba and Tamaki got into a quarrel about whether a dog is good or a cat as they preferred different choices; Kiba always liked dogs, and Tamaki had always loved cats.

Looking at this situation made Mirai worried, so Kakashi told Mirai to fix the conflict by creating something which is both a dog and a cat. By using Genjutsu and fire-style Jutsu, Mirai created an illusion of a third god. But the villager already knew about the third god known as lord Nenu.

Naruto: Konoha’s Story- The Steam Ninja Scrolls
Mirai (cc: Pierrot Studio)

Mirai conveyed a message through that illusion of the third lord that both the legends are true and everyone should join and live together as one. The villagers got convinced by Mirai’s message through her illusion of lord Nenu.

Seeing the huge monster, Guy attacked the illusion thinking that it was trying to ruin the festival; as it was an illusion, Guy’s kick went through it, and accidentally Guy broke the wall between the two hot springs. But the villager thought that it was a sign from god that both hot springs should be one.

Troubles Faced by Mirai, Kakashi, and Guy

After staying for one night in the village, they went on their journey to The Land of Steam the next morning. As they were heading towards the village, they saw a huge boulder blocking their way. To get to the other side, they need to cross that huge boulder.

Kakashi called Choji to help remove the boulder so they could resume their mission. Choji arrived at the village, but he was too exhausted from the journey. So Mirai decided to make potato chips for Choji so he could get his strength back.

After getting his strength back, Choji used Super Expansion Jutsu. Choji got enlarged by the size of the boulder, he tried to push the boulder, but it was too heavy so Mirai, Kakashi, Guy, and the people of the village joined him to help push the boulder. Finally, the boulder was removed from the path, and the villagers were able to use their hot spring back as it was being blocked by the boulder.

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Mirai’s Encounter With Ryuki

After the whole incident at night, when Mirai was taking bath, she met a girl named Tatsumi. They both were having a good conversation about their life. As time passed by, Tatsumi told Mirai about a hot spring where you could meet people who had died.

She told that she wanted to meet her mom, who died during the war. She asked Mirai to join her on the journey as Mirai also wanted to meet her father. After thinking a lot about it, Mirai decided to go along with her on the journey.

They left the village for the hot spring of the dead immediately without informing Kakashi and Guy about it as they were sleeping. After walking for so long, they finally reached the cave of the hot spring.

Naruto: Konoha’s Story- The Steam Ninja Scrolls
Ryuki (cc: Pierrot Studio)

Inside the cave, there were worshippers of lord Jashin. Mirai realized something was going off. The leader of the group was Ryuki, who was also the second coming of Hidan. Mirai removed her disguise and showed everyone that she was a Shinobi of the leaf.

Rukyu reviled that he was sacrificing women for the ritual of physical immortality and that he lied to Tatsumi about meeting her dead mother. Ryuki orders his subordinates to kill Mirai, but being a Chounin-level Shinobi, Mirai defeated all of them.

In the middle of the fight, Kakashi and Guy arrived as backup for Mirai, Kakashi got to know about Mirai’s location because he left a summoning dog behind to keep an eye on her. Kakashi rescued the women who were held captive by Ryuki.

Naruto: Konoha’s Story- The Steam Ninja Scrolls
Naruto’s Story: The Stream Ninja Scrolls Adaptation in Anime Key Visual (cc: Pierrot Studio)

Ryuki began the ritual the same as Hidan did on Asuma(cursed Jutsu: body possession Jutsu). But it seems that all this was Genjutsu performed by Mirai from the start. Mirai made her realize that he had cut her with his weapon, and the ritual was activated.

After being tricked by Mirai’s Genjutsu, Ryuki gets frustrated and attacks Tatsumi to activate his ritual. After activating the ritual on Tatsumi, he gained control over her body. Thus the story ends here in chapter 13 and will be continued in chapter 14, which will be the last chapter of the manga

The Manga is Coming To an End in its 2nd Volume

Naruto’s latest spin-off manga, “Naruto: Konoha’s Story – The Steam Ninja Scrolls,” will end in its 2nd volume. Up till now, 13 Chapters have been released. The next chapter is expected to be released on May 12, 2023.

By looking at the contents left, it seems that the manga will end in 1-2 chapters. The manga was first published on 28 October in English on Viz Media and MANGA Plus, and then it was launched in Japan on 29 October.

The manga is based on the novel by Sho Hinata Naruto’s Story: The Stream Ninja Scrolls, which is written by Natsuo Sai. The novel was published on August 2016. The story is based on Mirai Sarutobi, who is the daughter of Azuma Sarutobi and the Granddaughter of Hiruzen Sarutobi, along with Kakashi Hatakae and Might Guy.

The Manga story has already been adapted in the Boruto Anime series from episodes 106 to 111, aired on 12 May 2019. But the story is slightly different in the manga than in the anime.

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