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Shikamaru's Iconic Moments

Naruto is one of the greatest anime on the planet. This anime is famous for its character development, best storyline, and cool fights. Each character in the show left a unique impact on the story. Every character had their own reasons for existence. In this article, We will talk about Shikamaru, The guy who accepted Naruto when no one else did. Besides this, He is a very clean-hearted guy with extreme intelligence and ninjutsu skills. He trained under the guidance of Asuma Sarutobi and forms a team with Ino and Choji, aka Inoshikacho. Let’s see some of the iconic moments of Shikamaru in the show Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

Naruto is a Japanese manga-based anime written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. The story revolves around the lives of Shinobis of different nations and the threats they face in their world. Our main protagonist Naruto Uzumaki bears so much ignorance and hatred from the villagers of Konohagakure because of the Nine-Tailed fox that sealed inside him. That fox took the lives of many shinobis and innocent people a few years ago. Even against all odds, Naruto decided to become the Hokage of the village someday. This is not just an ordinary show, This is the story of Uzumaki Naruto.

Here are some of the iconic moments of Shikamaru Nara.

10. He Was The First Friend Of Naruto

We know Naruto used to get alienated by the whole village because of the nine-tailed fox that was sealed inside him by the Fourth Hokage. No one even went near him and saw him as a threat to the village. Villagers never let their children go near Naruto. But Shikamaru accepted Naruto as he was. He became his first friend and shared a special bond with him. Shikamaru is indeed the most kind-hearted character in the series.

Iconic Shikamaru Moments From Naruto Shippuden
Shikamaru and Naruto

9. He Vowed To Become Strong Just For His Friends

After getting failed in Sasuke’s recovery mission and he couldn’t see the failure and condition of his friends. He even cried that day and cursed him for all the failure. He decided to become strong to save his friends and the people around him. From that day, He trained hard and became stronger than ever. He even fought a fierce fight in Fourth Great Ninja War.

Iconic Shikamaru Moments From Naruto Shippuden

8. He Promised To Take Care Of Asuma’s Daughter

Asuma’s death was a tragedy and indeed one of the saddest death in the anime. He couldn’t see her child’s face and leave her pregnant wife for the sake of the village. Before the fight, Asuma told Shikamaru everything about her pregnant wife and child and asked him to take care of both of them. Shikamaru promised his sensei to take care of both of them till the end.

Iconic Shikamaru Moments From Naruto Shippuden
Shikamaru and Asuma

7. He Encouraged Naruto After Jiraya’s Death

After the death of Jiraya, Naruto broke up into pieces. His vision became vague, and his mind got surrounded by the fog of doubts and thousands of unanswered questions. He was regretting that he couldn’t save his friend and teacher, How can he become the Hokage. Then Two people came to rescue, Iruka Sensei and Shikamaru. These two guys motivated him to walk on his nindo and Jiraya’s teaching and become the greatest Hokage ever.

Iconic Shikamaru Moments From Naruto Shippuden
Shikamaru Talks To Naruto To Become Hokage

6. He Is The True Tactician Of Konoha

When it comes to building strategies, no one can beat Shikamaru in the whole of the anime series. He is the true genius who comes up with powerful strategies to defeat baddies. Everyone blindly believed in him and his strategies without questioning a thing. Currently, He is the advisor of Seventh Hokage and makes strategies and plans for the sake of Konoha.

Iconic Shikamaru Moments From Naruto Shippuden

5. He Defeated The True Immortal Villain

Hidan was the truly immortal character in the Naruto Shippuden series. He was the one who defeated Asuma and killed him in the end. Being one of the members of Akatsuki, He can be a threat to Naruto, and for the whole village, so he needs to be defeated somehow. Shikamaru pledged to avenge his sensei and finally fought with Hidan. After discovering that he can’t be killed on the battlefield, He built his most powerful strategy and buried him alive in the ground. This is how he defeated Hidan.

Iconic Shikamaru Moments From Naruto Shippuden
Shikamaru kills Hidan

4. He Saved So Many Lives In Fourth Great Ninja War

During Fourth Great Ninja War, He fought hard and saved many lives. He took charge as a leader of a certain unit of allied forces and saved their lives from Ten-Tails heavy attacks. After the war, Shikamaru indeed became more refined shinobi and learned about the consequences of war.

Iconic Shikamaru Moments From Naruto Shippuden
Shikamaru in war

3. He Fought With His Future Wife In Chunin Exams

Chunin exam arc is one of the most hyped and awesome arcs of the original Naruto series. From Rock Lee to Gara, We saw many extraordinary shinobis in this arc and learned the concept of their hatred. In one of the fights, Shikamaru fought with Temari without holding back. With her wind style Jutsu, Temari seriously hurt Shikamaru, and even Shikamaru gave serious wounds to Temari, but there they acknowledged each other, and after the war, They became a couple and had a son.

Iconic Shikamaru Moments From Naruto Shippuden
Shikamaru and Temari

2. Shikamaru Manages His Time Very Well

After the great ninja war and in modern times, Shikamaru is the right hand of Naruto and has a lot of responsibility on his shoulder. He needs to see the betterment of the village before himself and his family. Even after getting this much busy, Shikamaru manages his time well and spends sufficient time with his family. He even encouraged his son Shikadai to become the better shinobi.

Iconic Shikamaru Moments From Naruto Shippuden

1. He Delayed The Movement Of Sound Ninja

When Orochimaru attacked Leaf Village, He put most of the shinobi under genjutsu, but Shikamaru, being the genius one, was able to get through Gen Jutsu and fought against Sound Ninjas and stop them from moving to the leaf village. The fight was very intense and deadly, and it gives major injuries to Inoshikacho formation. This fight is still considered one of the most intense battles in all of the Naruto anime.

Iconic Shikamaru Moments From Naruto Shippuden
Shikamaru the Genious

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