13 Anime Movies Like A Letter To Momo That You Will Love To Watch!

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13 Anime Movies Like A Letter To Momo That You Will Love To Watch!
Anime similar to A Letter To Momo!

A Letter To Momo anime movie was released in 2011 and is still loved by many anime fans and is considered a great entry to the ones who are paving their way into the anime verse. This movie has an adventure that is amazing, in addition to having great animation. The fact it features a female protagonist who is grieving for her late father in any way possible is emotional, and fans have surely wept tears after watching this incredible anime movie.

This anime will surely leave an impact on the viewers as it tells how incredibly hard yet adventuring a sudden turn in one’s life could be. This anime has a good mix of fantasy and a realistic narrative that is something to look for, and very few animes can portray that very well. As mentioned previously, the best thing about this anime is how it has characters which very realistic, even if she is an 11-year-old girl.

It is hard to cope with the outside world after you have lost someone important and close to you while you are still not over them. In addition to that, Momo’s relationship with her mother is also very realistic as both of them find it hard to work out with each other after recently losing someone close to them and even moving to a remote island.

If you love the fantasy and reality blend in the movie A Letter to Momo, then we present you 13 Anime Movies Like A Letter To Momo That You Will Love To Watch! Having said that, let’s dive into it.

1) Spirited Away

A 110% that you must have this anime already, or this movie is the reason why you even watched A letter to Momo anime movie. It is obvious that A letter to Momo has inspired by Studio Ghibli’s infamous Spirited Away, but by far, this is one of the most similar anime to A letter to Momo you could find on the internet.

Just like A Letter to Momo, Spirited Away also features an anime protagonist who is unhappy with their current situation and wishes to go back home. However, they meet strange things, and their life suddenly takes a turn. Spirited Away also features Yokai and Spirits as the protagonist wander around in this fantasy world, all the while wishing to go back to their home but still ending up loving their adventure and coming out as a new person. 

2) Wolf Children

I personally believe that this anime is the most similar to the anime movie A letter to Momo as it not only features a dying father but, it also features the characters dealing with the sudden change in their living pattern with a single mom.  Just like A Letter to Momo, Wolf children will stir up a lot of emotions in you and will have a huge impact on you by the end of the movie.

The story follows a family where the husband who by the way, was a shapeshifter and could turn into a wolf, dies, and the wife has to move to a remote area so that she can raise her children, who also are able to turn into a wolf. This anime also has an incredible blend of reality and fantasy worlds. You will love watching Wolf Children as much as you did A Letter to Momo.

3) Princess Mononoke

Speaking of Wolves, we definitely cannot forget about one of the most popular movies of all time Princess Mononoke. Although it does not have some similarities to A Letter to Momo like losing someone important and moving to a remote island, it does, however, feature a female protagonist who is learning and adventuring throughout the supernatural world as she is raised by a Wolf.

Emotions will stir up as much as they did while you watched the A Letter To Momo anime movie. Given that this anime movie is famous and is ranked higher at the box office of all-time anime, there might be a chance that you may have watched this anime film. If there is any chance that you haven’t, then we highly recommend you watch it.

4) My Neighbor Totoro

The Japanese Culture has a strong belief that there are spirits among us, and thus, we see a lot of anime based on this belief which narrates an amazing and unique tale. I once remember visiting a Japanese exhibition where they sold antiques and believed that they had spirits inside them and praised them as gods. Featuring another weird creature and believing to be a spirit, we have My Neighbor Totoro, which is an anime movie similar to A Letter To Momo.

13 Anime Movies Like A Letter To Momo - My Neighbor Totoro
My Neighbor Totoro Anime Visual

My Neighbor Totoro features a family-like small one in A Letter to Momo focused on the country area of Japan. Just like Momo finds creatures in the attic of her house, the siblings in this anime movie also find a cute creature called Totoro, who is apparently their Neighbor. With a classic animation similar to A Letter To Momo, you will love watching this 80s anime movie by Studio Ghibli as well.

5) Children Who Chase Lost Voices

This anime has got it all the similarities that you could find with A Letter to Momo. Since this anime movie is not as famous as the aforementioned movies, this might be a great watch if you are looking for an anime movie similar to A Letter To Momo while also looking for something underrated. Just like Momo, the protagonist in the Children Who Chase Lost Voices is also a girl who is holding onto a radio which is the memento of her late father.

One day, she is attacked by monsters but thankfully a mysterious boy named Shun appears and saves her. To find Shun again, our protagonist embarks on a journey with her teacher in the new world and finds some new things about herself and the world. With a run time of 116 minutes, you cannot find a more similar movie to watch than the Children Who Chase Lost Voices.

6) Kiki’s Delivery Service

Here is another anime that features a female protagonist in the countryside of Japan while the character has a hard time fitting into these changes. It does not feature a memento by a father however, the adventure of the female character in a completely new world will keep you as excited as you were while watching A Letter to Momo.

This 103 runtimes 1989 anime film features a witch who is on mandatory leave, living in the countryside of Japan. However, she is finding difficulties living in this world all the while she supports herself by providing air-support courier service.

7) The Forest of Firefly Lights

Another anime featuring a spirit in a world of normal human species, The Forest of Firefly Lights anime could be said to be similar to the anime movie A Letter to Momo. This anime movie has a run time of only 45 mins and there is a possibility that you may have watched this anime movie as well. If not, it is a great time to watch this anime right now as it won’t even take more than an hour to finish this movie.

This anime features a female protagonist who, as a child, wanders around deep in the forest and meets a spirit who has a shape of a normal boy. She befriends this spirit however, there is a condition to this friendship, as the girl can never touch the spirit, or else he will disappear. The girls always visit the boy whenever she is in the town, and they grow close to each other without ever touching each other.

8) Song of the Sea

Song of the Sea is a European animation based on the stories of Irish folklore and has also a great narrative that blends realistic and supernatural genres together in one anime movie. Although it will be hard to get out of the comfort zone of watching anime in Japanese dubs, Song of the Sea is a great watch, and you will as much as you did A Letter to Momo.

Anime Movies Like A Letter To Momo That You Will Love To Watch - Song of the sea
Song of the Sea anime poster!

The story is focused on siblings where the female protagonist has difficulty living in the normal world and strives to live with her mother as a selkie who abandoned her children to live as a Selkie. With awesome animation and a great story, it will be an entertaining movie.

9) Castle In the Sky

Using a fantasy means to share a personal message with the community is what we have seen often in the anime, and Castle In The Sky does much better than the others. Like Momo, we also have a female protagonist in this anime movie who has powers and knowledge, and while entering a new realm and adventurous world, Sheeta must also show courage.

It is another Ghibli production where the girl, Sheeta is being chased by people who want her mysterious powers, she is saved by a boy name Puta. The boy and the girl travel into a new world and discover more about the floating city. This movie has a really great message and should not be missed.

10) The Girl Who Leap Through Time

Speaking of girl who has powers, we have The Girl Who Leap Through Time anime movie which features a female protagonist who ends up finding herself in supernatural elements and now must go through it and come out as a better person.

The Girl Who Leap Through Time is about a 17-year-old high school girl named Makoto Tomo, who gains the power to travel through time by accident, to be more precise, after nearly getting into an accident. At first, we see her use her powers to do little things and for personal means, however, playing with time comes at a price. Thus we see her use those more maturely and eventually use them for something big.

11) A Whisker Away

A Whisker Away has a female protagonist, much like A Letter to Momo anime movie, which is connected to the spiritual world without even knowing about it. At first, they are confused, and as they get into it, they realize that something bigger is awaiting them.

This 2020 anime movie is about a high school girl who is in love with a boy who has rejected her numerous time. However, Miyo gets mysterious powers from a cat-looking spirit which allows her to transform into a cat, and now she spends most of her days as a cat close to the boy she has a crush on and listens to his problems. But this power comes at a price, and the girl finds herself between reality and a spiritual world.

12) Mirai

If one of the things that A Letter to Momo anime movie has thought is the fact that family is important, you must cherish them. Though Momo does not have a good relationship with her at first and throws tantrum for moving away from the city at first, we see that all she is craving is the love of a family member. This is what the anime movie Mirai teaches us through a boy who is not more than a 4-year-old.

Anime Movies Like A Letter To Momo - Mirai
Mirai – Kun and Mirai!

If you are having some difficulties with your family, this will take them all away and stir you up with emotions. The premise for Mirai is about a 4-year-old named kun who is jealous of a baby sister coming to their family and getting all the attention of the family. Later, Kun is visited by a future Mirai who takes Kun on an adventure of his life where he learns the importance of the family. A blend of fantasy and reality, Mirai will warm your heart for sure.

13) Summer Days With Coo

For the last entry of our listicle of “Anime Movies Like A Letter To Momo That You Will Love To Watch!” we have a 2007 anime movie called “Summer Days With Coo,” which is not as popular as other anime mentioned before, thus making it a better title to watch something new. Though it is not much similar to A Letter To Momo, it does feature a classic animation and a mythical creature where it befriends the main character, thus going on a new adventure.

Summer Days With Coo is about a creature known as “Kappa” who has been alive for a long time, and in the new modern day, he is met by a young boy named “Koichi” who names the Kappa “Coo”. As to not make huge news about it, Koichi’s family secretly adopts him. Coo later, with his new human friend, goes on an adventure in the hope to find the same kind.

Well, that was it for our listicle of “Anime Movies Like A Letter To Momo That You Will Love To Watch!” Hope we helped and gave some great recommendations. Take a stroll through our website, and we are sure that you will find the information you may need about anime, movies, and more.

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