Match Made In Heaven By Chance Chapter 66: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

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Match Made in Heaven by chance chapter 66

Chapter 66 of Match Made In Heaven By Chance, also known as Maybe Meant To Be is right around the corner. If you are someone who has been following the web comic ever since its inception, you would be elated to know that we will be telling you about the details of the next chapter, that is, chapter 66, its release dates, and spoilers

The webcomic follows the story of Jia Han, who is a freelancer with no work. She is tired of her parents nagging her to get married and finally move out of the household. She can also not cope with the ever-growing societal pressures put forth by her friends and society. After an encounter with her childhood friend, Mincheol Jin, who is also a man with no job, she rants out to him about her bottled emotions and tells him that they both should get married to solve both of their problems. 

However, the trajectory they both take changes as Mincheol Jin, surprisingly agrees to marry Jia Han. She suddenly finds herself thrust into a marriage, resulting in an unexpected romance brewing up between the two. The webcomic shows the story and developments between the two characters, Jia Han and Micheol Jin, and what awaits them. 

A comedy genre interlaced with romance, the webcomic is written by honeyskein and illustrated by Damcho. Before we talk about the release dates of the manga, let us look at the recap of chapter 65!

Match Made in Heaven By Chance chapter 66
Match Made in Heaven By Chance (Credits: Naver)

Match Made In Heaven By Chance Chapter 65: Recap

Chapter 65 of Match Made In Heaven By Chance starts off with Jia Han on the lap of Mincheol Jin, obstructing his vision while the two play a video game. Mincheol is confused and asks Jia what she is doing, to which she replies that she is making the game fair. She then violently presses on her game console, making her video game character smack Mincheol’s player. The game is now fair for both of them because neither of them can see the screen, with Jia facing against the screen and also obstructing the view of Mincheol. 

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Mincheol is obviously distraught at Jia’s actions telling her to wait before striking his player down. Jia asks why she should wait and proceeds to punch Mincheol’s character making Mincheol say that it is a cheap trick coming from Jia. However, Jia retorts by saying that it is not a cheap move because the game is fair, as none of them can see the screen. 

The cheaper trick, according to her, is Mincheol being shameful and hitting her with combinations. Mincheol proves his statement by saying that he does not want to let Jia off the hook, to which Jia replies by asking him sarcastically if she should compliment him for his deeds. Mincheol kept complaining about the obstruction of view as neither could see to which Jia gladly says that that is why the game is better. She continues by saying that the world of victory is very unfair and cold and there is no way that she could beat a devoted otaku, no matter how well she plays the game. 

Unable to take it anymore, Mincheol gets up, which automatically takes Jia by surprise as she is flipped and hanging onto Mincheol by his neck with her legs wrapped around his neck. Jia calls him crazy and a punk for pulling a stunt like this while she is clearly, now at a disadvantage and asks him if he wants to see her lose like this. Mincheol uses Jia’s own words against her by saying with a smirk on his face that the world of victory is cold. Jia then pulls his ear, and the two get into a small fight while their cat is absolutely clueless as to why they are doing this. 

Match Made in Heaven By Chance Chapter 66
Match Made in Heaven By Chance (Credits: Naver)

The panel ends with a K.O showing Jia having won the round. She starts thumping the floor with her feet while her hands are in the air to celebrate her victory, which alarms Mincheol, who tells her that if she does something like this early in the morning, then the people on the floor below will get annoyed.

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She then proceeds to ask him about his thoughts on losing the game to his wife. Mincheol tells her that he would like to challenge her for another round, to which she sticks her tongue out and says that she is not a fool to play another round with him. 

Being surprisingly quick to agree to things, Jin tells Jia on the occasion of her winning that she must want him to do a favor for him. Jia, being in a competitive mood, forgot about the favor and is now confused as to what to ask as a favor.

The voice of the devil in her head pops up and calls her an idiot, telling her that she had already thought of asking for a favor, but due to her forgetfulness, Jia forgot about it. Since it had not been so long since they had dated, building a foundation was important, and the voice tells her to make a deep impression on Mincheol, to which Jia blushes a little. 

However, the voice of reason comes to her mind and tells her to stop, stating that there is an order for everything. While she was about to speak, Jia clapped both of her hands to squish the voice inside her head, but now both the voices paired up and told her that she could not stop them with just violence. Jia’s train of thought is halted when Mincheol tells her that since they have work early in the morning, they both should go to sleep early.

However, Jia realizes that she will not get another chance like this and tells Jin to meet her at the entrance to the park in front of the station on Saturday, sharp at noon. 

The scene shifts to the afternoon, where both voices call Jia a ‘coward’ for her actions. Jia looks at her watch and tells herself that she has prepared for this and that there are five minutes left for them to meet. She questions why Jin is running late even though he left earlier than her. Earlier, Jin told her that he had something urgent to look into but that he would not be late for the meeting. Jia then thinks that he is probably late because he went to work out. 

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Match Made in Heaven Chapter 66
Match made in Heaven By Chance (Credits: Naver)

She then hears a ‘Jia’ and she thinks that Jin is probably out of breath. Turning around to scold him, she stopped for a moment to see Mincheol all decked up; his hair looked prim and proper, looking handsome. 

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Match Made In Heaven By Chance Chapter 66: Release Date

Chapter 66 of Match Made In Heaven By Chance will be coming out soon. So, here we are with the release date of the webcomic. We predict that Match Made In Heaven By Chance Chapter 66 will release on 8th of April, 2023, due to the chapters of the webcomic being released weekly. The release schedule is as follows:

  • Korea Standard Time: 12:00 am on 9th April, 2023
  • Indian Standard Time: 8:30 pm on 8th April, 2023
  • Pacific Time: 8:00 am on 8th April, 2023
  • Central Daylight Time: 10:00 am on 8th April, 2023
  • Philippine Standard Time: 11:00 pm on 8th April, 2023
  • Australian Eastern Standard Time: 2:00 am on 9th April, 2023

Match Made In Heaven By Chance Chapter 66: Spoilers

As of now, there are no spoilers or previews available for Match Made In Heaven By Chance, chapter 66. However, we do know that the next chapter will be a continuation of the previous chapter as the married couple will be going out on a date after they both met each other near the park.

Match Made In Heaven By Chance Chapter 66: Where to Read? 

Chapter 66 of Match Made In Heaven By Chance will be available in Webtoon App. However, if you are new to the app, you will have to download the app and register on it to be able to read all the chapters up to date. For people not using the app, the latest chapter is chapter 51. The webcomic is also available on the website called Naver Comics. Chapters to 60 have been published on the website. 

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