D-Frag! Chapter 150: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

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D-Frag! (Credits: Crunchyroll)

Written and illustrated by Tomoya Haruno, the story focuses on a high school student named Kenji Kazama who aspires to be feared by his peers but finds himself accepted into the “Game Creation Club,” a group of oddball girls who have started a club dedicated to creating video games.

The Game Development Club females persuade Kazama to join their group. Kazama quickly learns, however, that the Game Creation Club is not what he had anticipated because they spend most of their time playing strange and absurd games rather than making actual games.

Even though they engage in odd and frequently risky activities, he finds himself enjoying their company and becoming friends with them. The Game Creation Club and Kazama become closer as the series goes on, and they continue to make absurd and entertaining games that leave their peers perplexed. 


Previously on D-Frag! Chapter 149: Recap

The teacher tells the boys to go back to their class and not to step any closer because they all were searching for an artifact while trying not to step on it. According to them, it was a treasure-like artifact that belonged to the Shibasaki family. The kid who claims that he won the chair in the game asks others if they will look over it if he finds the treasure everyone was looking for, but no one agrees, and they tell him to stop taking advantage of the situation.


The girls were going with the act to save Takao San’s cookies from getting confiscated. The teacher smells the cookies and starts to head in their direction. When Kazama learned that Takao San had been storing the cookies for him and attempting to keep them from becoming contaminated, he quickly consumed them in order to avoid being discovered by the teachers. But they were unsuccessful, and eventually, their cookies got confiscated.

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D-Frag! Chapter 150: What To Expect From The Upcoming Chapter?

As we saw in the manga’s latest chapter, when the class is about to begin, the teacher asks everyone what they are doing outside of class and the little student what he is doing with the chair. The child claims that he won the chair in a game and that it is now his. The other children then begin to argue, and the teacher steps in to tell them that the chair belongs to the school and is not theirs.

D-Frag! (Credits: IMDb)

Takao San wanted Kazama to eat the cookies, so she was saving them for him and trying not to get them confiscated. When Kazama got to know about it, he ate them in one go so as not to get caught by the teachers. But they didn’t have any luck, and finally, their cookies were confiscated.

Though the girls worked so hard to keep their cookies, they were unsuccessful. Let’s wait and see if they get it back or if they start causing more issues at school. Does Kazama like San’s cookies? What does Kazama think of them? We will have to read the following chapter of D-frag to find out!

D-Frag! Chapter 150: Release Date and Time

D-Frag! Chapter 150 will be made accessible digitally on or around 19 April 2023, JST.

  • (JST) Japanese Standard time: April 19, 2023, Wednesday
  • Indian Standard Time: April 19, 2023, Wednesday
  • Korean Standard time: April 19, 2023, Wednesday
  • Central European Time: April 18, 2023, Tuesday
  • New York: April 18, 2023, Tuesday
  • Australian Capital Territory: April 19, 2023, Wednesday
  • Eastern Indonesian Time: April 19, 2023, Wednesday
  • Singapore Standard Time: April 19, 2023, Wednesday
  • Pacific time: April 18, 2023, Tuesday
  • Eastern European Time: April 18, 2023, Tuesday
  • Philippines Standard Time: April 19, 2023, Wednesday

D-Frag! Chapter 150: Where To Read?

D-Frag! Chapter 150 and all the other future releases will be released digitally on BookWalker. You could also own the DVD Combo pack available at the official site of Seven Seas Entertainment.

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