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Ben Savage Controversy: Here’s What We Know

Ben Savage Controversy
All about Ben Savage Controversy

What do we know about Ben Savage’s Controversy? American actor Ben Savage initially came into the spotlight after playing the role of Cory Matthews in the hit ABC sitcom, Boy Meets World. He later starred in the following sequel, Girl Meets World. Ben Savage later starred in Criminal Minds and Homeland. The 90s sitcom star recently made headlines as Ben Savage is all set to run as a Democrat for Rep. Adam Schiff’s southern California congressional seat!  With this, the former actor is making taking a big step toward politics. 

While talking about this big step, Ben explained how he firmly believes in standing up for what is right while ensuring equality and expanding opportunities for all. Savage further talked about it in an Instagram post saying how he is running for Congress because it is time to restore faith in government by offering reasonable, innovative, and compassionate solutions to their country’s most pressing issues. Let us find out all about Ben Savage’s Controversy.

Ben Savage Controversy: Here’s What We Know

Despite grabbing huge success and fame on Boy Meets World, actor Ben Savage did not continue his acting and stayed away from the limelight. Ben later explained how he was just 19 at the time and had been on the show for as many as seven years, but he was focused on going to college.

Ben Savage Controversy

All about the Ben Savage controversy

The actor earlier enrolled at the prestigious Stanford University, where he was also accepted two years earlier, but he did not go through due to his commitments to “Boy Meets World.” Ben Savage later explained, when the show ended, he was tunnel-visioned about going to college and wanted to be a normal kid for a while. While the actor later made a few appearances in several shows and series including the likes of Criminal Minds and Homeland, Ben Savage has been largely absent from the spotlight. 

Who is Ben Savage dating?

After being away from the industry, Ben Savage has kept a low profile and stayed away from the spotlight. The actor has repeatedly been dating Tessa Angermeier from 2018 onwards, but after dating for four years, the two reportedly got engaged around Christmas in 2022.

While the pair has not made many public appearances together, Angermeier was at Savage’s political campaign events while running for West Hollywood City Council back in 2022.  The actor rep has further stated that the pair are both very grateful and have been enjoying this exciting time with their families and friends. As the actor confirmed his engagement on social media, fellow Boy Meets World co-stars congratulated the engaged pair. 

Why is Ben Savage Missing From the ‘Boy Meets World’ Rewatch Podcast?

Viewers and listeners were surprised when cast member Ben Savage was missing from the ‘Boy Meets World’ Rewatch Podcast,  While the other cast members were a part of the podcast, Fishel addressed Savage’s absence in the first episode, “TGI-Happening,” while explaining why the show’s leading man is not present in the project.

Ben Savage Controversy

Boy Meets World cast

Fishel stated how Ben Savage is doing his own thing, which includes him doing  Lifetime movies and being busy. It was further said that while the cast would have loved for him to have been a part of the show as they asked him to be a part of the show. Fisher also took this opportunity to explain how this podcast allows them to quiet everything else and focus on this.

Fishel further stated how they talked about it with him, and Ben was not sure about it, saying that it might not be his thing. It was revealed that although they took some meetings and even circled back with the actor again to make sure if he doesn’t want to be part of it. And respected his decision, so Ben is not a part of the podcast.

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