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Is Andy Goldstein Leaving talkSPORT? Everything You Need to Know!

is andy goldstein leaving talksport?
is andy goldstein leaving talksport?

Currently employed with Clyde 1 SSB and talkSPORT is a British radio broadcaster and television personality Andy Goldstein. In 2004, he began hosting Tim Lovejoy’s Soccer AM program on Saturday mornings. Previously, he oversaw coverage of the 9-Ball Pool, Weber Cup,  & Premier League Snooker on Sky Sports. There have recently been rumors that the journalist is leaving the TalkSports program.

TalkSPORT is adjusting its timetable this season to provide fans with the most knowledge and entertainment. Every Monday at The Sports Bar, Andy will continue to perform his well-known performance and take questions from the audience. The British reporter recently remarked that his tenure as anchor of The Sports Bar has indeed been wonderful and that he is appreciative of having listeners who are so intelligent, devoted, and knowledgable. Let’s learn more about him and therefore answer the question in demand: Is Andy Goldstein Leaving Talksport?

More About Andy Goldstien’s Family

Andy Goldstein, who is currently married to the wonderful Cindy Goldstein, has two children together. Currently, the Goldstein family resides in England. In London, where he spent the majority of his formative years, Andy was also born there on June 11, 1973. Great parents raised him. In a tweet that is over seven years old, the author recalls how his father used an old autograph book to convince football players to sign autographs for his son. Pictures and videos of the TalkSports reporter’s partner, as well as other family members, are frequently posted on his social media accounts.

Is Andy Goldstein Leaving Talksport?

Andy Goldstein isn’t giving up this strategy; he’s just changing the time he spends on TalkSport. Goldstein will now serve as talkSPORT Drive’s primary presenter, joining Darren Gough & Darren Bent in doing so. He will contribute his unique wit and humor four times per week. This season, TalkSPORT has adjusted its programming to maximize the information and entertainment for viewers. Mondays are sports nights at The Sports Bar, where Andy will continue to perform and interact with the audience.

Is Andy Goldstein Leaving talkSPORT?

Is Andy Goldstein Leaving talkSPORT?

The British journalist recently commented that anchoring The Sports Bar has been a great pleasure and that he was grateful to have such knowledgeable, devoted, and educated spectators to share the moment with. The media, vital sports information, the best friends, and the usual high-octane humor and intelligence turn on as he eagerly awaits the start of talkSPORT Drive and the opportunity to welcome viewers.

What’s the reason for Andy Goldstein not being present on Talksport Podcast?

Andy Goldstein is absent from the TalkSports podcast due to a shift in the show’s schedule spurred on by the English journalist moving over Drive & Jamie O’Hara moving to Sports Bar. As according to his Wikipedia profile, Goldstein presently presents The Sports Bar and Drive, which are both broadcast on talkSPORT every Monday between 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Is Andy Goldstein Leaving talkSPORT?

Is Andy Goldstein Leaving talkSPORT?

The show changed to Monday through Thursday after its Sunday night debut. It was raised to four evenings each week after George Galloway left the station.  Alan Brazil, Ally McCoist, and Darren Gough are now also on Thursday’s Breakfast. Each week, he will also air three talkSPORT Drive programs.

What happened in the Latest Podcast on Andy Goldstein and Jason Cundy?

Every weeknight between 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. on talkSPORT, Andy Goldstein & Jason Cundy will likely host more podcasts about The Sports Bar.  When Jason failed to appear as scheduled to deliver his weekend program in October 2008, Goldstein made up for the missing death records for the talkSPORT DJ & former Chelsea player. In response, some Chelsea supporters left bouquets at Stamford Bridge and then sent sympathy notes to the radio show. The English journalist revealed that he was joking later.

In addition, from Tuesday through Thursday, Cundy will join Jamie O’Hara in a tense sports activity bar to receive calls from soccer fans while providing a unique insight into the locker room and challenging analysis, according to RadioToday.

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