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Why Is The Anime Called Bleach? The Real Reason Behind Bleach’s Nomenclature

The Sealed Sword Frenzy

Even though there are many anime series that exist in the industry, there are few series that are evergreen and have a different spot among fans, and Bleach anime is one of them. Bleach is also considered one of the best three shonen anime series of all time, including One Piece and Naruto. There might be countless aspects you can think of that makes Bleach truly special, but on a personal note, I love the characters and anime’s well-directed fighting sequences.

Each character in the series has its own audience, and each one of them tries to put impact the overall storyline. The whole fan world of Bleach is now looking forward to the Bleach: Thousand Years Blood War Arc, and everyone has set their hopes and expectations high for the series.

Even though there are millions of Bleach fans, the number would be quite less for those who truly know the real reason behind Bleach’s nomenclature. Have you ever thought, why did Tite Kubo come up with this name only? and what is the significance of this name? In this article, we will decode the real reason behind Bleach’s nomenclature, along with other interesting facts.

Bleach is a Japanese manga-based anime written and illustrated by Tite Kubo. The story features a young school boy, Ichigo Kurosaki, whose life changed completely after meeting with a soul reaper, Rukia. Rukia explained to him the tasks assigned to Soul Reapers and Hollows. She also briefly explained to him about the place known as Soul Society. Ichigo eventually decided to become a soul reaper himself, but later, he found himself in the battle with Rukia’s brother Byakuya.

Byakuya defeated Ichigo and abducted Rukia for her execution. Ichigo decided to save Rukia, and then he visited Soul Society along with his friends to stop the execution of Rukia. Bleach anime is full of fighting, action, emotion, and, most importantly, important life lessons.

Some Unknown Bleach Facts:

Bleach is one of the most successful series, and there are many facts fans might not know. There’s a popular fact regarding Aizen’s Bankai. Aizen’s zanpakuto, Kyouka Suigetsu, is famous for its hypnotizing power, but this is only his Shikai ability. Aizen is still hiding his true strength and Bankai, thus, making him still a mysterious threat to the soul society.

Tite Kubo is very much specific about fashion, and he already admitted that he designed the character’s outfits according to his fashion style, so they look cool in action sequences. We certainly want to say thanks to Kubo sensei for Shinigami’s classic black outfit. It really looks cool.

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Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach

There’s another fact related to Ichigo’s kindness. Even after being an incredible and strong protagonist, Ichigo has killed very less number of enemies in his journey. This shows the nice side of him, and he actually cares for not just his friends but his opponents as well.

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Why Bleach Anime Is Named Bleach?

Bleach’s name has its own facts because the name refers to white which is a direct connection with Shinigami’s monochromatic outfit. The series was initially named to be blacked because it depicts the color of Shinigami’s outfit. There’s another explanation that states that, as soul reapers work to cleanse souls, the name Bleach suits even more than just keeping the name on the basis of outfit. Just like Bleach used to clean cloths, Shinigami do the exact same thing with corrupted souls. These are the only possible explanations that explain the reasons behind Bleach’s nomenclature.

Bleach: Thousand Years Blood War Arc

Bleach: Thousand Years Blood War Arc

How To Watch Bleach?

All the episodes of Bleach are available to stream on Crunchyroll. You will be able to watch the upcoming bleach series, i.e. Bleach: Thousand Years Blood War Arc, on the same platform with weekly simulcasts. Crunchyroll also has a huge manga library from where you can read thousands of manga titles with just your single active subscription. If you are someone who loves to gather anime merchandise, then you can purchase cool and exciting anime goodies from Crunchyroll’s dedicated anime store at very effective prices.

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