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Why Do Anime Characters Nose Bleed? Complete Discussion

Nosebleed in anime

We all watch anime, and we may come across multiple moments when the series literally shows some kind of common perception of art, but we never try to figure it out. The same goes for nose bleeding. From Sanji to Jiraya, there are many characters we have seen in the anime nose bleeding when going through certain situations. Not just nose bleeding, there are many other insignia anime industries used to showcase some common characters’ habits.

Well, we may never try to understand them, but do you know Japanese history and the understanding of culture is related to this trend? In fact, this practice is not started just now, if e dig the old art books of Japanese, we will find this thing even present in the ancient textbook. So, why only nose bleeding, or kawai face, or so while depicting character’s expressions? Well, we will analyze every single thing in this article itself. Make sure to read this article till the end.

Here, when we are mentioning Nose Bleeding we are not only mentioning nose bleeding in particular. We are trying to depict every single including, including Big Eyes, Child Face, shy marks on the face, and every other insignia that depicts the character’s emotions. Even though this thing started with the Japanese trend, we have seen that even American cartoons or Korean animes started following the trend. We are not far from the days when we actually see this trend following in live actions. Well, let’s discuss everything about them.

Big Eyes Trend In Animes: What Does It Mean?

In almost all the animes, there is at least one character who gets excited over little things, and there are the highest chances, we see big eyes on that character. The big Eyes concept came from real-life scenarios and idioms. We might hear that when something excites us, we see those things with our eyebrows up, thus, forming the big eyes than usual. The same goes for anime, the artist tries to make characters a little kawai thus, makes their eyes bigger than usual over excitement phases.

When a character goes through heartbreak or some emotional situation, we might see their eyes smaller than usual, and we can easily understand the context of the situation. Similarly, when the character gets cold-hearted or loses all faith in humanity, their eyes turn pale and empty. Thus, eyes play a very important role in character design, and that’s where the trend came in.

16th most popular character

Rank 16: Chopper.

Meaning of Nose Bleeding In Anime:

Nose Bleeding is mostly seen in perverted scenes or when the character gets a real pervert. Mostly, this insignia contributes to the comedy element in the series and holds no value other than this. Nosebleeding is also the widely accepted turning on expression and depicts the emotions of the heart. Creators use this trend as everyone is now able to understand what creators are trying to show, and even non-anime watchers can decipher the intentions of the characters. This practice has been present in the industry for over 50 years in the industry, and some ancient books also put this trend to show the exact same comical instance. 



There are also scientific reasons connected with this trend. Nosebleeding is linked to the speedy pumping of the heart rate and blood pressure and thus, the similar effect we saw with the characters. When they get turned on, they go through extreme heart pumping and raised blood pressure resulting in a nose bleed. This is just the author’s own beliefs with no exact factual data. If you think otherwise, do let us know in the comments below.

Most Nose Bleeding Characters In The Anime:

There are many characters present in the Industry who are known for their pervy nature and putting comical instances in the series. For instance, one of the characters whose nose bleeds most of the time is Sanji from One Piece. If you want to see the most funnies nosebleed, Sanji’s moments are the ones. He nosebleed every time after seeing any beautiful woman or thinking about one. The other famous characters are Jiraya from Naruto Shippuden and Master Roshi from the Dragon Ball franchise. These pervy characters are also the most important characters for the series due to their high impact on the storyline.

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