What Happened To Eat Bulaga? The Philippine Show’s Sudden Departure

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Eat Bulaga
Eat Bulaga (GMA 7)

Eat Bulaga, one of the longest-running Philippine-based shows, is ending, and fans are disheartened! The Philippine mainstay show has dominated television for over 44 years, but recently, there has been an announcement occurred which many fans are not able to understand.

The announcement of the recent development has not yet been accepted by the fans. Moreover, the show’s regular hosts were unable to broadcast their program at its usual timings, which were made public on May 31, 2023.

The long-time show Eat Bulaga has now entered a new era since May 31, 2023, after the official announcement by trio anchors Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon. They stated that they would not be associated with Tape Incorporated anymore, and all the links with the production unit would thereby be cut from them.

What happened to Eat Bulaga?

Eat Bulaga is longest running noontime show that is broadcasted in the Philippines. It made an official announcement on Wednesday that it is soon going to leave the TV production business, Television and Production Exponent (Tape) Inc., which the show has been affiliated with.

The TVJ trio: Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon, the hosts of the show, said that the management refused to broadcast the live show that day. However, they somehow managed to carry on the show.

eat bulaga
Eat Bulaga‘s trio hosts: Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon (Credit: Getty Images)

Vic Sotto, during the program, in Filipino, announced, “Beginning today, May 31, 2023, we bid farewell to Tape Incorporated.”

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What is the future of Eat Bulaga? Everything To know

Other than TVJ’s announcement of not being able to associate with Tape Inc., there has been no firm confirmation about Eat Bulaga’s future on GMA 7, including whether it would air on television with the regular trio host, TVJ or not. However, there have been rumors that Tape Inc. has wished to fire the trio and Ryzza Mae Dizon from the show. Well, this is quite an interesting development!

What is the update on the show?

Although the host, Tito, was not sure if the performance would continue or not, he used the film to express his wholehearted thanks for being able to establish themselves at Tape Studio.

While expressing his gratitude, Tito recalled how the show started its journey on July 30, 1979, which marks 44 years the show. He continued, ” We are grateful to RPN9, ABS-CBN, and GMA for being our homes throughout nine, six, and 28 years, respectively. I appreciate it very lot.”

The hosts’ choice to leave the production studio was one of the hardest ones they had ever had to make, he continued. The hosts said, “We will stop saying everything that’s on our minds; instead, we just want to work peacefully, without annoyance, and with respect for everyone.”

Down the memory lane: The Host’s emotional throwback 

Eat Bulaga was a huge fan base, and the recent development left everyone, including the hosts, emotional. Alden Richard, one of the Eat Bulaga hosts, shared an Instagram post giving tribute to the show. He posted a black-and-white image of him and Vic Sotto looking in different directions. Alden even just used an emoji of three hands in prayer symbol as his caption.

Maine Mendoza, who got much widespread popularity due to the show, thanked the noontime show ‘Eat Bulaga’ on Instagram. She got a major break on Eat Bulaga’s “Kalyeserye” segment.

Sam YG, Pia Guanio, Ruby Rodriguez, Isabelle Daza, and other former show hosts also expressed their sadness over Tito, Vic, and Joey leaving TAPE Inc.

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