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What Happened To Politics Monday On PBS? The Worrysome Disappearance Of The NewsHour Segment


Want to know, what went wrong with Politics Monday on PBS? This sudden disappearance of the NewsHour segment has made the fans worry a lot, causing enough drama on the internet. 

To the ones who don’t know, PBS NewsHour is a show, where the correspondents present and discuss the latest news of the day. It started back in 1975, with Season 49 going on, at present. Created by the trio of Jim Lehrer, Robert MacNeil, and Lester Crystal, the news show successfully won several prestigious accolades, including Emmy Awards, many times. Previously, it was called The Robert MacNeil Report.

Talking about Politics Monday, the weekly segment turned into a standout feature. Now, when it didn’t appear in the NewsHour 2023, fans started worrying about what happened. Even Tamara Keith didn’t star in the segment. This discussion started online at the beginning of January. Surprisingly, Politics Monday didn’t air for the second week too. Did it get canceled? If you are looking for what happened to Politics Monday on PBS NewsHour, here are the details. 

What Happened To Politics Monday On PBS?


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What Happened To Politics Monday On PBS NewsHour? 

It was on 26 December 2022, and the hosts, Amy Walter and Tamara Keith appeared. And, it happened to be the last time. As mentioned already, since then Tamara Keith didn’t star further. One fan ended up commenting, “PBS! Don’t stop Politics Monday with Amy and Tam.” 

Well, it has been confirmed that the weekly segment, Politics Monday is paused. It reportedly didn’t get canceled. But, there, still lies a possibility. Tamara Keith announced this on her official Twitter account, more specifically on 11 January 2023. 

To the above attached Twitter post, fans of the news show ended up sharing how upset and disappointed they are. However, there have been no recent updates about the chances of the airing of Politics Monday again. Therefore, it seems like people need to get accustomed to the weekly segment. 

After the anchor, Judy Woodruff retired from the PBS NewsHour, another team came up. It felt bad for each of the viewers to bid goodbye to Judy. The new team includes- Geoff Bennett and Amna Nawaz, respectively. Some ended up welcoming them greatly. Talking specifically about the former, Geoff is the chief Washington correspondent and weekend anchor of this evening news show. On the other hand, Amna is the show’s chief correspondent and substitute anchor. They made their debut with NewsHour at the beginning of this show. 

Fans of the NewsHour took the discussion of the sudden break of Politics Monday, on their social media accounts. Well, we may say that there will not be any immediate comeback of the weakly segment. Even though it is disappointing to you, it’s the harsh truth. The show has asked the viewers to show some support for this unhappening thing. But, in reality, people find the decision very terrible. 

How often do you watch PBS News Hour? Are you also the one missing out on the Political Monday weekly segment? This sudden disappearance or pause turned out to be a distraction to many viewers. It would not be a good idea to be hopeful about the comeback of Politics Monday. Let’s just go with the flow and see what’s next! 

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